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Online Storytime by Barnes & Noble - Barnes & Noble. Kids Educational Computer Games & Activities. PBS KIDS. Read to me - Las Vegas.

Read to Me is another website that has great online streaming videos of read alouds by celebrities as well as lesson plans to use along with the stories for parents and teachers. One of my personal favorites, as well as a favorite among my elementary students, is a read aloud of the book, “Bugtown Boogie.” – katherineking2

Storyline Online - Where Reading Is Fun!

This website, Storyline Online, contains videos of members of the Screen Actors Guild Foundation reading aloud some of the most entertaining and popular children’s books. The wonderful sound quality and illustration animations really make the books come alive. – katherineking2


Kidblog provides teachers with the tools to help students publish writing safely online. Students exercise digital citizenship within a secure classroom blogging space. It also suggests ways to use Kidblog such as: Science Notebooks, Global Pen Pals, Digital Portfolios, Creative Writing, and Book Clubs. – katherineking2

Britannica School.

This is a link to the online version of Encyclopedia Britannica. Our school has an account so my students are able to log on and research topics of interest, explore the world atlas, compare countries, etc. – katherineking2

Merriam-Webster's Word Central. Belmont Elementary Library Media Center.

One feature that I like about this website is that it offers students the opportunity to easily access the grade level lib guides that correspond with their school reading curriculum. – katherineking2

Easton Elementary School's Library - Home.

This website is a simple design and it looks that its main function is to provide students and faculty access to the library catalog. – katherineking2

Lewis and Clark Elementary: Library Media Center. Expect the Miraculous.

Barrow Media Center’s blog highlights a variety of activities taking place within the library through the use of vivid description and pictures. – katherineking2

Voices From The Inglenook « What's happening each week @ The Cold Spring School Library.

This blog gives a weekly update of what is taking place within the walls The Cold Spring School Library. The archival aspect of this blog allow visitors to track the weekly happenings in this library. – katherineking2

Moharimet Elementary School Library Media Center. Moharimet Elementary School Library eBooks Parent Resources SLJ Guide to the Best Apps for Children & Teens Great Websites for Kids!

This website provides an extensive listing of parent resources which intrigued me. From this homepage, you can access the library catalog, research sites, book lists, and staff resources. – katherineking2

Best Websites for Teaching and Learning.

Moharimet Elementary School Library Media Center

American Association of School Librarians (AASL) AASL Hotlinks. Hotlinks is a monthly e-mail newsletter of the American Association of School Librarians (AASL).

AASL Hotlinks

Hotlinks is primarily composed of brief summaries with links to more in-depth content, and includes previews of upcoming association activities and continuing education programs, news from AASL, valuable Web resources, highlights of new products and services, and summaries of new articles from AASL's print and online journals and more.

This newsletter is sent to AASL members with valid e-mail addresses on file in the ALA member database (currently over 75% of our members). Additional "pass along" distribution occurs through our members, who are encouraged to share each issue with colleagues and administrators in their school and district, and AASL's state and regional affiliate organizations, which can redistribute the newsletter to their own members. Current issue of AASL Hotlinks - March 2015 Archives Read past issues of AASL Hotlinks. Access to the archives is for ALA/AASL members only. PUBYAC.

PUBYAC is the listserv for public librarians serving young adults and children. It provides subscribers the opportunity to learn and discuss about a variety of topics like collection development, outreach and literacy programs, and programming ideas. – katherineking2

Stacked. The world's largest reviewer of books, multimedia, and technology for children and teens. Teacher Librarian.

This website is a journal for school library professionals. The hot topic that is currently the featured story on this website is about educational makerspaces. Users can subscribe on the RSS feed to receive emails about updates on the website. – katherineking2 - An Open Marketplace for Original Lesson Plans and Other Teaching Resources.

This website is an open marketplace where teachers can buy, sell, and share original teaching resources. Some of the resources are free and some are for purchase only. – katherineking2

School Library Research (SLR) School Library Research (ISSN: 2165-1019) is the scholarly refereed research journal of the American Association of School Librarians.

School Library Research (SLR)

It is the successor to School Library Media Research (ISSN: 1523-4320) and School Library Media Quarterly Online. The purpose of School Library Research is to promote and publish high quality original research concerning the management, implementation, and evaluation of school library programs. The journal will also emphasize research on instructional theory, teaching methods, and critical issues relevant to school libraries and school librarians. SLR seeks to distribute major research findings worldwide through both electronic publication and linkages to substantive documents on the Internet. The primary audience for SLR includes academic scholars, school librarians, instructional specialists and other educators who strive to provide a constructive learning environment for all students and teachers. New Research Papers PublishedJune 2016 All volumes. Teaching Blog Addict: Welcome to TBA! Let's Get Started!

This one blog provides multiple networking resources for teachers. It boasts that it links to 1,000+ teacher blogs as well as 600+ pin boards. What a great way to find and share instructional ideas and resources. – katherineking2

Read about how Teaching Blog Addict got it's name and was started.

Teaching Blog Addict: Welcome to TBA!

You just may find yourself nodding in agreement and laughing over just how much you are an addict too. {You're not alone!} Join the community of teachers who enjoy having resources like the fantastic ones shared by teachers on this site. Best Teacher Resources Blog.

PowerPoint game templates and freebies are two of the exciting resources that caught my eye on this blog page. – katherineking2

The Unquiet Librarian. I rarely write posts about tech tools in recent years, but I thought I would briefly share some of my “go to” resources that have become an integral part of my work since coming to Norcross High in August of 2013.

The Unquiet Librarian

These apps and devices are essential to the work I’m doing related to teaching and learning, especially for capturing student work whether it is for archival purposes, assessment, collaborative work between classes, or to merely document learning activities and experiences in our work with teachers and students. They also help me collect qualitative data, celebrate all aspects of student learning, and interact with both students and teachers.

I’ll also share our essential non-technology oriented tools that we can’t live without here in the NHS Library Learning Studio. These tools and mediums are also helping me document the ways we and our students are using writing and composing multiple kinds of “texts” for thinking, processing, and creating in the library. Vine. Mighty Little Librarian. The Adventures of Library Girl. Dictionary Detective Worksheets for Kids. If you are looking for a fun way to teach your homeschooler how to use the dictionary you are going to love Dictionary Detective Worksheets for Kids.

Dictionary Detective Worksheets for Kids

Although Dictionary Skills can be taught whenever you like, most kids learn to use a dictionary in 2nd grade. 3rd Grade students need continued practice to refine their newly learned skill. Teach Kids How to Use a Dictionary These worksheets will help homeschool students learn about dictionaries and how to use a dictionary. There are five teaching sheets that include lots of hands on practice as kids learn aboutentry words guide words word forms syllables definition. Share Book Recommendations With Your Friends, Join Book Clubs, Answer Trivia.

Yes I like it. I like researching likely books to see what they are about and how other people found them. Enjoy – mirosan
This website provides a multitude of collaboration and networking opportunities. Everything from getting book reviews from a variety of readers to following the recommendations of friends and other library professionals to pick out your next read. I also love the books lists that are created based on genre, interest, reading level, etc. – katherineking2

AASL eCOLLAB. Skip to main content ALA User Menu Search form A Division of the American Library Association You are at: » AASL » AASL eCOLLAB.

Professional development and resources are available on this website. You may gain access to this “eLearning Laboratory” by joining AASL or subscribing to eCOLLAB. – katherineking2

TLNing - A community for teacher-librarians and other educators.

A community for teacher-librarians and other educators to connect, teach, share, and lead. This website allows you to sign up to receive RSS Feeds, participate in a discussion forum, follow Twitter feeds, and join networking groups. – katherineking2

Kathy Schrock's Kaffeeklatsch. 182 Photos on library displays, book displays and library bulletin boards.

Katie Bryant has pinned a wide variety of library lesson ideas, book lists, display ideas, and much, much more. – katherineking2

746 Images on school libraries, school librarian and librarians. A member of the Three Rivers Regional Library System. Educational Technology Guy. Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything - Home Page.

Kathy Schrock, the creator of this website, is an educational technologist. This website provides links to resources, ideas, tips, and tricks on a variety of educational technology topics like BYOD, Bloomin’ Apps, and Literacy in the Digital Age just to name a few. – katherineking2

Kathy Schrock's iPads4teaching - iPads for Teaching. Teacher Lesson Plans, Printables & Worksheets by Grade or Subject - Edudemic - Education Technology Tips For Students And Teachers.

Edudemic is a website whose mission is to connect education and technology. Thus, there are articles, tools, and trends to help educators integrate technology into their teaching. – katherineking2