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Free Online Icon Generator. James Bond 007 Cars Evolution. <div class="no-js-warning">This site is better with JavaScript turned on!

James Bond 007 Cars Evolution

</div> Licence to drive Everyone has a favourite Bond - and a favourite Bond girl - but what's your favourite Bond car? Scroll through time to find out 62 Sunbeam Alpine The Alpine was the first James Bond car and had no alterations by Q's lab. Embed To embed this page as an infographic image, simply copy and paste this embed code. Download a desktop wallpaper of your favourite Bond car! Wallpaper Share. Fontwalk. CSS Blend Modes could be the next big thing in Web Design. For everyone who has ever opened Photoshop or Illustrator you are most likely familiar with blend modes.

CSS Blend Modes could be the next big thing in Web Design

Multiply, screen, overlay and soft light, to name a few can turn boring opaque layers into beautiful pieces of stained glass. However, what awesome “blend modes” do web designers have at their disposal for making websites beautiful? Opacity. Yep, that’s it. Blend modes and the web It’s a shame that we couldn’t have had more blend modes to work with when the opacity property gained widespread support across browsers, but it turns out that ensuring Photoshop-like blend modes render uniformly across different browsers and implementations is no easy task. Despite this, things are changing fast and there is a candidate recommendation titled CSS Compositing and Blending. Right now, the specification brings three brand new properties to CSS, background-blend-mode, mix-blend-mode, and isolation.

Canvas 2D: Will it blend? Open Source. Language Reference (API) \ Processing 2+ 10 moduli gratis per PrestaShop - AscoliTech. Oggi vi consiglio 10 moduli gratis – e utilissimi – per PrestaShop.

10 moduli gratis per PrestaShop - AscoliTech

Costruendo e-commerce su questa piattaforma ho avuto necessità di trovare moduli che mi permettessero di fare determinate cose, e in giro per la rete ci sono diversi siti che raccolgono moduli a pagamento e non, davvero molto utili; vi propongo questa piccola carrellata di quelli che, a mio parere, sono tra i migliori moduli free che potete trovare per questa piattaforma. Processing.js. BouncyBubbles.


Websites - Sviluppatori di Facebook. As mentioned, the code above uses the common defaults for the options available when initializing the SDK.

Websites - Sviluppatori di Facebook

You can customize some of these options, if useful. Changing SDK Language In the basic setup snippet, the en_US version of the SDK is initialized, which means that all the dialogs and UI will be in US English. You can change this language by changing the js.src value in the snippet. Take a look at Localization to see the different locales that can be used. <script> (function(d){ var js, id = 'facebook-jssdk'; if (d.getElementById(id)) {return;} js = d.createElement('script'); = id; js.async = true; js.src = "//"; d.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(js); }(document)); </script> Disabling Login Status Check By setting status to true in the FB.init() call, the SDK will attempt to get info about the current user.

85+ Cool jQuery Effects Roundup. jQuery effects are used more or less all over the Internet today.

85+ Cool jQuery Effects Roundup

Just a few years ago Flash was dominating the scene for interactive and dynamic websites. The arrival of JavaScript libraries like jQuery have made it a lot easier to do advanced stuff with JavaScript, but of course the fact that Apple didn’t let Flash into their iPhones and iPads may also have pushed the development in this direction.

Further the mobile movement have also helped speed up the adoption of HTML5 and as an example Canvas Animation is opening up for a lot of possibilities when it comes to developing dynamic effects in a standard way. There are even countless examples of HTML5 games available online showing us the capabilities of these rather new technologies. PSD to WordPress Software. Create WordPress Themes Easily.


Documentation. CSS Gradient Generator - JQUERY. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.


Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Phasellus mattis tincidunt nibh. Cras orci urna, blandit id, pretium vel, aliquet ornare, felis. Maecenas scelerisque sem non nisl. Fusce sed lorem in enim dictum bibendum. Nam dui erat, auctor a, dignissim quis, sollicitudin eu, felis. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, Nulla nec tortor. Nam congue semper tellus. Nulla purus lacus, pulvinar vel, malesuada ac, mattis nec, quam. 20 Creative Design Inspiration #16. Continua la rubrica Creative Design con oltre 320 design selezionati, in cui vedremo alcuni design creativi da dettagli grafici originali e molto comunicativi.

Articulos con los mejores siti web – katia_gonzalesc

Spesso capita di perdere l’ispirazione e di non sapere da dove iniziare, queste raccolte possono aiutare a riacquistare l’ispirazione o a mostrare ai propri clienti cosa sia effettivamente un buon design grafico.

20 Creative Design Inspiration #16