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Neurodiversity Workplace Awareness Training : Adjust. Recruitment consultancy – We can ensure your recruitment policy is inclusive for neurodiverse employees and compliance with the equality act.

Neurodiversity Workplace Awareness Training : Adjust

Management consultancy – We offer advice on practical management strategies to ensure your managers have the ability to manage neurodiverse employees. We offer 1:1 consultancy sessions and follow up with a report outlining a plan of action for your managers. Co -Coaching – We offer a unique Co-Coaching service which provides employers and neurodiverse employees with practical sessions facilitated by one our coaches to ensure both manager and employee have an understanding of workplace goals and Neurodiversity.

Audits – Our audits examine your recruitment and management procedures for neurodiverse employee’s. We identify the suitability of current processes and specific areas for development and improvement. Train the Trainer – embed inclusive practise by developing your own in-house trainers to deliver neurodiversity courses across your organisation. Using the unconscious bias toolkit – TechPathways. Disability inclusion & accessibility in education and work. Diversity Project. One of the aims of the Diversity Project is to support companies that wish to employ career returners as well as helping individuals who have taken an extended career break return to the workplace.

Diversity Project

Career breaks can be taken for a number of reasons, to look after a young family, provide elderly care, for health reasons, travel, volunteering, study or just time out. We recognise that the journey back to work can be daunting. Increasingly, a number of our investment firms offer exciting and fulfilling opportunities for returning professionals. These opportunities can take a number of guises from formal “Returnship” programmes to supported hiring directly into full-time roles. Diversity Project: Cross-Company Returner Programme. The Return Hub – job and returnship opportunities in the city. For Candidates We will support your career search via our #ReturnWell resources Hub, webinars and newsletters.

The Return Hub – job and returnship opportunities in the city

Please see our most recent webinar to find out more on the current landscape. View our membership clients spotlight pages to find out who we work with. Women Ahead Of Their Time.


(107) Dr. Michelle Stein Teer, Founder of the Rhetoric Academy. Talent Acquisition. Global Woman Club. Training vendors. Gender - Business in the Community. Enei awards brochure 2019. 5 Of The Best UK Companies For Women To Work For. It is no secret that in the UK the odds are still stacked against women when it comes to equal opportunity in the work place.

5 Of The Best UK Companies For Women To Work For

Only 22% of senior leadership roles are held by women and the government’s 2017 regulation requiring companies with more than 250 employees to submit their gender pay gap data revealed an even bigger disparity. Almost 80% of companies still pay men more than women and the mean national average gender pay gap currently stands at 17.4%. TOP 50 Employers for Women list (2006 - 2019) The TOP 50 Employers for Women list provides a useful framework and guide for women seeking to research and compare company performance when it comes to supporting women's careers.

TOP 50 Employers for Women list (2006 - 2019)

And while TOP 50 entrants have varied annually since its inception back in 2006, one constant has been the high level of interest in the list from female candidates and industry. 2006 was a great time for us to launch the first TOP 50 list The reason we founded the UK's TOP 50 list way back in 2006 was to provide an insightful source of reference for female candidates - whether interns, graduates, experienced professionals, women returners or senior executives. Gender - Business in the Community. Europe Advisory Board. Welcome to the WISE Campaign. Women's representation on corporate boards can't rely on quotas.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which guaranteed women the right to vote and elevated female voices in our society.

Women's representation on corporate boards can't rely on quotas

Since then, women have gained ground in roles once exclusively held by men, from coaching in the 2020 Super Bowl to leading spacewalks. Yet significant hurdles remain to diversify positions of power in the corporate sector. Our research shows women still make up only 20% of public company directors in the U.S., and represent only 22% of public company directors globally. These gender gaps will continue if we rely solely on polices like California’s new diversity quota law to close it. As many states look to California’s SB 826 as a policy road map on solving gender balance, we must flag the road bumps and examine possible alternative routes. Further, quotas based on a single factor (like gender) oversimplify complex systemic problems. Gender - Business in the Community. California's first boardroom quota report delivers mixed results.

This is the web version of the Broadsheet, Fortune’s daily newsletter for and about the world’s most powerful women.

California's first boardroom quota report delivers mixed results

To get it delivered daily to your in-box, sign up here. Good morning, Broadsheet readers! The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in June Medical Services v. Russo, Elizabeth Warren has a rough Super Tuesday showing, and we get the first results from California’s new boardroom diversity law Have a wonderful Wednesday. Of 625 companies listed on a report from the California Secretary of State earlier this week, 282 reported to have at least one female director, as required by the new law aimed at increasing boardroom gender diversity.

Information about compliance—or lack thereof—with the new law is somewhat limited because California is currently engaged in litigation over it. The new law, you’ll recall, tiptoes into territory that’s already well-charted outside the U.S.; countries like Norway, Germany, and France implemented quotas years ago. . – Justice(s) watch. RE4aqv1.