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Famous quotes and Inspirational quotes of wisdom! Writers' Advice Centre. Writers and Artists. Walker Books - Walker Books - Childrens Books. The Literary Consultancy   Mentoring Home. Do you want to develop your writing under the guidance of a published author or professional editor?

The Literary Consultancy   Mentoring Home

Our unique and highly successful mentoring scheme Chapter and Verse is the ideal option for those serious about their writing and wanting in-depth advice about the publishing world. “For me, the TLC mentoring scheme provided much better value for money than the writing MA I had previously undertaken . . . Crucially, too, there was no requirement for ‘jumping through the hoops’ of a University’s critical/analytical component. All the energy was focused on improving my novel, and it really paid off.”Rachel Connor, Sisterwives Chapter and Verse is designed to work on an international basis as an online scheme and we only work with experienced mentors of the highest quality.

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