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SarahMarshall: Here are the stats on Buzzfeed's... Robert Scoble on Newsnight: The drinking game. Robert Scoble - he of questionable job titles and topless pictures - is apparently appearing on Newsnight tonight to talk about Google Glass. Drink any time the following happens: He lets out an awkward nerd laugh. He mentions his wife and / or kids.


Twitterlists. #Brum - birmingham hyperlocal news. Loic Le Meur Blog: 30 predictions for the future of Twitter. At the 140conf conference in LA, Jeff Pulver asked me to think about the future of Twitter and even though I obviously have no crystal ball, I took some risks and here you go, I gathered my predictions here, in the form of "tweet slides" so you might want to watch the video too.

Loic Le Meur Blog: 30 predictions for the future of Twitter

Some of those predictions were suggested to me by my friends on Twitter, let me know if I missed one credit as I prepared it… in realtime). It will reach masses of people They won’t use the same tools as we do It will not be only about Twitter -status updates will be open across social software -all social software will have status updates -Facebook has 40+ million updates a day.

Death To The Embargo. PR firms are out of control.

Death To The Embargo

Today we are taking a radical step towards fighting the chaos. From this point on we will break every embargo we agree to. Background: Tech companies are desperate for press and hammering their PR firms for coverage on blogs and major media sites.