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Reluctant Readers

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Uncovering Your Reading Identity. Great Books for Resistant Readers in Middle School and High School. I have been on the hunt as of late for books that I can hand to one of my hardest student groups; my resistant readers. Not just reluctant readers, not just readers that may have forgotten how much they like reading, no, the students that really do not want to read and would rather fake read every single day of the year rather than actually read. These are the kids I am book hunting for.

So what are some of the books that seem to be hooking not just my reluctant readers but even my resistant ones (and almost every other reader as well)? Handed Cold Day in the Sun by Sara Biren to one of my hockey players and she could not put it down. Her word of mouth recommendation means that it is flying through the classroom, and kids who told me they hate reading are devouring it. Kids cannot believe that this is a graphic novel. “Mrs. Dear Martin by Nic Stone is one of those books that takes you by the heart and then twists it painfully. Orbiting Jupiter by Gary D. Rhyme Schemer also by K.A.