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I waste so much time
Happle Tea - Comics!
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Moonbeard - internetcomic
For Lack of a Better Comic :: Couldn't Give a Shit
DerpCloud - Funny Pictures and Videos
Comics and Cartoons by Ryan Hudson
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twistedspeedo - To the rescue!
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The Frogman - Comedy, photoshop, kittens, & corgis
Spring Awakening
Savage Chickens - Cartoons on Sticky Notes by Doug Savage
The Lolbrary - Indexing internet humor new and old.
Stuff No One Told Me
♥ Este poema lo escribió Edu, una persona generosa y altruista, y aunque no lo conozca en persona no me transmite EN ABSOLUTO lo contrario. Bravo por ti Edu.
Adult Perversion
Geek in Love BlogComic « The Geek blogcomic
Salt on a White Picket Fence Dean cooking something in the kitchen, hands covered in flour - he’s trying for a pie again - but he doesn’t mind the white, dusty handprints he leaves everywhere. He opens the fridge to pull out the next ingredient and swears. They’re out. He should have checked earlier. Cas is walking through downtown, idly swinging the newly filled reusable cloth bag they have adopted for shopping, when he hears Dean’s gruff voice. It is a gift from his Father, he supposes, that no matter how far he falls, he never stops being able to hear Dean. Salt on a White Picket Fence
Spud Comics
Inspired by true events UK Lectures! - The UK Lectures at St. Andrews, Warwick, Cambridge and Queen Mary were a success! Thanks to everyone who came out, it was great to meet you! More info here! Inspired by true events
Left-Handed Toons (by right-handed people)
Hyperbole and a Half
Five Words
Just for Fun!
MercWorks - An internet comic by Dave Mercier
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Crazy funny pictures of insane internet
No filler, just funny. | Page 2
Science, Love and LSD
Pencils at Dawn
Comics, Quizzes, and Stories
Doodle a Day
Drawing Nothing Drawing Nothing All I want to do is play and talk about video games. Someone pay me to play video games. Yeaaaaah Last year I posted this in a set of other winter drawings but this one alone I’ve seen circulating the internet on random blogs and even facebook.
Completely Serious Comics - Where funny comes to die!
Mr. Lovenstein | Rounding Down.
by Wes and Tony
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