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Seputar informasi yang memperluas wawasan, kecerdasan, dan pengetahuan seputar dunia menjadi semakin tajam.

Important Benefits of Meditation to Reduce Stress to Be Happier. DUNIAKANA – Important Benefits of Meditation, In an era like the current pandemic, managing time and mind management must be done properly.

Important Benefits of Meditation to Reduce Stress to Be Happier

If not, stress will hit more and more often. In fact, stress can have a negative impact on your career and make time management poor and lack of focus. When you are tired, work is not optimal. Understand More About the Characteristics of Indigo Children. – It is interesting to know the characteristics of indigo children as adults.

Understand More About the Characteristics of Indigo Children

Indigo children are a term used to describe children who are believed to have special, unusual and even supernatural abilities or traits, and have logical thoughts beyond the thinking of children in general. Recently, indigo children have become a new phenomenon in child development. The concept of indigo children has actually emerged since the 1970s. This concept continues to grow and increasingly attracts the general public, especially parents. The characteristics of indigo children as adults can be seen from their behavior and habits. Israel Bombards Lebanon After Rocket Attack - KATAKITA.INFO.

KATAKITA.INFO – The Israeli military said they were bombarding southern Lebanon Tuesday morning, after two rockets were fired from Lebanese territory into Israeli territory.

Israel Bombards Lebanon After Rocket Attack - KATAKITA.INFO

Israeli forces said in a statement that their air defenses intercepted one of the rockets, and a second fell in an open area. No injuries or damage were reported. Bachelet Calls for Transformative Change to End Systemic Racism. KATAKITA.INFO – Systemic Racism, United Nations human rights chief Michelle Bachelet called for concrete action and steps to end systemic racism and racial violence against Africans and people of African descent.

Bachelet Calls for Transformative Change to End Systemic Racism

The High Commissioner has presented a series of recommendations to address the issue in a report to the UN Human Rights Council. The report was mandated by the Human Rights Council a year ago after the murder of an African-American George Floyd while in police custody, in the US state of Minnesota. Visit the 3 Most Historic Lighthouses in Indonesia - DUNIAKANA. DUNIAKANA – Most Historic Lighthouses, A lighthouse is a tower building that serves to assist ship navigation.

Visit the 3 Most Historic Lighthouses in Indonesia - DUNIAKANA

Usually, at the top of the lighthouse there is a light source, ranging from lamps and lenses. In ancient times, even the source of light could come from fire. Along with increasingly sophisticated technology, navigation of ships has now been assisted by GPS. 2 Indonesian Films Participate in the BIFAN Film Festival in South Korea. DUNIAKANA – BIFAN Film Festival, The Indonesian film industry has again demonstrated its capabilities in the international arena.

2 Indonesian Films Participate in the BIFAN Film Festival in South Korea

The public certainly still remembers the animated film by the nation’s children, namely Nussa, which premiered at the 25th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival or BIFAN 2021 approximately one month ago. In fact, it’s not just Nussa, there are two other films by well-known Indonesian directors who participated in the premiere at the event, namely the thriller genre film Paranoia by Riri Riza, and the horror film Death Knot which has another title Tali Mati–in the Indonesian version- – by Cornelio Sunny. BIFAN is one of the most highly regarded international film festival events. Entering its 25th year of implementation, this time it will take place from 8-18 July 2021 with the theme “Stay Strange”.

It was stated that there were as many as 257 films from 47 countries including Indonesia. Mexico Established First Maradona Church - DUNIAKANA. DUNIAKANA – Mexico established first Maradona chruch, The late Diego Maradona was often dubbed the “God of Football”.

Mexico Established First Maradona Church - DUNIAKANA

It is not surprising that then a number of churches have appeared that have glorified the name of the legendary Argentine footballer, and included the fragrance of his name. In Mexico, a number of devotees of Maradona also recently inaugurated the country’s first Maradona Church. Recognize the Symptoms of Social Anxiety Disorder in Children. DUNIAKANA – Social Anxiety Disorder, Keeping children’s mental health optimal is one of the things that parents need to do so that their child’s growth and development can run well.

Recognize the Symptoms of Social Anxiety Disorder in Children

Not only adults, in fact children can experience various mental health disorders, one of which is social anxiety disorder. Parents should know more about this condition so that the disorders experienced by children can be handled properly. Adventure to the Beach and Mountains on Lingga Island, Riau Archipelago. DUNIAKANA – Lingga Island is one of the provinces in Indonesia which has many groups of islands with amazing natural attractions.

Adventure to the Beach and Mountains on Lingga Island, Riau Archipelago

Some of the famous big islands include Batam, Bintan, Kundur, Karimun, Rempang, Galang, and Combol. Ever heard of Lingga Island? It is located in the south of the Riau Islands and east of the island of Sumatra. The island is mostly inhabited by ethnic Malays, Bugis, and Chinese. The name may still seem foreign, but there are various tourist attractions that are no less beautiful than other islands in the Riau Island. Torosiaje Village, Village Above the Sea where the Bajo Tribe Live. DUNIAKANA – Torosiaje Village, Planning a vacation in the country will never be boring.

Torosiaje Village, Village Above the Sea where the Bajo Tribe Live

Because there are many places to explore in Indonesia. From Sabang to Merauke, there are many interesting tourist places to visit, from beaches, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, historical buildings, to urban areas with their own charms. However, if you want to have a vacation with a different feel, try visiting unique villages in Indonesia. For example, such as Torosiaje Village which is built on the sea. Exploring 4 Tourist Villages in Nusa Tenggara Barat. DUNIAKANA – Tourist Villages in Nusa Tenggara Barat is one of the provinces in Indonesia that is blessed with amazing natural attractions.

Call it the names of Lombok, Gili Trawangan, Moyo Island, Tanjung Aan Beach, Mandalika, to the famous Mount Rinjani. In addition to the popular tourist destinations above, NTB also has various tourist villages that are no less interesting to visit. Indonesia surpasses India as Asia's Covid-19 Epicenter. DUNIAKANA – Asia’s Covid-19 Epicenter, Indonesia is said to have surpassed India as the new epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in Asia, with daily infections exceeding 40,000 for two consecutive days. This shows that the corona virus attack has not shown any signs of abating in the country.

Reporting from Nikkei Asia, Indonesian officials have warned that the delta variant has spread beyond Java, Indonesia’s most populous island. The country with the largest population in Southeast Asia, reported 47,899 new infections. This is the highest record of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia. The day before, as many as 40,427 people were infected with the corona virus. Bees Troubled Indonesian Society and Agriculture - DUNIAKANA. DUNIAKANA – Bees Troubled Indonesian Society and Agriculture, Changes in landscape and climate have an impact on the decline in pollinator populations including forest bees in Indonesia. The West Nusa Tenggara Environment and Forestry Service (LHK) noted that critical land outside forest areas increased to around 578 thousand hectares in 2018.

The expansion of the corn crop is troubling the community on Sumbawa Island, said Julmansyah, chairman of the Sumbawa Forest Honey Network (JMHS) to DUNIAKANA. JMHS is an organization that focuses on developing forest honey in Indonesia. “The changing weather in West Kalimantan and the intensification of agriculture in Sumbawa are considered to threaten the sustainability of pollinators, including Indonesian forest bees. Guide to Self-Isolation at Home for Covid-19 Positive Patients. DUNIAKANA – Guide to Self-Isolation at Home for Covid-19 Positive Patients.

It’s been about a year and a half, the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia is still not over. According to data from, as of July 10, 2021, positive cases in Indonesia reached 2,491,006, with 2,052,109 recoveries, and 65,457 deaths. Every day, thousands of people are infected with Covid-19 and have to undergo treatment in various isolation places provided.

However, there are also those who choose to self-isolate (isoman) at home. 3 Million Doses of Moderna Vaccine Arrives in Indonesia. DUNIAKANA – Three million doses of Moderna vaccine from the US government arrived in Jakarta. Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi, Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin, American Ambassador to Indonesia Sung Y. Kim and representatives from UNICEF witnessed the virtual arrival of the vaccine at Soekarno-Hatta airport in Jakarta. Retno Marsudi and Budi Gunadi Sadikin, representing the government, both expressed their gratitude for the delivery of 3,000,060 Moderna vaccine which are the result of international cooperation support from the US government through the COVAX mechanism. Getting to Know Indonesia's 10 Generations Palapa Satellites. Cannes Film Festival Challenges During a Pandemic. 10 Strongest Military Countries in Asia 2021 - DUNIAKANA.

The Reason Why You Have a Hard Time Forgetting Your First Love. 5 Indonesian Ancestral Religions Are Evidence of Diversity. Gvasalia Creates a Unique Collection for Balenciaga. German Researchers Find World's Oldest Artwork - DUNIAKANA. The Pandemic Makes Cosmetic Surgery in South Korea Sold Out. Youn Yuh-jung, First South Korean Actress to Win an Oscar. Australian Researchers Worried About the Impact Covid-19 on Mental Health. South Korean Women Stand Against The Demands of Beauty Standards. Indonesia Receives Japan Donation AstraZeneca Vaccines. Sinovac Vaccine Less Effective, But Other Options Are Limited. Pediatricians in the US remain vigilant against Covid-19. Millennial Grandmothers Become Popular Influencers in South Korea. Baby Rarely Cry, is that Normal? Here are 6 Reasons, Moms. Natural Mough Medicine That is Safe for Pregnant Women to Consume. This is the Cause of Nipple Pain When Touched - DUNIAKANA.

Safe Sex Positions for Pregnant Women - DUNIAKANA. 5 Facts about Neuroblastoma, Nerve Cancer Cells in Children. Beware of the Causes of Excess White Blood Cells or Leukocytosis. The Importance of Fertility Checks in Men - DUNIAKANA. What is Sexism and Examples in Daily Life - DUNIAKANA. History of Ivermectin The Best Antiparasitic Drug in the World. MEGHAN MARKLE, Dive into the World of Children's Books. International Human Rights, Afghan Women's Rights Still Gloomy. SEX Education, 5 Benefits of Having Sex in the Morning.

Fight Insecure, Ayu Gani Expresses Herself With Short Hair. Ayu Gani Breaks the Stigma Short Haired Women - DUNIAKANA. AstraZeneca Vaccine Suspected to Cause Facial Swelling. Indonesia Prioritizes Covid-19 Vaccination for Vulnerable Communities. Can You Having Sex During Menstruation? Here's DUNIAKANA's review. Local Fashion, Major Minor Develops Sustainability Brand. Indonesian Accessory Designer Becomes Rinaldy A. Yunardi's Foundation. 5 Nickel Treasure Locations in Indonesia - DUNIAKANACOM. Cuba, a Country Full of Contradictions - DUNIAKANA. Albania Taught us a Lot About Hospitality - DUNIAKANA. Malala Yousafzai, Inspirational Hope - DUNIAKANACOM. Maintaining Practical Skin Health with the Intake of Collagen Drinks. Fundamental Problems of Children and Families. Touching the New Face of, La Furia Roja - DUNIAKANACOM.

40 Best Tourist Destinations of Indonesian - DUNIAKANACOM. What is Glomerulonephritis? Causes, Symptoms and How To Treat. Discussion on Intellectual Property Rights for Corona Vaccines. Indonesian Journalists, Learn from The Straits Times Experience. Tips Managing Finances for Teens - DUNIAKANACOM. Look Beautiful Every Time with LED Light Spectrum Technology. Maintaining Practical Skin Health with the Intake of Collagen Drinks. Duniakana. Indonesia's Child Mortality Rate Due to Covid-19 is the World's Highest.

Social-Political Recoordination of Post-Covid-19 Recovery. It's Important to Maintain Body Immunity with Quality Sleep. Healthy Lifestyle By Eating Vegetables - DUNIAKANACOM. Getting to Know Traditional Bali Music - DUNIAKANACOM. About a European Country That Loves Sadness - DUNIAKANACOM. Indonesian Traditional Harmonic Musical Instrument - DUNIAKANA. 48 Indonesian Culinary Food What You Must Know - DUNIAKANACOM. THE WORLD TRAVEL, Sensation of the Beauty of Rangko Cave. 6 Ways to Consume Green Tea for Weight Loss. Yang Harus Dilalui Dalam Tahapan Perkembangan Berbicara Anak. 30 Names of World Female Artists - DUNIAKANACOM. 34 Indonesian Traditional Musical Instruments and How To Play Them.

Female Painter in World Art History - DUNIAKANACOM. Tips to Avoid Gestational Diabetes - DUNIAKANA. Get to know Intuitive Parenting, Alternative Parenting in the Digital Age. Vitamin D, Why Do Children Need Calcium? 4 Ways to Develop Your Little One's Imagination and Creativity. UME ASIA, Make Home Atmosphere More Homey With This Product. Beberapa Jenis Candle Aroma Terapi Terbaik Indonesia. Apa itu Ruam Popok? Berikut Perhatian Ibu Dalam Memilih Produk Perawatan Kulit Bayi. Bagaimana Cara Menghilangkan Hemangioma? - DUNIAKANA. Gejala Pasca Kehamilan Yang Umum Terjadi - DUNIAKANA. Pentingnya Vaksin Bagi Bayi, 1 Suntikan Mencegah 5 Penyakit Sekaligus. Scented Candles Are Dangerous To Fertility? Here are 5 Alternatives. Smart Choosing Supplements to Increase Body Immunity.

What to Watch Out For When Pregnant Stomach Pain. 8 Ways to Lull a Baby Without Being Carried - DUNIAKANA. Jawaban Psikolog Anak, Beberapa Kebiasaan Aneh Anak. UME ASIA, Make Home Atmosphere More Homey With This Product. DUNIAKANA - Taman Baca DUNIAKANA Seputar Informasi Edukatif Dan Inspiratif. Thinking Effectively in Making a Difference - DUNIAKANA. 5 Element Method of Effective Thinking - DUNIAKANA. You Must Know, the Bad Effects of Drinking Unclean Water. NIRMANA, Explanation of Art and Design Elements. Forest Fire, Disaster or Plans.