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Building a buzz with book snaps - SCIS. Share with others The digital sharing aspect will depend on each school’s or student’s situation. I have read about sharing via class blogs, a class Snapchat account, a Padlet gallery, and Google Slides. A scrolling slideshow on a computer in a display area is another way of reaching a wider audience.

Or, how about a noticeboard outside the library with printed book snaps? Where can I find out more about book snaps? Teachers are also using book snaps, perhaps to share what they are learning in their own professional development. Tara M Martin, a US educator, started the book snap phenomenon and has many how-to videos on the ‘Resources’ tab of her website. St Rita’s College in Queensland have posted several book snaps on their library website and on their Instagram and Twitter accounts (@StRitasLibrary). There is a great quote, often attributed to Einstein: ‘Creativity is intelligence having fun’. Image credits. Design Your Own Digital Choice Board. This week I had the pleasure of training a group of elementary teachers on blended learning strategies.

As a group, they wanted to focus on: DifferentiationStudent choiceAssessment One of the strategies we discussed with the potential to weave these three areas of focus together is a choice board. There are several different approaches to designing a choice board, but the goal is to allow students an opportunity to select the activities they will complete to practice a skill or demonstrate understanding. The example above is a digital choice board I created using a Google Document. I encourage teachers to create their choice boards online, so they can embed images and hyperlink to additional resources or online tools.

Organizing a Choice Board The classic 9 square model is ideal for a tic-tac-toe approach to a choice board that requires students to complete any three activities in a row across the board. Below is a template for a digital choice board using Google Documents.