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I am Kathy Kim from Ontario,Canada. I am working as an software developer in Fusion Informatics Company since last 5 years.

Mobile Application Design and Development at Fusion Informatics Limited: Facebook Application Development for Social & Business Advantage. Today, the social media platform Facebook has become an extremely popular as well a powerful tool in the hands of companies and organizations to boost their social presence.

Mobile Application Design and Development at Fusion Informatics Limited: Facebook Application Development for Social & Business Advantage

These companies now rely on Facebook applications as means to further their social media strategy via Facebook, so that they can improve their brand loyalty as well as their customer service experience. Top Business Skills That Will Enhance Your Profession as a Web Designer - TechSling Weblog. Today’s times are tough economically, and even web designers have to face stiff competition in their business.

Top Business Skills That Will Enhance Your Profession as a Web Designer - TechSling Weblog

Presently, the web-designing field is in a state of flux and even web designers have to learn the ropes as well as the tricks of the trade in order to survive the tough circumstances. Hence, it is essential that savvy web designers learn the best of business skills to survive in the present world. This means that even as a web designer, you will have to wear different hats. Let us examine the various skills that will make you a well-informed businessperson even as a web designer. Four Tips for Perfect iPhone Development            Now that the iphone leads the show when it comes to smartphones, it does not take much effort to understand the reasons why iphone development is a top of the rung priority for many developers around the globe.

Four Tips for Perfect iPhone Development           

Let us examine some of the tips for perfect iphone development in this article: 1. While brainstorming about your new iphone app, it’s best also to take a look at what’s trending on the iphone apps market currently. Check out iTunes and see what apps are doing good and what apps are not. Make a difference between a performing market and a market that is over saturated. 2. Designing for Mobile? Should I Choose RESS, AWD or RWD! Given the fact that there is a high proliferation of mobile devices in the market, it seems that everybody is going mobile and wants to access the Internet on their mobile devices.

Designing for Mobile? Should I Choose RESS, AWD or RWD!

This trend is being increasingly followed by organizations, which have woken up to the fact that they need to invest heavily in web design for multiple devices. Today, given the level of device fragmentation, the number of screen resolutions, device sizes, and the various types of browsers that exist in the market, high levels of confusion exist in the minds of decision makers. They are confused whether they should invest in responsive web design (RWD) responsive web design with server side components, (RESS), or something like Adaptive Web Design (AWD) that lies somewhat in between. Responsive Web Design RWD was first coined by Ethan Markotte in his article Responsive Web Design, in May 2010.

As explained here, sites with responsive web design are very flexible. Developing Windows Mobile Apps – The Right Choice! In a nutshell, Windows mobile apps development means creating amazing apps for windows mobile devices.

Developing Windows Mobile Apps – The Right Choice!

Today, many development agencies offer end-to-end windows app development services so that users can access the best user friendly apps for fun, social, as well as business use. Today, Microsoft offers a simple as well as secure OS that can be used on phones, tablets, as well as desktops. Though the windows mobile OS has a smaller user base, its use is continuously on the rise. At the same time, the platform offers a range of wonderful development opportunities, so developers will find the platform quite intuitive and interesting. Mobile Application Design and Development at Fusion Informatics Limited: Seeking a Leading Market Position? Go For Iphone Application Development.

iPhone is currently the leader in the market currently and the same can be said about iPhone apps.

Mobile Application Design and Development at Fusion Informatics Limited: Seeking a Leading Market Position? Go For Iphone Application Development

The iPhone apps are extremely popular and have given other app platforms such as Android and Windows Mobile a run for their money. With iPhone apps development, it is possible to create beautiful apps for a wide market audience, so why not discuss some of the advantages of iPhone app development as under: One of the chief characteristics about iPhone apps is flexibility. Hence, if you develop flexible iPhone apps, your product is surely going to succeed, as customers trust flexible iPhone applications. It helps them connect with others as well as access the right information at the right place, at all times. Ecommerce Websites – A Marvelous Trend of the 21st Century. Introduction In the present era, shopping has become a national as well as an international fad.

Ecommerce Websites – A Marvelous Trend of the 21st Century

Today, loads of people travel to mega malls and super stores to purchase the goods and services of their choice. A newer trend is getting in vogue currently, which is purchasing online from ecommerce websites for the ultimate satisfaction of the buyer’s personal desires. Is online the answer? Buying online seems to be the answer to many problems that a significant number of people face while living in the cities and urban areas.

With a few simple clicks of the mouse and after filling up the minimal details such as name, address, and email id on an ecommerce website form, it is now possible to order your favorite products from the comfort of your own home. The New Way – Ample Benefits Ecommerce websites are the new way of purchasing the stuff you require and desire. Enhancing your Online Business? Consider Web Development! One fine day, you decide to open a business.

Enhancing your Online Business? Consider Web Development!

You want to develop a website so that it becomes the front face of your company. However, you fall on the back foot because you don’t comprehend the right steps you need take in order to establish your website effectively. One of the safest and the most effective ways to establish your business online is to contact an established web development company. In this way you will have your website established perfectly online. You might be confused between a static and an interactive website; however the right way forward is to go with an interactive website, which helps you create brand awareness amongst other benefits, so that you can also reach out to a large customer base.

With the help of an interactive website, you will also be able to add content to your website that proclaims your brand the loudest and more precisely, most effectively to the desired target audience. Website Design and Development at Fusion Informatics Limited: 3 Vital Points for Ecommerce Development in the Post-Modern Scenario. The world of online business is getting tougher and tougher with each passing day.

Website Design and Development at Fusion Informatics Limited: 3 Vital Points for Ecommerce Development in the Post-Modern Scenario

As the number of options is being opened up to the consumer, it is becoming difficult for the numerous service providers to stay competitive enough to remain viable in the competition. Go For Mobile Application Development for Increased Revenues. Mobility Applications For Enterprise Level Organizations. Why Not Market Your Site To The Right Audience! We Can Help! - Internet, Services - Belleville, Ontario, Canada. Mobile Application Design and Development at Fusion Informatics Limited: Aiming for Blackberry Users? Consider Blackberry Apps Development. Presently, Blackberry has achieved a niche position for itself in the world of mobile phones as a Smartphone especially made for the smart corporate executive or business professional.

Mobile Application Design and Development at Fusion Informatics Limited: Aiming for Blackberry Users? Consider Blackberry Apps Development

This has enabled blackberry to pack a humongous range of features into the phone ranging from address book to email, and from GPS capabilities to the wireless internet connection. Although the blackberry can snuggly fit into your palm, it is a powerful device that is virtually a corporate office on the move. Due to the popularity of the Blackberry within the corporate world, which is increasing its sphere of influence with each passing day, the role of blackberry application development has come to the forefront. Modern blackberry applications have reduce the work pressure on busy executives, as they can stay in touch with their team, even while they are travelling, or while they are attending meetings. This is one of the reasons why the Blackberry has become highly acceptable in the corporate world.

Lead The Iphone Apps Development Show! Develop Your App Today! 13 Best PayPal Alternatives. Wondering about paypal alternatives? Are there any better online payment services? There are plenty of paypal competitors available for accepting credit cards and online payment. We have a round up of best PayPal alternatives for merchants to setup up their own online e-commerce business. PayPal has emerged as an industry standard in today’s internet connected world for processing online payments. However, not all are comfortable with PayPal due to their varied personal reasons. Web and Mobile Application Development. How Ecommerce Can Help You Succeed In Chosen Markets Today, ecommerce has opened up a new channel for trade, thereby making ecommerce web development a much required function for ecommerce businesses all around the world. This has led to the development of a wide variety of ecommerce web development platforms that are available in the current market.

Nevertheless, it is best to settle for a niche ecommerce solution unlike a typical ands inflexible solution that can't do much to maximize profits as well as increase conversions for business. Hence, it's a good idea to select an agency that helps you build an ecommerce site that bases itself on a rigorous business strategy as well as advanced technologies. This means that it is best to obtain the services of a professional and talented team of ecommerce developers who provides a crystal-clear strategy along with the precise goals and objectives before the website is built. Professional Web Designing Services : web services. 12 Online Credit Card Processing Libraries for eCommerce Websites.

Online payment processing is not as easy as it seems. There are many online payment processing services that can process credit cards online. In this article we are focused on the libraries that can help you build or integrate your own payment processing online. Some of these libraries provide advanced payment solutions that can support international, mobile and other online secure payment features. As ecommerce picks momentum and turns into a world favorite, it has become essential to launch payment processing services that accept payment from your web app. It is vital that these services provide security for peace of mind of the customers who rely on the web app to make the purchases online. Payment processing libraries are the backbone of the online ecommerce industry globally. 1. Require An Expert Web Development Company? We Are The Best!

IT Blogs - Social Learning & Consulting Platform for IT Professionals. Clear-Cut Ipad Application Development For Professional Success! When it comes to iPad application development, can you make do with those apps which were originally devised for the iphone, but are tweaked so that they can run on the iPad as well? Well, we don’t adopt that strategy here. We make iPad apps from ground up, with the help of great amount of planning and design, making us the leaders in iPad application development. Let us know if we can design and develop your iPad application for you!

For quick contact e-mail to : Call on : 9052797729 Contact Email: Contact Phone: 9052797729 Manufacturer: Fusion Informatics Ltd. Model: Year: Price: Web App Design and Development — Ecommerce Web Development – The Order Of The Day. BlackBerry Application Development for Top Corporate Achievement! - belleville computer services - Mobile Application Design and Development at Fusion Informatics Limited: Android Application Development for Assured Business Success.

With the emergence of android as a favored mobile OS, android application development has become extremely popular. Nowadays, the demand for bespoke development for the Android Platform is at its zenith. Many app development companies already have several years of experience in skill as well as expertise in developing commercially viable apps for the business community. Such companies are experts at utilizing the android framework and Java, which are the essential pillars of developing proven android apps. Reliable SEO Services from an Ethical Provider - Internet, Services - Belleville, Ontario, Canada. Web, Software and Mobile Application Development Company Photo Slideshow. is a leading presentation/slideshow sharing website. Whether your application is business, how-to, education, medicine, school, church, sales, marketing, online training or just for fun, is a great resource.

And, best of all, most of its cool features are free and easy to use. You can use to find and download example online PowerPoint ppt presentations on just about any topic you can imagine so you can learn how to improve your own slides and presentations for free. How to Achieve Project Success through Offshore Software Development - Mobile Application Development - Fusioninformatics.

Maximize Profitability With Ecommerce Development From A Leader!, Belleville,Ontario,Canada. Offshore Software Development Services at Fusion Informatics. Software Development makes processes easier and faster. Tips for Best Mobile Application Development by Kathy Kim. By Kathy Kim Internet Consult. Major Benefits of Open Source Web Development. The digital world is changing at a tremendous speed and there are newer versions of digital gadgets and their applications coming into the market every single day.

Though, not fully acquainted with the digital world, common man always strive to keep up with the latest upgrades of the different versions of the technology to use it most beneficially to ease their normal life. Web Development Company. Being a leader in PHP/MySql development, we have been successful in framing the most affordable solutions for businesses who do not want to compromise on quality. Open Source Development. Internet Marketing Services in Canada by Fusion Informatics. Internet Marketing is a powerful tool that gives businesses, in various categories, attention grabbing capabilities.

It helps especially those businesses which are involved in making money online. Step By Step Process of Creating An Android Application by Kathy Kim. By Kathy Kim Internet Consult Android apps have gained much popularity owing to the flexibility and ease they offer. They are hot favorite and have already captured the smart phone apps world. Benefits of Hiring an Offshore Web Development Company. Facebook Apps Development – Fusion Informatics. Facebook has eaten up the web space. Everyone has or wants to have their account on Facebook. Facebook applications become a driving force for leading the social marketing campaign on Facebook.

Custom Web Application Development. Web application development is a concept that has gained popularity off late because of the growth it offers to businesses. In the current era of stiff competition, having just a website is not enough. Mobile Apps Development – Fusion Informatics. Offshore Software Development Services at Fusion Informatics. Professional Web Designing Services. E-commerce Web Design & Development Services at Fusion Informatics. Tablet Apps Development – Fusion Informatics. Blackberry Apps Development – Fusion Informatics. Windows Mobile App Development Services at Fusion Informatics. Android Apps Development – Fusion Informatics. iPad Apps Development – Fusion Informatics. iPhone Apps Development – Fusion Informatics. Contact Us for Web Development, Mobile Apps Development and Software Development. Mobile Application & Web Development Portfolio by Fusion Informatics. Fusion Informatics offer Cloud Computing, Cloud Web Development.

Fusion Informatics Application Solutions for Computing Devices, Mobile Devices and Tablet devices. Enterprise Application Development Services in Canada. Mobility Solutions and Applications for Business. Mobile Application & Web Development Service by Fusion Informatics. Mobile Application & Web Development Company – Fusion Informatics. Mobile Application & Web Development Company In Canada And USA.