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Sewing is truly an art. Some people write it off as being boring, but there’s no denying that it’s handy. These tips will make your clothing repairs/alterations easier. It takes practice to work out how to sew something properly. But if you know a few things, you’ll be able to sew with success much more often. 1. Lots of people are put off from pleating, as they think that it’s too tricky. 2.

Interfacing sewing will patch up the hole and make the patchwork look less noticeable. 3. If you put an elastic band around the sewing machine, then you’ve got an easy, movable guide for following a straight line. Tips and Tricks for Better Straight-Line Quilting. Straight-line quilting can sound terrifyingly precise, but don't believe the hype.

Tips and Tricks for Better Straight-Line Quilting

With some guidance you can definitely nail the straight-line technique, and soon you'll be using it to make totally spectacular quilts — no problem. Don't believe me? Maybe you've been avoiding straight-line and planning to take up free-motion quilting first. But before you try all those loopy flowers and pebbles, let me teach you how to do straight-line quilting the right way. Get your walking foot ready, then check out these five tips. 1.

4 Quilting Tools That Help You Mark Perfectly Straight Lines. Clean, classic straight-line quilting is always a winner in our book.

4 Quilting Tools That Help You Mark Perfectly Straight Lines

But stitching perfectly straight lines can be challenging. 5 Quilting Rulers You Need to Tackle ANY Project. Let's be real: quilting calls for loads of notions and supplies.

5 Quilting Rulers You Need to Tackle ANY Project

Learn All About Precut Quilting Fabrics. Sometimes the thought of measuring and cutting fabric is totally unappealing, and other times you just want to play around with all of the variations in a given fabric collection — without dropping a ton of cash on yardage.

Learn All About Precut Quilting Fabrics

Precuts give you the chance to do just that! And the great thing is, precuts are totally standardized, and many patterns call for the same basic types. So once you know the lingo, you're good to go for any precut-friendly project! Pro tip: The smaller precuts like charm packs, strips and layer cakes typically come with pinked edges. ("Pinked" means cut on a zigzag, which helps prevent fraying.)

Charm Packs Fabric size: 5" x 5"Charm packs are one of the most common sizes used in quilt projects, and their affordability makes them super popular. 7 Jelly Roll Quilts You're Going to Love Making This Year. A jelly roll, AKA a set of 2½″ precut fabric strips , is a major time saver for quilters.

7 Jelly Roll Quilts You're Going to Love Making This Year

With the fabric already cut and coordinated, all that’s left to do is sew the strips into a fantastic quilt top! So if you have a few jelly rolls you've collected over the years, here are a few designs that'll put them to good use. 1. Gumball Grab both solid and print precuts and mix 'em together to create fun gumball blocks. 2. You'll need two blocks — and four jelly roll strips within each — to create the hourglass effect in this quilt, but the beautiful flow is well worth the planning. 3.

Fusible appliqué brings these traditional blocks together quickly, especially when you use 2½″ strips to create all the curves on your windows. Mybluprint. Quilt-as-you-go breaks down your projects to make them much more manageable, making them oh-so-perfect for quick stitching.


Brush up on your QAYG techniques, then break out your machine. These projects will go so fast, you can whip up any one of 'em in a single weekend. 1. Make a Mini Quilt True, this isn't as tiny as some other quilting projects. While avid quilters have an array of methods available for joining blocks, there's one process to always keep in mind: quilt-as-you-go.

Essentially, QAYG is a way to break down your quilting into more manageable pieces, making it a go-to for those who have smaller work spaces, are working on small-scale projects ( like a patchwork bag ), or are managing joint pain. Bonus: it's a great way to bust your stash ! With that in mind, here are some fun QAYG joining techniques that help bring your blocks together in gorgeous fashion. Lynette Anderson Designs. One of the questions I get asked alot is how to convert Valdani to Cosmo or DMC and to be honest there is no easy way to answer that question.

Lynette Anderson Designs

Why? You ask...well the simple answer is that Valdani embroidery thread is hand dyed and there are anything up to 10 subtle colour changes within each skein so matching a Valdani colour to any one solid of either Cosmo or DMC is almost impossible. For the past few days I have been closely peering at and trying to select suitable options for converting Valdani hand dyed to solid Cosmo or DMC colours! Below is a handy list of the common thread colours that I like to I use and their DMC and Cosmo equivalents. The Midnight Quilter Presents: Holiday Gift-Along Series! Garden n country. Facebook. Boundless Quilts - Kits, fabric, precuts back in stock.