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DIY ZigZag Flower Bracelets. Free Bead Patterns and Ideas by Sandra D Halpenny : Simple Sparkle Necklace Pattern - Free pattern. The Simple Sparkle Necklace pattern is another easy necklace to make.

Free Bead Patterns and Ideas by Sandra D Halpenny : Simple Sparkle Necklace Pattern - Free pattern

It uses larger crystals, so it really does sparkle. I really like these easy necklaces, you can take a handful of beads and make a beautiful necklace. A = 11/0 seed bead, main colorB = 11/0 seed bead, 2nd colorC = 6mm crystals Start by waxing and stretching your thread. Простой браслет для девочек. DIY Bead Loom from Cardboard. A do-in-yourself bead loom made with cardboard is an alternative for individuals who do not have a wooden bead loom in their possession.

DIY Bead Loom from Cardboard

A shoebox or cereal box is an ideal size to create a homemade bead loom. Things You'll Need: Shoebox or cereal box Ruler Pencil 2, 8-inch long fine-tooth combs Packing tape 2, T-pins Beading string Scissors Instructions: Step 1 - Flip a shoebox over so the opening is on the bottom or place the cereal box on a flat surface so the largest surface is on the bottom. Step 2 - Measure and mark the center of the two shortest areas. Step 3 - Center and secure a fine-tooth comb along the two short edges. Step 4 - Secure a T-pin directly under the center of each comb. Step 5 - Weave the warp string back and forth through the teeth of the comb to achieve the desired width for beading. Step 6 - Wrap the end of the warp string around the T-pin to secure in place. Tip: Add extra strength to the T-pin by taping around the base of the pin. Traditional-style-native-american-seed-beaded-earrings.jpg 500×679 pixels.

RubysAnklet. * I like to use a heavier thread for ankle braclets since they get more stressed than a bracelet.


I'm going to be using a lobster clasp on this anklet, so I'm going to start with the loop that the lobster will attach to. If you'd like to use another type of clasp, you can begin with the ladder stitching and attach your clasp later. Pick up 10 beads and tie them in a circle. Go back around the ring at least once more, and make sure to go at least 2 beads past your knot. Snug it up so that your knot gets pulled inside a bead.

Begin your ladder stitch by picking up 2 beads, then going back up through 2 side beads of the circle, then down through the 2 new beads. Repeat one more time, so that you have 2 columns of beads next to the circle. Now pick up 1 seed, the 4mm bead, and 1 seed. This fun anklet is made in 2 passes, and can be made to look dressy or casual depending on the beads. Now pick up 4 seeds, and go down through the top of the 4mm bead, then up through 3 of the seeds. BFS2. Another Barefoot Sandal This is a fun and easy barefoot sandal that can be made up in about an hour, and has lots of room for variations to make it different with every pair you make.


Materials: *Fireline....about 4 - 6 ft 10lb test Size 8.0 beads in 2 colors 1/2" twisted bugle beads *Since footwear take more abuse than other jewelry, I used Fireline because it holds up well. Begin by tying your line to one end of your clasp. I just used regular knots for this. *Pick up 5 clear and 4 'flower' beads.

Repeat from * to end of anklet. When you get to the end, tie on the other half of your clasp. Maya gyöngyei: Indián nyár- minta / Indian summer with pattern. Free pattern for amazing beaded bracelet Magic Forest. Shopping Cart at Bracelet 3 ∙ How To by Laura on Cut Out. Be Jeweled Earrings Tutorial. Bead Woven Emerald Earrings Pattern I thought I would try to make a “quick” pair of earrings to match the new Be Jeweled Bracelet pattern and about 10 cut-apart-and-start-over-designs later, this is what I came up with.

Be Jeweled Earrings Tutorial

I have put in parenthesis how I will refer to the beads in the tutorial. Here’s what you will need for these 2″ long and 1″ wide earrings: Learn How to Add New Beading Thread with a Slipknot from Melanie Potter. How to create a Double Needle Right Angle Weave - Beading. How to Do Circular Brick Stitch Bead Weaving. Satina. Loom/square stitch beaded Native American inspired Pendelton inspired bracelet on Wanelo. Spring Flower Earrings Howto.

Cute fox brooch made of seed beads by DropOfTheSea. Marilla Veresné. Native American Beaded Peacock Eye Earrings by BeadedCreationsetc. Native American Design Beaded Pink and by BeadedCreationsetc. Dreamcatcher earrings. How to Make Brick Stitch and Fringe Beaded Earrings. Bead Netting - Beaded Net Part 1. Beaded Daisy Chain Stitch Tutorial. Little Cat part 1. Beaded Cat Kitten Charm Project - July. Ponybead patterns., Inc. is a private enterprise not affiliated with The Girl Scouts of the USA.

Ponybead patterns

This site is not sponsored, endorsed or approved by the Girl Scouts® of the USA or any Girl Scout Council. My Daily Bead. This is the chicken version of the penguin.

My Daily Bead

Follow the instruction below after you added the last bead of a beaded ball.