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Take 5 Candy Bar Pie. Between the homemade Snickers bars that I posted last Friday and today’s post, I’m starting to think that I have some sort of serious subconscious craving for candy on Fridays.

Take 5 Candy Bar Pie

Perhaps I should start a candy Friday ritual? I’ll have to give that some serious consideration. Candy once a week definitely could be a good thing. Now, let’s talk about this pie! This pie is everything that is right with the world of candy bars. This pie starts off with a pretzel crust (drool). After the crust each layer is added in succession, with a 10-minute or so trip to the fridge to set up before the next layer is added. Finally, you melt down some chocolate and pour it over the top of the pie.

That’s precisely what this pie is. Happy Friday! One year ago: Irish Brown BreadTwo years ago: Chewy BrowniesFive years ago: Mexican Rice. Caramel-Apple Pie Recipe. Sweet Cinnamon Cherry Pie. And I don't mean as in an exclamation, "Sweet cinnamon!

Sweet Cinnamon Cherry Pie

" Along the lines of "Great grandmother's spatula! " or "Beard of Zeus! " or my new favorite, "Oh my Goodnplenty! " Although you'll probably be saying something like that when you try this pie. I mean literal sweetness, cinnamony-ness, and the slight tang of cherry pie. It's completely different from any store-bought or restaurant cherry pies I've ever tried. My mom has been making this for as long as I can remember. Cherry PieTwo 9-inch pie crusts (I love Pillsbury!)

These photos are from my attempt to make adorable little tarts for a baby shower last weekend. Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Prepare your muffin tin. Mix the filling. Yummm! Make the top. Lay three strips across a mini pie in one direction, then weave in the strips for the opposite direction. Finish the edges by rolling or pressing the excess dough from the ends of the strips into the edge of the bottom crust. Tiny Tarts: How to make Pie in a Jar. I love giving thoughtful homemade gifts to friends and family.

Tiny Tarts: How to make Pie in a Jar

I especially love it when the gift is fun to make and frugal to buy. So when I discovered the delicious and super cute world of goodies in a jar, I decided to put a lid on it and bake up a batch of pie in a jar. I’ve written about jarred gifts before in 8 Homemade Gifts in a Jar — so check it out if you’re less into pastry and more into mixes in a jar. Pie in a jar is just that — it’s a small single serving of fruit pie made and baked in a tiny mason jar. These pies are frugal to make, awesome to gift, tasty to serve, and fun to sell at bake sales where there’s more than enough standard cakes and tarts to go around. Anytartytarts, I’ve even given a few jarred pies to friends in need of a little cheer after a bad day. Not only are pies in a jar fun to make, but they are a flexible food to serve too. So to get you in the mood for some summer sweet and frugal pie, let’s get some mason jars, turn on the oven, and get baking.

Peach Pie. Okay, so the calendar might say it is fall, but I’m going to retain my death grip on summer and continue enjoying the late summer bounty while others move on to pumpkin-y things and slow braises.

Peach Pie

I did warn you that I was planning to obsessively hoard all stone fruit till they rot off the tree, did I not? And even the rotting ones… I’m sure there’s still good bits… I know. Obsession is unhealthy. Which is why I probably shouldn’t share that I was actually stomach-flippingly nervous about going to the farmer’s market yesterday. What if there are no more peaches? Sigh. But for now, I am going to put peach pie in your face and pretend it is still beach season, mmkay? When making peach pie, you’re supposed to drop scored peaches in boiling water to facilitate removing their skin.

The filling is not to sweet, and lightly spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg. I always toss my fruit with flour. Psst… I made this pie plate… isn’t she pretty? Yuck.