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Katalyst Technologies Inc. is a best-in-class software, products, technology services, and solutions provider. The core areas of expertise are in ERP, supply chain and logistics, engineering & manufacturing, digital & e-commerce, professional services and publishing.

Three Tips to Make Your E-Commerce Business Sustainable. E-commerce has exploded over the last year, but with it a large carbon footprint.

Three Tips to Make Your E-Commerce Business Sustainable

To stay competitive, companies have to produce more products and faster, but this has come at a cost of the environment. According to their annual sustainability report, SustainAbility found that the rapid expansion of digital commerce during 2020 has had an unprecedented impact on the planet. While customers might appreciate demand being met, the internet has educated many around the world on the horrors of mass deforestation, global warming, and pollution, leading to a cry for change.

In fact, the number of Americans that considered themselves “alarmed” about climate change nearly tripled between 2014 and 2019 according to a study done by The Yale Program on Climate Change Communication. Top 7 E-commerce Trends to Watch Out For In 2022. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, E-commerce has fully become mainstream.

Top 7 E-commerce Trends to Watch Out For In 2022

Consumers led the industry to a combined $791.70 billion gross in 2020 according to U.S. Department of Commerce statistics, and that is just including U.S. merchants. However, with the pandemic slowing down heading into 2022, the rapid growth of digital businesses will also begin to even out. Customers are already becoming more comfortable with the concept of leaving their homes, and brick-and-mortar stores will fully open up their operations. The popularity of digital commerce will not disappear overnight, but the sense of complacency many businesses have from the boom can end up being dangerous. You will need to keep on top of the latest trends to stay competitive going forward into the new year. Social Media Sales Channels. Serverless Computing Explained: Why You Should Take Your Programs to AWS. The adoption of cloud-based technology by the business world has been widely beneficial for both companies and customers alike.

Serverless Computing Explained: Why You Should Take Your Programs to AWS

The advantages are numerous, from the many resources they provide to the pay-per-use payment model that can save businesses thousands a year. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for developers and system designers. Being used to overprovisioning when dealing with an increase in service requests, a large gap between provisioning virtual machines and the CPU/memory emerged for a time in data centers.

Serverless Computing Explained: Why You Should Take Your Programs to AWS. Enhance Your Manufacturing Process With Artificial Intelligence. With the manufacturing industry digitizing a large number of their processes, a constant flow of data is continually bouncing between every computer and machine on your factory floor.

Enhance Your Manufacturing Process With Artificial Intelligence

However, with all this information going back and forth, issues are bound to occur. Devices will fail, computers will get the wrong data, and products will often be defective if these processes are not regulated. Realizing the pandemic is an opportunity to grow stronger, manufacturers are doubling down on Industry 4.0 improvements like artificial intelligence (AI) in their production lines.

Properly taking in this data, AI can transform your production process, delivering incredible outcomes for your business. Going Full Circle: How Katalyst Can Help You Add To A Circular Economy. With the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, now is a perfect time to move your business to an eco-friendly setup.

Going Full Circle: How Katalyst Can Help You Add To A Circular Economy

With the right software, modeling your company off the concept of a circular economy is a brilliant way to re-establish the resilience of your company’s supply chain logistics, all while ensuring a more sustainable setup that will help future generations. What is a circular economy? First coined in 1988, the concept of a circular economy is not a recent idea, but it was not until the early 2000’s that the model was first utilized by China to improve its industrial and environmental policies. Traditionally, most organizations followed a linear development, where you make a product, use it to solve a task, and then dispose of it. However, as the title would suggest, a circular economy is designed around reusing and recycling products to help eliminate waste, allowing the environment to regenerate. Skills to Keep an Eye Out for With Copyeditors. At Katalyst-Nova Techset, we are well aware that writing academic work can be an exhausting and time-consuming process, taking months to years to complete.

Skills to Keep an Eye Out for With Copyeditors

The last thing you want to do is read it over from top to bottom immediately after finishing the brunt of the work, which is why it is so handy to have a copy editor to reduce the workload you must deal with. From fixing simple syntax errors to merging the format of your writings following style guides, hiring a copy editor to improve the quality of your publications can take much of that weight off your shoulders. However, finding an editor to alleviate this anxiety is not as easy as Googling for freelance workers and picking the cheapest option. You need to consider many things when finding the right editor for your academic work, as the wrong choice could saddle you with even more work fixing all the inadequate edits.

Why Do You Need a Copyeditor? As a writer, you often put months or even years into composing and researching to get published in an academic journal; understandably, the first thing you want to do is send it off immediately to a publication.

Why Do You Need a Copyeditor?

However, there will always be a few grammatical and spelling errors no matter your skill level, and they can quickly build up the further you get into your work. While seemingly minor, this general lack of polish can distract the reader from your overall point, possibly even resulting in your work being rejected outright. At Nova Techset, we understand that having a reliable copyeditor is absolutely vital in academic writing. Reviewing the entirety of your work for the utmost accuracy and clarity, bringing in a copy editor after you complete the writing process can often be the make-or-break factor to get your article noticed. Revolutionize Your Warehouse With Plug-and-Produce. From their experiences during the pandemic, many businesses learned firsthand that their needed output can be wildly inconsistent, and with that, a need for change has arisen.

Revolutionize Your Warehouse With Plug-and-Produce

Thanks to the advancements in technology and automation gained from the race to Industry 4.0, companies all over the world have been thriving off the many innovations over the years. With businesses worldwide in the pursuit of Industry 4.0, it is now more important than ever to achieve a sense of interconnectedness within your operations. “Plug and Produce” products are one of these vital methods, allowing you to easily improve your output margin in a ridged industry where it is often too costly to do so. What is Plug-and-Produce? Establishing an interconnected setup between your computers, production lines, and machines is easier said than done. However, the machinery required for all of this can take up a massive amount of space and their upkeep being wildly expensive. How Can You Start it? Future-Proof Your Warehouse with CloudCelero.

Advancements in automation have helped gradually move the world towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Future-Proof Your Warehouse with CloudCelero

Nicknamed “Industry 4.0,” these improvements in how the average supply chain functions have raised the bar for what customers expect from your E-commerce business. It is more important now than ever to update your business for the future. One of the most important aspects that will get you there is a great combination of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Warehouse Management System (WMS) like CloudCelero offers. CeleroERP When it comes to starting your business on the path towards automation, there is nothing better than a good Enterprise Resource Planning software. From Personalization to Purchase: Customizing Your E-Commerce Business. Today it is not enough to just bring your business online, you must also keep a strong connection between you and your customers through excellent use of personalization.

From Personalization to Purchase: Customizing Your E-Commerce Business

An aspect physical stores cannot compete with, customizing the experience for each of your customers will set you apart from the pack in today’s crowded E-commerce landscape. Why Personalization? Traditionally in retail stores, you would be greeted by a sales associate upon entering, forming a bond of sorts with you as you go around the store and try on products. Shopping on the internet, however, is a vastly different experience, being more cold, impersonal, and done through a glowing screen in your home. Keeping Your eCommerce Store Cyber Safe. With eCommerce businesses multiplying in size, so are the possible threats that can harm both your store and customers. No matter the size, any digital commerce company is a jackpot of personal and financial data. For every solution, hackers and criminals are soon to develop another way that could irreparably damage your company and its reputation.

Today, securing your business is not just about protecting your company but the information your customers have entrusted to your company as well. How Fast Fashion Can Improve Your Supply Chain Management? As COVID-19 pushed many industries to drastically change up their supply chain systems, a significant size of the fashion world was already there. Though they faced a small drop in profits due to the pandemic, businesses worldwide that embraced fast fashion still grossed a combined total of $31.4 billion in 2020 according to Intrado and shows no sign of slowing down. Utilizing the best E-commerce web solutions, fast fashion is revitalizing and keeping the retail industry afloat during chaotic times. What is Fast Fashion? Pay-Per-Use: The Payment Model of the Future. Gone are the days of handling servers in-house or paying for expensive pieces of software! With the gradual move to digital commerce, the way customers interact with and pay for services has dramatically changed.

Subscriptions and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) models are far more convenient for customers, offering inexpensive and suitable methods to run their operations while accompanying their customers’ frequently changing needs. What is Pay-Per-Use? When it comes to expensive aspects like E-commerce software, servers, and the like, a smaller business can quickly be bled dry of money in a short amount of time. Ten Ways to Secure Your AWS Account. Proper data security is always a concern, whether your data is on-premise or on the cloud. Here are some of the best practices for securing your data on Amazon Web Services (AWS). While this list is not comprehensive, this would be a good starting point for implementing basic security on the AWS platform. The Rise of Self-Service in E-commerce. With the rise of online shopping and E-commerce in recent years, it was only a matter of time before many businesses moved towards digital commerce.

However, the sudden surge of COVID-19 delt a huge blow to brick-and-mortar businesses all over the world and in many cases serving as the final death blow. Whether they were prepared for it or not, businesses had to make the jump online to survive the pandemic, but while a functioning website with information and a shopping cart is welcome, it is far more necessary to continue your relationship with your customers. Keeping your customers happy and cared for is always vital for a business. How to Build a Resilient Supply Chain in the Age of COVID-19? ePublishing Content Management Helps Publishers Leverage e-book Distribution Service.

Digital Transformation Strategy: A Pathway To Growth Through SAP Solutions. Why You Should Integrate ERP For Accounting? Nowadays, everyone prefers to use their favorite accounting software for storing their organization’s financial data. Why You Should Integrate ERP For Accounting? Shopify: Complete Guide For E-commerce Website Development. Shopify merchants earned more than $307 combined billion in revenue worldwide in 2020. That total revenue would rival many business giants, putting Shopify as the 7th largest company income of the year more than various business giants, according to the survey by Deloitte. Digitally-Driven Supply Chain: Tips for eCommerce Businesses. Publishing Content Management System Digitizes the Role of Education Publishers. The age of E-books is upon us, and no other industry has felt its success than academic publishing. Since its inception the digital education publishing industry has been booming.

Improving Digital Presence By Leveraging Benefits Of Social Media Marketing. There are several different marketing strategies that businesses use, but there is one that consumers face every day through advertising on social media. Social media marketing spending is estimated to reach and skyrocket in the United States alone, with Statista forecasting spending to exceed $56 billion by 2022 (that's an increase of almost $10 billion dollars from 2020!). Social media critically plays a key role in connecting consumers with brands, building brand awareness, building customer relationships, and stimulating online sales.

Social networks are an integral part of any marketing strategy today, and the benefits of using social media are so great that anyone who doesn't use this cost-effective resource is missing out on a great and robust marketing chance. Enabling Growth Path for Home Decor business with Digital Marketing. Digital marketing creates a big difference in the success of any eCommerce business. When it is about taking the furniture or home decor business to the next level, you should consider digital marketing strategy as crucial. Supply Chain Solutions Ensuring Last-Mile Delivery of eCommerce Business. Using ElectronJS as Framework for Web Application Development. React SEO & it’s Optimization Practices. Why You Should Integrate ERP For Accounting? AI And ML: Transforming ERP Software & Manufacturing Operations.

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