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That Facebook post you just liked is an ad—and you didn’t even realize it. By Aaron Sankin on September 6th, 2015 Imagine the following post popped up in your Facebook News Feed from musician and former soap opera star Jesse McCartney.

That Facebook post you just liked is an ad—and you didn’t even realize it

If you saw this post, you probably wouldn’t give it a second thought, and you might’ve even clicked on it. You likely follow dozens of verified pages on Facebook—celebrities, movies and TV shows, publications—all of which regularly share stories to the platform. And McCartney appears to have simply seen a cute article and wanted to share it with his 2.6 million fans. The reality is a bit more complicated. McCartney is among the 200 influential social media personalities represented by Liquid Social, a relatively new startup that connects publishers with top influencers. There’s an obvious need for the services Liquid Social provides. In the gold rush for Facebook traffic, brand and celebrity pages are the final frontier. “The influencer chooses everything they want to post. Jos a bank coupons 60% off pants, sportshirts, polos or shorts. These stroke victims are playing video games to cure their paralysis.

Maggie Reynolds, 72, is playing a video game.

These stroke victims are playing video games to cure their paralysis

On the screen before her, a barrel moves up and down, its motion controlled by her fist thanks to a Microsoft Kinect camera aimed her way, taking in the position of her head, neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands. Brightly colored stars dart across the screen, just begging to be caught in the barrel’s depths. Maggie inhales, determined to capture one. Her eyes dart between the screen and her upright fist. She struggles, trying to raise her fist a few inches higher.

Reynolds looks over at Luke Buschmann, the lanky UC Santa Cruz graduate student whose motion-sensing, therapeutic video game she’s playing. Four years ago, a massive stroke on Christmas Day robbed Reynolds of control over half her body, though not her zeal. The bleed just destroyed an immense area of my brain. - Maggie Reynolds. Jos a bank coupons buy 1 get 3 free suits & sportcoats.

The Interdependency Of Stanford And Silicon Valley. There was a time when Stanford University was considered a second-rate engineering school.

The Interdependency Of Stanford And Silicon Valley

It was the early 1940s, and the Department of Defense was pressed to assemble a top-secret team to understand and attack Germany’s radar system during World War II. The head of the U.S. scientific research, Vannevar Bush, wanted the country’s finest radio engineer, Stanford’s Frederick Terman, to lead 800 researchers on this secret mission. But instead of basing the team at Terman’s own Stanford lab — a mere attic with a leaky roof — he was sent to the acclaimed Harvard lab to run the mission. It’s hard to imagine Stanford passed over as an innovation hub today. Stanford has outpaced some of the biggest Ivy League universities in prestige and popularity. Plus, survey results point to Stanford as the No. 1 choice of most students and parents for the last few years, over Harvard, Princeton and Yale. Jos a bank coupons for travelers clothing. Get a Peek at Someone Using Facebook's New Assistant, 'M' Facebook M is part digital assistant, part experiment in artificial intelligence.

Get a Peek at Someone Using Facebook's New Assistant, 'M'

The recently revealed service runs atop Messenger, Facebook’s existing instant messaging app, and it’s billed as a tool that will do things even the best-known assistants, Apple Siri and Google Now, can’t yet do, like make an appointment at the DMV or buy a gift for a friend. The trick is that M is driven in part by human operators, but the hope is that in tracking the behavior of these humans, Facebook can build an artificially intelligent system that behaves like people would. The question now becomes: How well does the service work today? Jos a bank coupons reduced 40% all clearance suits. Astronauts' awe gives them an "overview effect" after returning to Earth. With the new college football season upon us, fans across the country are hoping their team could be the one crowned national champion on January 11 2016 in Glendale, Arizona’s University of Phoenix Stadium.

Astronauts' awe gives them an "overview effect" after returning to Earth

Of course, who is ultimately successful will depend a lot on the talents of their players—and a healthy dose of luck. Oh, and let’s not forget about the coach. There are just a handful of coaches who have excelled at creating successful, sustainable programs over the course of many years. Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, Mark Dantonio and Gary Patterson come to mind. How do they do it? While all have their specific plans, I believe the most successful coaches emphasize success beyond the playing field. After all, the stakes are too high for colleges and universities to employ coaches that are not dialed into their players’ developmental needs. Rites of passage: turning boys into men Urban Meyer: the quintessential coach Why choose Urban Meyer as a case study?