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Providing Surplus Food to Those in Need. JFS Newsletter No.171 (November 2016) Copyright Food Bank Kansai All Rights Reserved.

Providing Surplus Food to Those in Need

In Japan, five to eight million tons of food products are disposed of annually even though they are still fit for human consumption. The amount of this food loss is equivalent to Japan's annual rice production. Meanwhile, some people have trouble affording food because of unemployment, illness or other factors. In an effort to improve such wasteful ("mottainai" in Japanese) conditions, food banks serve as a conduit for helping those in need by providing them food that would otherwise be discarded. Food Bank Kansai, a non-profit organization based in Ashiya, Hyogo Prefecture, collects food products donated by businesses and individuals, and delivers them for free to welfare institutions and households that need them.

Food Loss in Japan One of the main causes of food loss in food-related companies has to do with date labeling, that is, methods of setting and indicating "best-before" dates. Reference: Teaching English Online: How to get started and why it’s worth considering - Toshuō. The English teaching market is massive and growing.

Teaching English Online: How to get started and why it’s worth considering - Toshuō

For a lot of people from the US, UK or commonwealth countries, it’s a great way to travel while young and experience more of the world. Online teaching is growing at an even more explosive rate—14.2% per year in Asia, 13.8% per year in Latin America. (Ambient Insight: 2011-2016 World Wide English Language Learning Market Overview) Teaching online has a few advantages over traditional classroom teaching. It’s flexible, it’s efficient and it’s also becoming the first place aspiring students look. How to Teach a Language Online & Boost Your Skills. Teaching a language isn’t easy — but it can be rewarding and a lot of fun!

How to Teach a Language Online & Boost Your Skills

No matter how many languages you speak, or which ones, there’s someone out there who wants to learn them. Online language learning is very popular, and if you’re interested in teaching, you can take advantage. There are a lot of language tutoring websites that could use your help. Not only will you help someone who wants to learn and make some money, but you’ll also sharpen your own skills as well. Here are a few you should check out. Some Pre-requisites Before you get started on your search for the best place to teach a language online, you should be aware that you’ll need to meet some prerequisites. Some of these sites require that you have some teaching training, like a certificate or a degree, while others accept those with an interest in the field. Verbalplanet italki There are two types of teachers on italki: Both groups get to set their own rates (italki takes 15% of payments).

Verbling GotIt! Learnissimo Udemy. How to Turn Your Passion into a Startup: 7 Tools to Help You Do It. Along with a desire to further control the work-life balance, passion for an industry is one of the top reasons for starting a business.

How to Turn Your Passion into a Startup: 7 Tools to Help You Do It

Whether you dream of turning your talent for baking, graphic design or programming into a full-time job, technology makes it easier than ever to transform your dream into a profitable company. These tools can help you become the next Richard Branson, who turned his love of music into Virgin Records; the next Kelley Mason, who loved baby-wearing and created her own bestselling carrier; or the next John H. Johnson, founder of Ebony and Jet magazines. Here’s how to get started: Make a Business Plan Maybe you’ve already sold a few items to friends and family, or everyone in your neighborhood thinks your idea for a new café is brilliant. Enloop (Web, $6/month and up) This website does the hard work for you. If you’re going to seek funding, you’ll need a written plan as well. Enloop allows you to create one plan with basic details for free. Find Investors. Lerne Sprachen Online. 12 Top Tips for Teaching on Skype - Lindsay Does Languages.

Teaching on Skype has quickly become a big part of my business.

12 Top Tips for Teaching on Skype - Lindsay Does Languages

It’s a valuable part too – I can go from one lesson to another without the risk that’s always there with “real life” lessons of getting stuck in traffic. This means I can teach more. Instead of one lesson 3-4 then 4.15-5.15 then 5.45-6.45, I can work from 3 straight through to 6! Giving me an extra 45 minutes to catch up on some work, teach someone else, or even finish earlier! Woop! With the likes of italki becoming bigger and more essential language learning resources by the day, teaching online is big business. Firstly, if you’re already ready to get started, you need the 3 Month to Skype Tutor Checklist.

Click below to download it now and get started right away! 1. It doesn’t matter if your laptop is old or your headset is your gaming one.