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Passé Présent - Émission spéciale Winston Churchill (première partie) Nos articles - Editions Delacroix LIESI. Nouvelle destruction de cette page le 25 décembre.

Nos articles - Editions Delacroix LIESI

C'est donc la troisième fois depuis le mois de juin... 7 janvier 2016 - Le nouveau président américain se fait plaisir en menaçant les groupes industriels du Dow Jones de taxes/sanctions massives s’ils délocalisent ou s’ils ne ramènent pas du travail à « la maison ». Cela plaît et ne peut que marcher. Des études publiées montrent un espoir jamais atteint depuis l’élection de B. Obama en 2008. Le dollar vient d’atteindre un point haut de 14 ans… Quelques voix discordantes affirment que la présidence Trump sera très rapidement confrontée « à de très graves problèmes économiques dès les premiers mois de sa présidence ». Que dire de UBER qui annonce une perte étonnante de 800 millions de dollars au troisième trimestre ?

Si l’électeur se satisfait, avec raison, de ces mesures, rappelant la manière de procéder de V. Bien sûr, ces commentaires doivent favoriser le billet vert, exactement comme le Banquier anonyme l’avait confié en juin 2014. II. International Spy Museum. Bibliothèques numériques. Literature, Language & Linguistics. Welcome to the central page for Routledge Literature, Language & Linguistics, where you'll find the latest news, features, calls for papers and curated article collections from across our list of market-leading journals.

Literature, Language & Linguistics

Explore the Literature, Language & Linguistics portfolio, or click the links below to discover our latest content. Journal Information Explore the pages listed below for journal-specific news, anniversaries, events, prizes, and special content collections. The 50 Most Influential Living Philosophers. When we hear the word “philosopher,” we tend to think of Ancient Greeks like Socrates or Plato, or perhaps the Frenchman René Descartes, or maybe infamous Germans like Karl Marx or Friedrich Nietzsche.

The 50 Most Influential Living Philosophers

Influential philosophers thus seem to populate the past. But are there any important philosophers living in the world today? We can thank philosophers, both past and present, for a number of our deeply held beliefs. These beliefs dictate how we understand and involve ourselves in the world. Sefaria: a Living Library of Jewish Texts Online. Bibliothèque Scientifique Numérique. OpenEdition Books. 3 Psychology Experiments That Will Surprise You. Pick up any self-help book and one of the tips you'll likely find is to visualize your success if you want to achieve your goals.

3 Psychology Experiments That Will Surprise You

It turns out that this advice is actually counterproductive. A 2011 study that appeared in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology found that visualizing success is not just ineffective - it actually increases your chances of failure. The researchers found that engaging in positive fantasies, or imagining a desired future, resulted in less energy than negative or neutral fantasies. The results, the authors of the study suggest, indicate that engaging in this positive visualization actually decreases the amount of energy people have to pursue the desired goal. Invitation to World Literature. Mystery of the Hebrew Language. The beginning of language on earth can be traced back to John 1:1, which states: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Mystery of the Hebrew Language

(NRSV) When Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden, God revealed to them the basic structure of the original language. At that time man lacked direct experience, so he needed to be taught how to think and function in order to deal with his environment. The Suttas. Click on to listen to a reading.

The Suttas

Right-click (Windows) or control-click (Macintosh) to download to your hard disk. From the Majjhima Nikaya: MN 10: Satipatthana Sutta — The Four Establishments of Mindfulness The Buddha's comprehensive practical instructions on the development of mindfulness as the basis for insight. Listen to this sutta read by Sally Clough (27'47" 9.4 MB) Contents: The Lotus Sutra. Other ways to say... Other ways to say... Download Hundreds of 19th-Century Japanese Woodblock Prints by Masters of the Tradition. We recently featured hundreds of Van Gogh’s paintings, sketches, and letters downloadable from Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum.

Download Hundreds of 19th-Century Japanese Woodblock Prints by Masters of the Tradition

Principaux courants et théories économiques (Le Monde diplomatique, juillet 2015) Homepage. Free literature - Home & Links. Country information. The Great Language Game. Symbolic Interaction (Journal) Blog. Cold War Events. About this Collection - Country Studies. Contains the electronic versions of 80 books previously published in hard copy as part of the Country Studies Series by the Federal Research Division.

About this Collection - Country Studies

Intended for a general audience, books in the series present a description and analysis of the historical setting and the social, economic, political, and national security systems and institutions of select countries throughout the world. Most books in the series deal with a single foreign country, but a few cover several countries or a geographic region. The series includes several books on countries that no longer exist in their original configuration—such as Czechoslovakia, East Germany, the Soviet Union, Sudan, and Yugoslavia. General Education – World Civilizations: Resources. Exploring world civilizations isn't limited to the classroom.

General Education – World Civilizations: Resources

Try some of these additional resources! World Civilizations learning modules The following modules were developed by WSU's World Civilizations faculty ,,, "What is Culture?