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SEM Synergy - Engagement and Local Internet Marketing
David Segal’s story in The New York Times earlier this month about the virtual closing of local businesses on Google Places and the significant and negative impact it has had on some real-world businesses – is the latest warning that losing control of your business’ online presence can have a detrimental effect on your ability to attract and keep customers. While Google has said it is working to fix the issue, the fact that local businesses’ presence can so quickly and effectively be compromised online raises a lot of questions about what businesses should be doing to preempt, identify and effectively mitigate threats to their online presence. It’s time to leverage areas you control to build a positive and accurate portrayal of your business online, use opportunities with respected third-parties to reinforce those claims, and be at-the-ready to respond to reputational threats outside your grasp. Here are four tips to take ownership of your online presence: 1. 4 Tips For Taking Ownership Of Your Local Business’ Online Presence 4 Tips For Taking Ownership Of Your Local Business’ Online Presence