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Free Professional Development Webinars for Educators from School Improvement Network. Preparing for T-TESS: How to Meet the Challenges and Make T-TESS Work For Texas Schools Get an Inside Look At What to Expect From T-TESS and What You Can Do to Make Your Implementation a Success Drawing on the experience of 64 districts that piloted T-TESS in the 2014-2015 school year and over 200 currently piloting the program, we’ve identified some of the toughest and most common challenges of T-TESS implementation.

School Improvement Network

Join Susanna Garza and Samantha Gallegos of ESC Region 20 as they walk you through what to expect and offer strategies, tools, and resources to help turn the challenges of T-TESS into opportunities for school success. Webinars - Carnegie Learning. Scholastic Webinars. Are you looking to integrate more technology into your school or district?

Scholastic Webinars

Interested in learning how to better prepare your students for a digital world? In this webinar, Scholastic and Comcast Business will join together to review best practices that will help you best use the technology you have. Free EdTech Webinars & Resources.