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Excitement is a great word to describe what is going on here in the Middle School. The iLearn Lab (formerly the MS PC Lab) has taken flight. The PCs are gone. A few iMacs have moved in. Talk about what this space can be has increased in volume. Parenting in the Digital Age Parenting in the Digital Age
It’s about time I add another post about my actual teaching practice and how my kids use iPads. One set of iPad skills that interests all the kids and gives them something fun to do is professional film making tricks. This would work well with students from the age of 10 to 16. The lesson is divided in 2 : Sound (Sound effects / Dubbing / voiceovers)Camera work (Steady-cam / multi views per moment)

How to make iPad kids film better

How to make iPad kids film better
50 Of The Best Resources For iPads In Education 50 Of The Best Resources On iPads In Education by Tom Vander Ark first appeared on gettingsmart.com For more thinking and resources on mobile learning and iPad classroom integration, see also TeachThought’s 10 Most Popular Posts on iPad Integration and 23 Ways To Use The iPad In A Project-Based Learning Environment. 50 Of The Best Resources On iPads In Education 12 Sources & Tools for iPad

50 Of The Best Resources For iPads In Education

Science apps

The 20+ Apps To Know About In 2013

The 20+ Apps To Know About In 2013

Education got a lot more mobile in 2012 as in-school iPad initiatives , the iPhone 5 launch and online learning providers in general made classroom experiences more interesting—and don’t expect to see teaching head back to desktop PC’s in 2013. In fact, as MOOCs and hybrid programs continue to evolve, mobile should have an ever more significant role to play. Looking back at some of 2012′s most significant app launches and updates, Education Dive assembled a list of a few of the best apps on iOS and Android devices that we think educators should know about for 2013. Some of these are already out in the wild, and some are still twinkles in their developers’ eyes. All of 23 of them stand to be important, however, in the new year:
50 Apps In 50 Minutes LACUE
Mobile Apps | News iSwiFTER Releases Rover Flash Browser for iPad In an effort to enable Flash-based content for iPads, iSWiFTER Learn has developed a new browser app, called Rover, specifically designed for educators and students that offers both pre-selected learning content and filtered web browsing. Flash content is typically not compatible with standard iPad browsers. Rover is currently available as a free download on the app store. In addition to the firewall-compliant web browser that meets the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) standards, the app contains education content from provider partners like Discovery Education, FunBrain, and 3P Learning, providers of the popular Mathletics program. Rover Flash Browser for iPad Rover Flash Browser for iPad
My last two posts on iPads and good teaching have focused on teaching and learning writing. Now I’m moving on to my favorite subject as a teacher – Mathematics. I love Maths – both learning and teaching it.

The iPad and Maths – Are we there yet? Pt 1

The iPad and Maths – Are we there yet? Pt 1
Math-tastic iVocabulary Math-tastic iVocabulary After taking a look at the 8th Math Benchmark Exam and perusing the student data, a few things became abundantly clear: Much of the test involved vocabulary AND successful problem-solving was based on the knowledge of that vocabulary and the ability to assimilate the given terms and information in order to draw an object, produce a table, or complete a graph. While this is not really a shocking revelation (especially to those who teach Math as I did), I instantly began thinking of apps that could support math vocabulary in engaging ways. All of our Math classrooms at Ed White have access to a class set of iPods. Thus, I focused on three FREE iPod apps that could be used in small groups and stations.
by Natalie Parents know that it’s not safe to allow children unrestricted access to the internet. You wouldn’t let little Jimmy run around all willy-nilly in a strange city and you surely wouldn’t allow anything of the sort in cyberspace, right?

Kid Safe Browsers for iPad and iPhone

Kid Safe Browsers for iPad and iPhone

Introducing School-Wide Digital Citizenship Practices with iPads

An elementary school in our district recently got 30 iPads and asked for some advice implementing them with students and teachers. In addition to suggesting some starter apps, I recommended that we have conversations with kids around the appropriate use of these devices. While almost every child has used an iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone, the exciting learning opportunities these mobile, Internet-connected, media creation devices create also open the door to new challenges. Introducing School-Wide Digital Citizenship Practices with iPads
10 Most Stylish iPad RSS Readers 10 Most Stylish iPad RSS Readers This is a guest post by Vadim – one of the curators of the Stylish iPad apps tumblog. They post the most visually stunning apps in App store on a daily basis. Today, Vadim will introduce us to a list of 10 most stylish RSS readers for iPad.
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I knew when I bought the iPad 2 a while back that it would provide a number of uses for me, but I quickly discovered it fills more important roles in my work than I believed it would. One of those, a key for me, is as a serious system to use for a lot of the writing I do in my work. I write 3,000 words most days for all of the projects I have going on, and the iPad 2 has stepped up to handle a lot of the task quite nicely. I wrote about using the iPad 2 for writing a while back, and contantly receive questions about how I use it in this role. The best way to deal with those questions is to detail how I use the tablet as a writing machine on a daily basis.

iPad 2 as a serious writing machine (how-to)

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How to Turn Your Tablet into an Awesome, Productivity-Boosting Second Screen
AirPlay Mirroring to a Mac (no Apple TV required) Update: Reflection has been renamed Reflector. It is available for Macintosh and for Windows PCs. I am so excited for a new Mac app called Reflection! It shows my iPad's screen live on my computer screen wirelessly!

Projecting Your iPad Wirelessly - Without an Apple TV

Important update: May 6, 2012 - Mirror to your Windows PC as well Shortly after the release of Relection a second mirroring solution called AirPlay was released - available at http://www.airserverapp.com/ Reflection and Airplay both allow mirroring of an iOS device to a Mac. Many site members had asked about a solution that would allow mirroring to a Windows PC. In its latest update, Airplay has now added a version that will allow mirroring to a PC as well. When iOS 5 was released many of us were thrilled with its ability to allow projection (mirroring) of your iPad to a projector using Airplay and Apple TV.
iPad Document Camera Stand Justand's education price is $89 and volume pricing is available. Justin tells me much of the price is for raw materials. The stand is made from large thick sheet of aluminum and has a 40 pound torque hinge. Of course, if you don't already have an iPad, the Justand document camera solution can be over $600. A third generation iPad will make a better document camera than an iPad 2 because the newer iPad has a much better camera.
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