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Wordpress site setup must do tasks

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How to Make Your WordPress Category Pages Search Engine (and People) Friendly. When you create a category page, your theme, by default, lists all of your articles marked with that category.

How to Make Your WordPress Category Pages Search Engine (and People) Friendly

Some themes show post titles, other themes show full articles, and Thesis gives you the power to change it at will with just a few clicks. However, if you truly want to make your WordPress category pages both people and search engine friendly, here’s what you can do next: Create Introductory Content for Category Pages When people click to your category page, do they really want you to bombard them with all of your articles at once? Absolutely not. No one likes to feel overwhelmed on a website. To solve this, you must create introductory content on your WordPress category pages. I’ll explain. Instead of throwing people head first into your content, you set expectations. As an example, let’s say you had a category page all about real estate investing. Think about it. Why Introductory Content is Great for Search Engine Optimization You know the deal. Again, absolutely not. How to Make WordPress More Secure from Hackers & Robots. WordPress is one of the most popular open source blogging platforms.

How to Make WordPress More Secure from Hackers & Robots

Unfortunately, this also seems to make it a popular target for hackers. While keeping your WordPress installation up to date can prevent a lot of potential security breaches, that’s not a guaranteed way to stay safe. Today, I’m going to cover a few steps you can take to give yourself extra layers of protection against hackers and evil robots. Although these first steps may seem extremely basic, it’s always good to be reminded of the fundamentals. A great example of this was the Twitter happiness fiasco that occurred a couple of months ago. Don’t use words from the dictionary for your password For example, passwords like password or happiness. Most brute force attacks attempt to gain access by trying a prearranged list of dictionary words. Don’t use passwords that aren’t strong For example, all lowers case with no numbers or other characters.

What exactly makes a password strong? Robots Behaving Badly Similar Posts: Add LinkedIn Recommendations widget to your site and gather Insights. We have over 50,000 products and services represented on LinkedIn Company Pages today and that number is growing at a pretty rapid clip.

Add LinkedIn Recommendations widget to your site and gather Insights

With millions of LinkedIn members following over a million companies on LinkedIn, we are glad to introduce a range of new capabilities for companies to glean insights, ways to both manage their Company Page more effectively and to make it easier for customers to recommend them. Here are three new features we’re launching this week for companies: 1. Gather insights on how well your Company Page is doing today On your Company Page’s Analytics tab, you can now see how many LinkedIn members are visiting your Company Page and how many LinkedIn members are following your company. In short, everything that you need to know to manage your company’s presence on LinkedIn is now available via the Analytics tab. 2. We’ve now included more flexibility for Company Page managers to manage the editing and privacy settings with our new administrative controls. Canonical Link Elements for WordPress.

Rel="Author": How To Implement Rel=Author. Overshadowed by the Google+ launch was the implementation of the rel=author markup in search results.

Rel="Author": How To Implement Rel=Author

Once implemented, authors are given a very prominent treatment on search results. It doesn't reorder the results (yet) but it certainly highlights that result and likely drives a much higher click through rate. I was already interested in rel=author, but this was enough to get me off the proverbial couch and try it out myself. Unfortunately the authorship directions provided by Google, while probably comprehensive, are confusing. Thankfully, Louis Gray got me into Google+ and it was there that I put out the bat signal for a rel=author expert. A big thank you to Googlers Pierre Far, Daniel Dulitz and Jeremy Hylton for their assistance.

Three Link Monte The TL;DR version for implementing rel="author" is that it requires three specific links. Read on for specific directions on how to get rel="author" up and running on your own site or blog. Blog Post Here's what I did.