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iPad Tips & Tricks

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Top 10 iOS Shortcuts and Gestures. Five immediate ways to conserve iPad battery. 23 Things Every Teacher Should Be Able To Do With An iPad. Using an iPad is simple due to its intuitive interface, elegant touch interface, and user-friendly operating system.

23 Things Every Teacher Should Be Able To Do With An iPad

Below we’ve listed 23 different tasks a teacher should be able to perform with their iPad. We’ve tried to focus on the basics, along with some typical tasks a teacher may be required to complete. We’ve also (roughly) arranged them from less complicated to more complicated, so consider yourself an Unofficial iPad “Basic Hacker” if you can get to the bottom.

For more complex iPad tasks and functions, we’re doing a follow-up post. Stay tuned! And let us know which important ones we’ve missed below on twitter or facebook. 1. Power button; long press and plug it in. See a List of All Apps Installed on an iPhone / iPad with Spotlight. It’s easy to wind up with a lot of apps installed on our iPhones and iPads, and if you’ve ever wanted to see every single app on an iOS device you have probably noticed there isn’t any obvious way to do so without connecting to iTunes or looking at the Storage Usage list in Settings.

See a List of All Apps Installed on an iPhone / iPad with Spotlight

Well, obvious is the operative word there, because it turns out there is a very simple trick to list all apps installed on any iOS device with the help of Spotlight, and the list will include both third party apps downloaded from the App Store as well as the Apple defaults that come preinstalled on all iOS devices. Summon Spotlight by tapping and holding on the iOS home screen and pulling downEnter any single character, like a slash (/), dash (-), or a period (.) to see the application list The screen shot demos this with a forward slash /, but you can use just about any of the special characters accessible through the ’123′ key to display the same thing:

iPad Air: Helpful Tips and Tricks. An Interesting Collection of Handy iPad Tips for Teachers and Students. Today while I was attending an iPad workshop I noticed that some teachers are using their iPads in a time-wasting manner.

An Interesting Collection of Handy iPad Tips for Teachers and Students

I am not sure if they are new to iPad or not but the first thing one can do when he/she got a new piece of these smart gadgetry ( a phone , a tablet, chromebook) is to head over to YouTube and type in the name of that gadget followed by the word " tutorial" and you will get all kinds of videos on tips and tricks related to that device. Most of people do not bother going through those thickly written guides accompanying the newly purchased gadgets. Videos and visual tutorials are better alternatives. If you have an iPad and you want to get the maximum out of in order to enhance your iPadding experience and improve your productivity on it, the tutorials below are part of what you need. These are some very good video tutorials that will introduce you to a wide variety of tips related to using and handling your iPad.

How To Use An iPad To Add Voice Comments To Grading. Offering timely and effective learning feedback is a critical part of the learning process.

How To Use An iPad To Add Voice Comments To Grading

This is a concept that’d seem to be more accessible than ever with technology, but sometimes technology is two steps forward, one step back. Take for example grading papers. While K-12 education has (mostly) moved away from pure academic essays to measure all understanding, the writing process is more important now than ever. Grading a physical piece of paper is as simple as writing in the margins, using established editing symbols, or others marking the paper up.

While digital documents like pdfs allow for increased visibility, simpler sharing, and seamless curation, they have indeed taken a step back in regards to this all-important text marking. PDF Annotation Which is where pdf annotation software comes in. There are many pdf annotation apps available that allow this kind of text marking, but another killer feature that is somehow less celebrated: voice annotation. Other Details. How to Watch your Own DVDs on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Losing an iPad: Simple Things to Protect Identity and Theft on Your Mobile Devices. Last night I had one of those incredibly horrifying moments that I hope you never experience.

Losing an iPad: Simple Things to Protect Identity and Theft on Your Mobile Devices

11 Simple Tips for Maximizing iPad Battery Life That Work. The iPad already has very impressive battery life and regularly lasts all day, but who wouldn’t want to have their iPad last even longer?

11 Simple Tips for Maximizing iPad Battery Life That Work

With a group of simple tips, you can extend an iPads battery life even further and get the absolute most out of your tablets battery for as long as possible. These tricks are the real deal, and we’ll focus on things that actually work. Let’s get started and maximize your iPad battery. 1: Take Control of Screen Brightness. S iPad Tips: Calendar Setup and Syncing. By Lory | April 1, 2013 | 2 comments There are a lot of secrets about the iPad that should be obvious to any user, but unfortunately isn’t We dig around in all the nooks and crannies of our Apple tablets in order to bring you as much information as possible for using your device to its fullest potential.

s iPad Tips: Calendar Setup and Syncing

Last week, we walked you through setting up mail accounts on your iPad so now you can read work emails, personal emails, and messages from that junk account you set up just to be able to sign up for things. Video: “16 New iPad tips 2012 “ The Top iOS, iPhone, and iPad Tip Collections of 2012. The Digital Media Diet My Favorite Sites: A Resource List for Finding the BEST iPad Apps for Your Kids. This is one of the top review sites for kids educational apps, games and books.

The Digital Media Diet My Favorite Sites: A Resource List for Finding the BEST iPad Apps for Your Kids

They strive for meticulousness and honesty in their reviews, both positive and negative. Their goal is to be the most complete source for parents and educators looking for reliable info on an app before making a purchase. I met site owner Ron Engel over a year ago and was immediately impressed with the depth of his reviews of the apps that he tested with his own kids. Each full review is on a 5-star rating scale, and unlike most other sites, they include some very low as well as lots of highly rated apps. So far, I’ve never been burned by anything recommended highly by Ron for my personal purchases for my own child. This site was founded by Jennifer Bogart. I have been deeply impressed by the level of detail and thoughtful testing that Jennifer does with her kids for every app. How to identify iPad model.

How to save, work with multiple apps and share. iPad Published on December 17th, 2012 | by Mark Anderson One of the greatest positives of the iPad as a learning tool in education are the many different apps that allow students to create amazing pieces of work which demonstrate their learning.

How to save, work with multiple apps and share

Not only that, but the productivity tools that go with their day to day activities are vast. Whittling down recently our core apps for students, you’ll see there are tools for taking notes, creating professional documents, presentations, making books, creating screencasts, the whole lot. 6 Ways To Reduce Neck Pain While Using An iPad. Added by Jeff Dunn on 2012-10-15 Bending your neck to look at your tablet or computer screen is nothing new to teachers, students, admins, and pretty much everyone. But what about prolonged usage? It’s been hard to know until now. A study by the Harvard School of Public Health sheds some light on the right and wrong way you should be physically positioned during tablet use . 10 iPad Tips for Teachers. Be an iPad Superstar: 8 Collections of iOS 5 Tips.

Just when I think I know a lot of about Apple's iOS, someone shows me a clever feature, setting, or shortcut I've never seen before.

Be an iPad Superstar: 8 Collections of iOS 5 Tips

Since Apple doesn't include a printed manual, it's up to us as iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch users to find our own ways of learning these tips. Classroom iPod touches & iPads: Dos and Don'ts. Do delete content. Since you are mirroring the computer's iTunes Library onto the iPods, deleting items from iTunes will delete them from the iPods. After you no longer have a need for a podcast, video, or audiobook, delete it so it is not taking up room and cluttering up the iPods. Chances are you want to use this content with a future class. If it's something you will use again, drag and drop it into a folder on your desktop.

Share 'One Transformed Classroom' iPad Tips for Teachers Using iBooks for Education. I’ve been spending a lot of time in iBooks recently, and have showed teachers a whole slew of features that are new, or not as well known, in Apple’s default e-reader. So, without further ado, here are a few of my favorites tips for teachers using iBooks in education. 1. Find Free Books. Tips And Tricks For Saving Battery Life On Your iPhone And iPad. Good battery life is essential for a mobile device to succeed in the post-PC era, and Apple’s iOS devices continue to pack upgraded internals and improved battery technology into every product iteration. iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users can use a handful of tips and tricks for conserving precious battery on the go. Many of the tips are pretty basic, but every little bit counts when you’re trying to make it through the day on one charge.

Here’s a roundup of tips and tricks for saving battery life on your favorite iOS device: Turn Down Screen Brightness. How Often Should I Charge My Gadget's Battery to Prolong Its Lifespan? Find What App is Using Location Services & Draining Battery Life in iOS. You can tell if Location Services is being used on an iPhone or iPad because a little purple arrow icon appears in the upper right corner of the menubar in iOS. If you’ve never paid attention to this before, it matters because when Location Services are being used it can drain your battery much faster than usual, this is because the app determining your location is constantly using network activity and GPS to pinpoint your coordinates and, usually, report it back to the apps servers.

If you see that purple location services arrow pop up and you have no idea what app u Here is how to quickly determine which app is using Location Services, and potentially draining your iOS devices battery life: Superior Replacements to the Boring Stock iPhone Apps. iPad Tips And Tricks. The Complete List of iPad Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials. The Apple iPad is an amazing tablet, and to help you get the most out of it, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of every tip, trick, and tutorial for you.

Ridiculously awesome iPad tips and tricks. Force Quit Unresponsive iPhone And iPad Apps [How-To. 100 Essential iPad Tips and Tricks. 50 really useful iPad 2 tips and tricks. Some iPad Management Tips. 50 really useful iPad tips and tricks. Resources for iPads. 16 New iPad Tips you should not Miss. iOS 5 Education Deployment Guide ~ ICT For Educators. Myths about iOS, iPad, iPhone & iPod touch. I have the pleasure of working with educators who get to use iPads and iPod touches with students. Wherever I facilitate workshops, I find there are some myths floating around about Apple's iOS devices, and I'd like to clear up some of the misinformation. iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch do not have user manuals.

Gone are the days when you receive a thick printed user manual with your electronics purchase. Instead of an in-depth guide, Apple includes a glossy folded-up single sheet of paper called Finger Tips in the box. A Friendly Guide to Deploying iPads at Your School. Getting The Most Out Of Your iPad's Keyboard. How to choose an iPad Keyboard. 8 Typing Tips for iPad and iPhone That Everyone Should Know and Use. A Better Interactive Whiteboard: an iPad and the Apple TV. What do I need for iPad Presentations? 6 Tips to Free Up Tons of Storage Space on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Download iOS Updates Once for Installing on Multiple Devices. iPhone or iPad Ran Out of Storage Space? Here’s How to Make Space Available Quickly. How to Print from Your iPad: Printer and Printing Options. 10 extremely awesome iPad tips and tricks. 40+ Super Secret iPad Features and Shortcuts.

10 Things You Never Knew You Could Do On Your iPad — Apple News, Tips and Reviews. How to Open Zip File and Email Attachment on iPhone and iPad. How To Save Images in the iPad Safari and Mail Apps. Transfer Music from iPhone, iPod, or iPad to a Computer.