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Ctrl+Alt+Del Ctrl+Alt+Del Motherfucking Banner Saga, man. I've been anxiously awaiting this game for the better part of a year, and it's finally arrived. I was up until the wee hours of the morning playing, and I can't wait to finish my other stuff today to get back to it. Everything you need to know about the combat and the artwork can be found in my original post about Banner Saga: Factions, the free-to-play multiplayer component, and all of it still rings true.
shimmering and white
I waste so much time
Happle Tea - Comics! Arguing with true believers of any particular creed, myth, or ideal requires monumental patience and mental fortitude. That, or impotent rage and a serious masochistic streak. You could always just slam your head repeatedly into a wall, it might be less painful in the end. I generally find it’s not even worth bothering with, these days. Happle Tea - Comics!
This has been a long while coming, but we’ve finally decided it’s time to officially go on indefinite hiatus. Thank you all for 8 fantastic years, there are a lot of strips in there I’m really proud of, and grateful you all took the time to read. If we have creative projects together in the future, I’ll post about it here and in the RSS feed. If you’d also like to keep up with Peter (the writerman) and his projects you can follow him on twitter @anothercretin. Killer Spoons - Killer Spoons -
Moonbeard - internetcomic I hope you’re all enjoying your Januween candy and pumpkin etc etc. Here is a comic feat. werewolf. Hey team so I’m currently thinking about where to take this website in 2014, any hot ideas from you internetsters about how to drag Moonbeard into the 20th century? What do you want from Moonbeard.com (apart from a more regular update schedule, I want that too). Feel free to email or comment anonymously if you’re shy, I’d love to hear from you. Moonbeard - internetcomic
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The Store just got some new stuff all up in it! First is the third collection of channelate comics! It’s called ”You Used to Be Funnier”. It collects comics from 2012 and only the best comics of 2011. It’s also the first channelate book to be a big sexy square. It’s 110 pages in full color. Comics and Cartoons by Ryan Hudson Comics and Cartoons by Ryan Hudson
My 'Alternative Androids Logos' fav.me/d5pxtdg was chosen as a Daily Deviation on Saturday (January 19th)! Just want to say a great big thanks to everyone who has commented or faved on my work, the response has been overwhelming to say the least! Just FYI: my designs are available from my online T-shirt stores here: mattcantdraw on deviantART mattcantdraw on deviantART
Dicen que nos representan, que están justamente ahí para defender los intereses de los ciudadanos. A esta gentuza, a estos garrulos sin escrúpulos no les temblará el pulso a la hora de discriminar a los ciudadanos y limitar sus derechos, de quitarnos aquello que nos pertenece, de negarnos lo que nos pertenece por derecho propio. El empobrecimiento de la población aumenta a galope y ahora pretenden cargarse la sanidad pública y vendérsela a los intereses privados. ¡Intolerable! ¡Protegamos la sanidad! komikelx komikelx
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The Frogman - Comedy, photoshop, kittens, & corgis The Frogman - Comedy, photoshop, kittens, & corgis rubyetc: I spend a lot of my time sitting in waiting rooms looking like this Today there was only one magazine and a leaflet on infection control The infection control leaflet wasn’t very interesting, although I do now know how to sneeze correctly. I picked up the magazine and it was all like Even if I was getting married, why would I need to know the names of 5 different shops I could buy lanterns shaped like teacups from?
Toonhole Toonhole >>December 17th, 2013 Hey guys, we just wanted to congratulate Jerm one more time! He got his artwork and book in good condition, however his reputation is forever stained for having won a ToonHole contest. Turns out he’s a young cartoonist himself, so hopefully he’ll be rich and successful with a television show of his own someday and he’ll hire us as his janitorial staff. In case anybody missed it, the contest was HERE.
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