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Enjoy joy of getting discounts around year for all months January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December. You Really Don’t Need To Work So Much. Recently, the New York Times ran a front-page story about the conditions for white-collar workers at Amazon.

You Really Don’t Need To Work So Much

It revealed a workplace where abrupt firings are common, grown men and women cry at their desks, and people are scolded for not responding to e-mails after midnight. The story made clear how much things have changed in the American workforce. Once upon a time, it was taken for granted that the wealthier classes enjoyed a life of leisure on the backs of the proletariat.

Today it is people in skilled trades who can most find reasonable hours coupled with good pay; the American professional is among those subject to humiliation and driven like a beast of burden. No one thought things would be this way. Shop the best footwear and accessories at the best price with Drjays coupon 20% Italians are emotional, the Swiss are punctual: This shopping site is making billions by tailoring its services to European stereotypes. Geography is hard.

Italians are emotional, the Swiss are punctual: This shopping site is making billions by tailoring its services to European stereotypes

Even for those of us who grew up eating every meal over a Rand McNally world map placemat, there are a lot of terms to remember. And confuse. Often, it seems people may not be aware they are using a specific term incorrectly—hence the overwhelmingly positive reception to Terry Blas’s recent illustration explaining the difference between “Hispanic” and “Latino.” As such, Quartz has compiled this handy dictionary of commonly misused and mixed-up geographical terms. Never get caught confusing “Guyana” and “Guinea” again! Hispanic vs. “Hispanic” refers to anyone with ancestors originating in a Spanish-speaking country. Buy Backpacks At Cheap Prices Use Dr Jays Coupon 20% Baseball’s Last Cuban Escapees. For foreign baseball players hoping to make it in America, just about every conceivable journey — the 1,300 miles from Venezuela, the 5,000 miles from Japan, the 7,000 miles from Australia — has been easier than the 90 short miles from Cuba.

Baseball’s Last Cuban Escapees

That trip, over the last 50 years, has involved almost mythic hardships: improvised rafts, drug lords, ransoms, death threats, forgery, machine guns on the high seas. And yet the Cuban players have come, drawn by the promise of freedom, glory and outrageous capitalist paydays. Once upon a time, before Communism, the flow of players was reversed: American stars would migrate south to Cuba’s professional league during the winter in order to stay sharp and make a little extra money. In 1961, however, soon after Fidel Castro rose to power, he turned pro baseball into a highly regulated amateur league. Most of the money drained out; players were forced to play for the love of the game and the glory of the revolution. How To Get Drjays Coupon Codes.

I Confronted The Man Who Fooled Me (And Millions Of Strangers) With Diane In 7A. Dr jays coupon 20% off any order These Boots Were Made for Stalking: When Women Harass Women Online. In 2005, West Coast blogger and author Cynthia* had accumulated a number of sweet but hyperbolic followers--"the late 00s equivalent of #lifegoals commenters," she says--when one particularly effusive fan started to stand out.

These Boots Were Made for Stalking: When Women Harass Women Online

"I'm literally crying right now with jealousy," the longtime blog reader would write. "Why is your life so perfect?! " Cynthia did her best to respond these messages in supportive and kind ways. ("Aw, thanks. " "My life is just as messy as yours! ") Cynthia blocked the woman's IP address on both her blog and her Flickr, but the woman still managed to get messages through.

Women harassing other women online is no longer news. Read More: Münchausen by Internet: On Lying Online In my online circles, which consist primarily of women who are not prominent feminists (if they identify publicly as feminists at all), I've noticed a flavor of harassment different from pure vitriolic trolling, a harassment that more closely resembles old-fashioned stalking. Dr.