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Relational Wealth | Speaking Life: Blog for Little Miracles Parents | Little Miracles. With Ben Bateman There is a freedom and a certain peace of mind that comes with wealth. When you are wealthy you have more than enough resource to meet all your needs. Wealth can even give you the opportunity to provide for others needs over and above your own A number of years ago I was in Bali on holidays and I was struck with the realisation that I was very wealthy compared to the average Indonesian that we were interacting with. When I got back to Australia I was back to the reality that the wages that I was on covered our bills and not much more.

Being wealthy is all about having extra resource. Our society has a great desire to have extra financial resource because at some time or another we have seen or experienced the freedom and stability that comes from that type of wealth. You can measure a persons relational wealth by the amount to which people will care about and or serve you without there being something in it for them. Free Gift Book Every Month | Little Miracles | Little Miracles. Little Miracles Staff - We Love Them! | Little Miracles. At Little Miracles we believe our best assets leave every night – our staff. We are a widespread community across six child care centre’s and we like to get together to collaborate on training days and learn from each other. We have professionals from various fields come in and train us, expanding our skills and abilities so we can continue to do what we love to do, to the highest standards.

Of course, we have loads of fun at these training days and usually finish off with a celebration dinner. We also love to encourage our staff in their interests by supporting a cause they are involved in, organising a community fundraising event or providing an opportunity for them to fully utilise their unique skills within the work place.

As Little Miracles we also have Fun Days planned throughout the year where all staff come together to enjoy one another’s company, build relationships, eat scrumptious food and of course, have FUN! Speaking Life | Little Miracles. Oh, The Places You Will Go! Over the last few weeks, I have had the opportunity to travel to the US with my lovely man. We have attended a beautiful wedding, met up with friends and family and have spent time together exploring. We also had a ‘trip of a... Budget Friendly & Time Saving Weekday Recipe Rescue I know how busy life can be especially as a parent. The Powerful Sound of Silence Silence. The Value of Mothers Who can quantify the value of mothers?

Letting Your Children Break Glass Ceilings As we approach the 21st of May tomorrow, I am reminded of two things that are vital to me and make my heart sing. The Red Plate Theory I’m so excited to share this with you today. Let’s Be Lobsters What a strange title for an article but from what I learned this week, may I always grow like a lobster. How to Keep a Busy Toddler Occupied This week is for all those mums who have those adorable, energetic Toddlers who seem to have unlimited energy. The Father and Daughter Relationship Thankful Hearts. Little Miracles Abroad | Little Miracles. The Bali Life Foundation, founded by Brad and Siska Little, provide a children’s home for 5 – 15 year olds who have been orphaned, abandoned or rejected.

They currently house 20 children from a variety of backgrounds and places in Indonesia, including four Indonesian staff. They are working towards developing a fully sustainable property and currently grow fruit and vegies and keep a chicken coup. Brad and Siska recognised the need for these children to develop skills for future employment. They also run training workshops where the children learn English, IT, agriculture, cooking, music, art, dance and sport.

Since 2010 Little Miracles have been sending teams over to Bali to teach English classes to the children, including the Teach Your Toddler to Read program and more advanced English classes. If you would like to learn more about supporting the work of Bali Life Foundation, please contact us. What Our Parents Say | Little Miracles. Our Team | Little Miracles. Meet Rob & Susanna Bateman – Original Founders and visionaries Rob worked for Scholastic as the Director of Finance and IT until 2004, when he and Susanna were looking for a change in direction. Susanna had been looking after the family and heavily involved in community work with children, youth and women. They were looking for a business opportunity – one through which they could make a big difference in people’s lives. Both passionate about helping families and encouraging children, Rob and Susanna looked at many businesses before deciding that childcare was the way to go and Little Miracles was born!

Over the years, they had both observed and experienced that parenting can be such a challenge at times so a key focus at Little Miracles today is speaking life and encouragement to staff, children and parents. Check out our Speaking Life blog. Rob and Susanna have lived on the Central Coast since 1975, and have four children (all involved in the business) and ten gorgeous grandchildren. Meet Little Miracles | Little Miracles. Every child is completely unique and full of untapped potential. At Little Miracles we love seeing each and every child in our care grow and develop, believe in who they are and have plenty of fun along the way! The goal at each Little Miracles centre is to create an environment where your child feels loved, valued, safe and free to develop to their full potential.

Our dedicated team see all children as “Little Miracles” with special gifts and talents and work to build upon their uniqueness during their time with us. As their parents, we love to work with and support you on this amazing adventure called parenting. Our passion is to see confident children emerge, who know who they are and want to live life to the max! Hear what some of our parents have to say. During 2015 we have rolled out a new program called iChild. iChild is an amazing new interactive software that gives parents real-time access to all the information about their childs day. Teach Your Toddler to Read Testimonials | Little Miracles. Home / All Posts / Teach Your Toddler to Read Testimonials Teach Your Toddler to Read Testimonials What our parents say about our Teach Your Toddler to Read program.

I am an avid reader and always have been and I knew that passing that on to my child was not only important, but would be a joy. Oliver has thrived under the TYTTR program and is so proud of himself when he recognises letters and short words throughout the pages. He now refers to his collection of books as “O.B’s Library” and I have just bought shelves to make it look like one, too. Reading is a great joy and one of life’s simple pleasures. I hope Oli continues to love stories, both reading and sharing them. TYTTR is a fantastic program that is fun and educational for children of all ages. We love singing the tyttr song as we brush teeth as it has a good rhythm for brushing! I love the fact that my children are actually enjoying learning letters and the alphabet. Gracie loves this program! Little Miracles - Loving Language | Little Miracles. At Little Miracles we are proud to say 95% of our children are reading at Level 1 or above as they head off to start school.

We provide a comprehensive program that includes language development, speech, pre-writing skills, pre-reading and literacy skills. We incorporate talking and listening skills within our family news group times and phonic awareness and reading skills as well as our renowned Teach Your Toddler to Read program. A vast amount of literacy resources are found within the childcare and preschool rooms each day, including early readers (used in schools), puppets, felt stories, audio stories, poems, sound/letter/word bingo games, writing and drawing just to mention a few. We are passionate about language which combines talking, listening, reading and writing. We have had many parents watch with amazement at how quickly their child’s talking and reading skills develop once a part of our literacy rich environment. Little Miracles Tuggerah | Little Miracles. Outside Play The Farm We are excited to announce that Little Miracles Tuggerah due to overwhelming demand we are opening another room, the Cool Comets will cater to 2.3-3.5yr olds.

This room will open in March 2016. We have been so pleased with the positive response we have received to our Tuggerah centre with over 150 families so far choosing us to care for and educate their children. We offer smaller class sizes for more individual attention, a unique “Loving Language” literacy program, “Flying Start” school readiness program, culture of honour and wonderful staff have been helping develop champions for over 10 years and we are thrilled to be able to offer this to so many new families. Our children absolutely love their visits to our farmyard with our calf, goat and recently hatched ducklings being the current favourites.

Little Miracles Toronto | Little Miracles. Little Miracles Toronto Preschool & Long Day Care Little Miracles Toronto is having a mini farm and want to invite to our farmyard open day! When: 9th April, 9.30-11.30am Come along and meet our animals, enjoys the free bqq and other activities. Little Miracles is excited to announce that Little Miracles Toronto is now open! This brand new purpose built preschool and long day care will cater for children from 0-6yrs old in 5 rooms and also have dedicated outside play areas for the older and younger children. Our families have really responded well to our programs, particularly our loving language program and our Educators have already developed wonderful relationships with the children. To enrol, please email Cath at Little Miracles Terrigal | Little Miracles. Located on one of Terrigal’s quiet suburban back streets, our Little Miracles Terrigal Centre boasts a large leafy backyard with ample shade.We cater for 60 children per day aged from 6 weeks to 5 years.

Our ever evolving rooms are led by passionate child care professionals along with some of the most genuine and caring staff you’ll find! Journeying with you, your child and your family from birth to school is the heart beat of our Centre. We are passionate about your child having the absolute best start in life. We would love to meet you in person, show you around our Centre and answer any questions you may have. Please call Stacey for an appointment on (02) 4385 3811 or send us your enquiry. Little Miracles Terrigal is accredited with the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority. Little Miracles Point Clare | Little Miracles. Surrounded by natural bushland and wildlife, Point Clare is your child’s home away from home.

We have a passionate and dedicated team who love teaching and bringing the best of every child. We cater for 59 children each day, aged 6 weeks to 6 years with three rooms for our Little Angels (6 weeks – 2 yrs) , Shining Stars (2 – 3 yrs), Amazing Asteroids(3 – 6yrs).Each room is decorated with natural materials including fresh flowers; you might even find a friendly fish or pet bird in there too! We encourage the kids to explore and learn all about the wildlife around them.

Our team collaborate and create together to give your child our very best and work hard to make sure you’re up to speed on your child’s development. We would love to meet you in person, show you around our centre and answer any questions you may have.Please call Lauren for an appointment on (02) 4325 2183 or send us your enquiry.

Little Miracles Mt Riverview | Little Miracles. Little Miracles Blaxland | Little Miracles. Looking for a place for your child to have fun, learn and discover their unique abilities? Welcome to Little Miracles Blaxland, conveniently located just off the Great Western Highway and near Blaxland train station with a small farmyard for the children to enjoy. We cater for 89 children each day, aged 6 weeks to 6 years with five rooms for our Little Angels (0 – 1yr),Radiant Rainbows (1 – 2yrs), Shining Stars (2 – 3yrs), Amazing Asteroids (3 – 4yrs) and look out for the Mighty Meteors (4 – 5yrs)! We provide ample room for play with a covered outdoor area with gardens, climbing equipment, sandpits and plenty of other activities including our new farmyard.

To view photos of the centre please click here. Little Miracles - Our Sponsorship. Little Miracles - Enrol With Us - Little Miracles — School Activities - Little Miracles Preschool & Long Day Care - Toronto. Little Miracles – Preschool & Long Day Care - Terrigal. Little Miracles – Preschool & Long Day Care in Point Clare. Little Miracles – Preschool & Long Day Care in Mt Riverview.

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Our Team- Meet Our Team- Our Curriculum - Meet Little Miracles - School Readiness Program - Loving Language - Teach Your Toddler to Read. Little Miracles Literacy Program - Little Miracles Tuggerah – Preschool & Long Day Care. Little Miracles Toronto - Preschool & Long Day Care. Little Miracles Blaxland – Preschool & Long Day Care. Little Miracles Point Clare – Preschool & Long Day Care. Little Miracles Mt Riverview – Preschool & Long Day Care. Little Miracles. Little Miracles. Little Miracles Early Education & Long Daycare Centre.