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Katalyst Technologies Inc. is a best-in-class software, products, technology services, and solutions provider. The core areas of expertise are in ERP, supply chain and logistics, engineering & manufacturing, digital & e-commerce, professional services and publishing.

How is Headless Ecommerce a Revolutionary Shift from Traditional Ecommerce? A few decades back, when eCommerce was introduced to the world, it brought changes in the way people would do business.

How is Headless Ecommerce a Revolutionary Shift from Traditional Ecommerce?

Businesses can now be ran keeping the backend and frontend architecture separated. This new form of commerce, called Headless Ecommerce, helps companies provide top-notch services to their users with new and creative frontend sales methods. Before starting with the advantages, let us first understand what exactly is the headless ecommerce. The new online form of business decouples the frontend with the backend, giving enough space to ecommerce companies to experiment with their platforms. Figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that online sales accounted for 18.6% of all retail transactions last year. Implementing Advanced ERP for Manufacturing. As we entered a new decade, a technological upgrade is need of the hour.

Implementing Advanced ERP for Manufacturing

A modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is something manufacturing organizations should integrate for smooth operations. As businesses are becoming more complex with every passing day, you need reliable technology to manage your business functions in a centralized system. That’s where an ERP for Manufacturing comes into the picture. Manufacturers are among the earliest implementers of ERP technology. They need digital solutions to manage supply chains, production schedules, and inventory levels while maintaining the relationship between people and assets. You can’t put your customer at the center of your business if you don’t succeed in producing the product your customer wants. The Right ERP for Manufacturing is Essential: Your ERP impacts productivity, shipping, purchasing, people management, and more.

On-the-go Technology Trends Redefining Enterprise Operations. The world is going mobile, and to cater to modern-day tech requirements, your enterprise must go mobile or digital.

On-the-go Technology Trends Redefining Enterprise Operations

Digital technology has become dominant with the innovation of smart devices at the workplace. Data management, collaboration, productivity, customer experience, security, and more, enterprise mobility has catered almost all. Organizations that are not prioritizing mobility may get left behind in the competition, as the digital transformation happens across the globe. The mobile-first strategies are gaining immense traction among CEOs to leverage its benefits like secured data, easy sharing, availability, user-experience, and so on. Embracing a Sustainable Procurement Strategy. In the past few years, priorities in supply chains and procurement have shifted dramatically, from rapidly increasing sustainability in their utility grids to doubling their spend optimization.

Embracing a Sustainable Procurement Strategy

While these are short-term shifts in response to the business’s growing uncertainty, two themes remain relevant and will receive more attention in the medium and long term, sustainability and diversity. Supply chain management with procurement can no longer be ignored because their impact on businesses goes way beyond the pandemic. Key to sustainability: Sustainability is one of the crucial topics among the business leaders and is now on the agenda of every company and under increasing pressure from consumers and investors alike to track their environmental impact. To implement this program, companies need to focus on sustainable public procurement policies. Self-Serve Maintenance Structure: For better customer services in eCommerce. As the online shopping trend continues to develop, online customer service is becoming essential and turning significant to sustain in the market.

Self-Serve Maintenance Structure: For better customer services in eCommerce

However, companies are wary of accepting eCommerce because they feel they cannot offer personalized service and relationships. They always provide customers through other channels. In 2019, an estimated 1.92 billion people purchased goods or services online, and during the same year, e-retail sales surpassed 3.5 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide and as per the statista, ecommerce share of is expected to be 22% of total global sales in 2023, which clearly shows that customers are shifting towards online shopping.

Reimagine your Supply Chain with Blockchain - Katalyst Technologies. Blockchain is among the most versatile and flexible technologies that have been developed in this lifetime.

Reimagine your Supply Chain with Blockchain - Katalyst Technologies

This technology type can be used for a wide variety of applications and solutions in various industries. Although blockchain is hugely popular in the financial industry and fueled the rise of cryptocurrency, it has also made great strides in other industries. One of the industries greatly affected’ is the supply chain industry. Using blockchain in conjunction with a global supply chain management system can tremendously help this sector. Here is how the blockchain helps packagers enhance and improve the supply chain industry: 1. Blockchain’s use in the industry can be considered difficult to implement or impractical. Digital Transformation: Pitfalls Every Organization Should Avoid - Katalyst Technologies. Every business today is transforming into a technology-forward company.

Digital Transformation: Pitfalls Every Organization Should Avoid - Katalyst Technologies

Companies are integrating digital technology into their core value creation process. It is the tough time for businesses for all sizes due to COVID-19 pandemic and digital transformation is need of the hour. Amazon Connect for Remote Contact Centers. Remote work is here to stay.

Amazon Connect for Remote Contact Centers

Prior to COVID-19, just 3.4% of the American workforce worked primarily remotely. When the pandemic hit and more Americans got a taste of working from home, they liked it—54% say they’d like to work primarily remote, and a whopping 99% would like to be able to work remotely at least some of the time. Those who work primarily remote report being 22% happier in their jobs. Employers too are reaping the benefits of the new normal, as it can cost upwards of $2,000 per employee to keep them on site. With numbers like that, it’s no wonder that businesses are accelerating cloud adoption plans. ERP Solutions for eCommerce: A Made For Each Other Integration. Are you a retailer?

ERP Solutions for eCommerce: A Made For Each Other Integration

Is your brand recognized online? If you are a retailer hitting in the dark with a conventional brick and mortar business model, you need to sync with the latest technology drive. You need to bring your retail business online, and the reason is a new generation's online shopping habits. According to Statista, some of the top global eCommerce regional markets such as Asia, North America, Europe, Australia, MEA, and South America have witnessed multifold growth, building a sustainable and flourishing billion-dollar industry.

These success figures depict the operational efficiency of industry players. B2B Or B2C Magento Benefits Every Ecommerce Store Online1. B2B Or B2C: Magento Benefits Every eCommerce Store Online - Katalyst. The last two quarters have been the most challenging period for conventional businesses that believe in a one-way business model.

B2B Or B2C: Magento Benefits Every eCommerce Store Online - Katalyst

However, some businesses came up with a hybrid way of mitigating these complexities that occurred due to the spread of the COVID-19. Be it B2C or B2B, every business model took the support of digitization. As predicted, eCommerce is becoming the go-to business model for a lot of companies. And rightfully so. Making your online presence optimized increases the ratio of potential customers and buyers. How Digitization Enabled Tactics Can Transform Your Ecommerce Venture. The digital transformation is a frightening reality that is about to dominate the entire e-commerce sector. Each sector is subject to impending digital disruptions. Believe it or not, digitization is the primary driver of higher revenues and profits. Digitization is not just about reshaping the business.

It introduces a new mindset to hierarchies, networks instead of silos, pace correctly, and leverage customer learning. ServiceNow Innovation Ensures Workforce Safety With Workplace Suite. We care deeply about our people. Empathy and consideration are ServiceNow's core values, as are many other companies around the world. COVID-19's impact on individuals and families does not diminish or disappear when we return to our workplaces. Some employees might not return to work in the future due to their circumstances. Our efforts to return to work include two priority areas. The first, team preparation, means that we find our employees where they are, with empathy and compassion, given their circumstances as a result of COVID-19.

ServiceNow recently launched four apps for the Safe Workplace Suite, based on real-time feedback around the world, as they continue to return to workplace planning and activation. The New Challenges for Supply Chains – and How to Solve Them - Katalyst. Let‘s take a brief survey: how much has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your organization?

A) DrasticallyB) MajorlyC) GreatlyD) All of the above No business has escaped the impact of coronavirus, especially those that rely on supply chains—physical or otherwise. Many products and services suffer from low demand, such as cars and hotels. Order Management Systems for E-commerce - Katalyst. Katalyst Technologies recently reported on the rise of e-commerce as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the sheer extent of the surge has surprised even us. According to Adobe and Forbes, these past few months have escalated industry growth an estimated four to six years. The $82.5 billion spent online in May marked a 77% increase over last year, with the state of Connecticut seeing a whopping 99% boost.

On the downside, however, with more e-commerce sales come more dissatisfied customers. 25% of people who have shopped online in the last three months say that they’ve had a negative experience. Clearly, there is room for improvement. A better order management system (OMS) such as Celero could be just what your organization needs. How Katalyst's Pick Path Algorithm Can Boost Your Buy Online Pickup In Store Outlook  - Katalyst. As COVID-19-related restrictions begin lifting, and more retailers open their doors, customers are excited yet cautious. Just as grocery store trips have become less casual and more deliberate, consumers will likely want to maximize their time in retail outlets so that they can quickly purchase products and leave. It‘s also probable that stores will enact time limits as a result of reduced capacity while social distancing measures remain in place.

One solution that has been gaining traction of late is BOPIS—buy online, pickup in store. Though chains like Walmart and Target have leveraged BOPIS for years, the practice is picking up steam. During the pandemic, BOPIS has seen a 62% rise. Building Customer Loyalty: The Katalyst Way - Katalyst. Katalyst Technologies Launches New and Improved Celero 2.0. EVANSTON, Ill., June 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Katalyst Technologies Inc. is proud to announce the launch of Celero 2.0 to assist your organization with its ERP needs. Celero has long been one of Katalyst's signature products, beloved by clients for its high level of customization and advanced data analytics capabilities. Now, Celero is better than ever before and is ready to meet the supply chain challenges of the modern warehouse, especially those in the apparel and fashion industry.

Katalyst Technologies Inc. Launches Sales Katalyst For Enhanced B2B Customer Experience. EVANSTON, Ill., June 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Katalyst Technologies Inc., a leader in catalyzing digital transformation for enterprises, today announced the launch of Sales Katalyst, a comprehensive solution for ecommerce businesses enabling them to integrate with any ERP system seamlessly. The solution will be a breakthrough to retail firms seeking a user-friendly platform to meet the needs of sales teams while feeding them real-time data.

Scaled Agile Framework - The Professional Sandbox - Katalyst. Katalyst has previously explored the value of the Agile mindset, both in and outside of IT. Scaled Agile Framework2. Supply Chain Management and Additive Manufacturing: A Thriving Blend. Even the most influential supply chain has some weak joints. Perhaps yours is focused on the upstream, with small manufacturers dealing with quality control issues, or downstream, with retailers struggling to make products available to customers on time. In either case, you can strengthen these belts or forge alternatives using additive manufacturing. The Importance of the Interface: Creating an Appealing App - Katalyst. Creating a Data-Driven Business: The Rise of Advanced Analytics - Katalyst. Katalyst Partner SAP Offers Free Solutions for Remote Workers - Katalyst.

Ready for some positive news about the coronavirus? Dr. Let's Talk About Chatbots - The New Customer Service - Katalyst. Chatbots have come a long way since the natural language processing program ELIZA debuted over 50 years ago. Designed to simulate a psychotherapist, ELIZA was soon followed by PARRY, a program inexplicably modeled after a schizophrenic, and the eventual, inevitable “CyberLover” bot that flirts its way into stealing identities.

(Hey, we get it. Sometimes swiping on Bumble gets tedious.) Somewhere in between falls the customer service chatbot, a simple yet effective piece of AI that delivers convenience for companies and consumers alike. Advantages of Hybrid Cloud Computing over Public and Private Clouds - Katalyst. As they say, we should always move towards betterment. Dial O for Operator - Katalyst. Warehouse Management Solutions: Making Inventories Smart. Mobile Cloud Computing: Are You Future-Ready? Adapting to a Work From Home Strategy – Maximizing Disruption - Katalyst. Big Data: On the Front Lines of the Data Battleground - Katalyst. Katalyst's Engineering Flex: Innovative Solutions for Less - Katalyst. Email Marketing: The How and the Why - Katalyst. How 5G will Enrich the Enterprise Applications?

An attractive opportunity for Businesses - Cloud-Native Architecture - Katalyst. RPA For All - Katalyst. Offer Hyper-Personalization with Amazon Personalize - Katalyst. Why You Should Prefer Customized ERP Solutions for Your Business? Make Your Ecommerce Business Digitally Competent To Combat Covid-19. Why Corona Pandemic Has Forced Global Retailers To Revamp Supply Chains? Blockchain And ERP Fusion: Futuristic Approach For Business Planning. Don't Fall for Phishing: How to Spot a Scam - Katalyst. Technologies Set To Transform Retailer’s Way Of Doing Business. Understanding Contemporary Enterprise Applications - Katalyst. ERP Trends ought to Shape the Future of Enterprises. Agile Beyond IT: Day 1,001 is Here - Katalyst. Blockchain: The Never-Ending Story - Katalyst.

Best Practices for Fashion Retailers in 2020 - Offer an Elevated Omnichannel Experience. Customization and Personalization: Key Trends Fashion Retailers Must Watch. Katalyst’s Pick Path Optimization Algorithm. Future of Fashion Lies with Technology. Testing, Testing: Evaluating an App. Top Ecommerce Website Design Trends for 2020. The Magic of Metrics: Warehouse Metrics Are Crucial To Your Business. Here’s Why! RPA is A-OK - Katalyst. Blockchain: Empowering Manufacturing In 2020. Blockchain: Empowering Manufacturing In 2020. Gone Phishing: The Increasing Threat of Scam Emails. 6 Ways to Maintain Warehouse Inventory Management. Predictive Maintenance for Supply Chain Success - Katalyst Technologies.

Digital Transformation in 2020: 5 Pro Tips to Ensure Success. The Trouble With Tariffs - Katalyst Technologies. 5 Best Practices to Follow Before Integrating ERP with Magento in 2020. Destination: Automation - Katalyst Technologies. Why will Professional Services Organizations (PSOs) be in demand in 2020? How to Create a Successful Online Store. The Final Frontier: Prescriptive Analytics. 2020s Best Warehouse Management Software: Buyers’ Guide. Retail Trends to Watch in 2020. Embracing the Era of Edge Computing in Retail. Quality Assurance in the Supply Chain - Katalyst Technologies. The Green Supply Chain - Katalyst Technologies. How will Augmented Reality Define the Future of eCommerce? Cybersecurity: The Threat Against Data. The Agile Approach - Katalyst Technologies. Digital Transformation Without Complication.

The Journey to Data-Driven - Katalyst Technologies. Data Science in 2020 - Katalyst Technologies. How Enterprises Use Blockchain for Business Processes? Cybersecurity: The Fundamentals of Data Security. Get Ready to take your Ecommerce Business to Cloud in 2020. 3 Must-have Features of Ecommerce Websites in 2020. How Innovative Tech Can Reshape Retail in the Future: NRF 2020 Insights.

Lean Mobile App Development Lifecycle for Agile Businesses in 2020. PWAs: The Best of Both Worlds. Get your Business Ready for Cross-border Ecommerce in 2020. Embrace the Era of Edge Computing in Digital Commerce. Experiential Retail: It’s What’s in Store. Why is Integrated Ecommerce Crucial for Retail Success in 2020? How Labor Management Systems (LMS) Improve Warehouse Productivity.

2020 is Perfect to Grow your Custom Apparel Online Business. Everything You Should Know Before Choosing WMS System. How To Optimize Your Warehouse Put-Away Process. 8 Tips For Going Paperless at Work. The Paperless Supply Chain. Warehouse Robots Come of Age. Leveraging Digital Technology to Maximize Operational Efficiency.

Supply Chain 2020 Vision - Part 3: The Future is Now. Supply Chain 2020 Vision - Part 2: Around the World and Around the Block.