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Kassem Mohamad Ajami

Kassem Mohamad Ajami is a famous business tycoon in steel industry Nigeria. In 2005 he had found Saba Steel industrial in Nigeria & MetalBerg at Lagos. He provides best solutions to their client regarding design & supply of steel structure. He believes in team work and with their strategic plans and his leading qualities made him Superior leader.

Kassem Mohamad Ajami Starting a New Venture IronBerg. Lagos, Nigeria Mar 22, 2021 ( - Are you in a search of big industry, from where you can buy hot rolled to cold rolled steel and hot rolled spiral steel ARC welding pipes?

Kassem Mohamad Ajami Starting a New Venture IronBerg

Do you want to make a purchase of both these two products under your budget? Want to experience hassle-free service to be done in a limited time? Then believe us, Kassem Mohamad Ajami’s Ironberg will be the better option for you. As here you can buy hot rolled to cold rolled steel or hot rolled spiral steel ARC welding pipes in a higher quantity or even in lower quantity in a very pocket-friendly way. Let me inform you, that Kassem Mohamad Ajami has started a new venture called Ironberg, and to be honest since they entered this industry of delivering both these steel products in the markets, their customers around Nigeria or all over the world are loving their services and prices as well.

Online presence Let me tell you, apart from being an offline venture they are available online as well. Convenience. Difference Between And Hot Rolled Plates & Hot Rolled Sheets - Kassem Mohamad Ajami. Key factors of MILD STEEL ROLLED PRODUCTS. WHY INTROVERTS PERSONS COULD MAKE BETTER ENTREPRENEURS – KASSEM MOHAMAD AJAMI NIGERIA. KEY FACTORS OF MILD STEEL ROLLED PRODUCTS – KASSEM MOHAMAD AJAMI. POSSIBLE INITIATIVES TO PROTECT SMALL BUSINESSES AND STARTUP – KASSEM MOHAMAD AJAMI. Regularly maintaining an organization afloat in tough financial opportunities is really hard and likewise the coronavirus pandemic possesses very most definitely roiled the waters on which supervisors need to set sail.


HOW TO KNOW WHEN THAT BUSINESS IDEA IS GOOD ENOUGH TO PURSUE? KASSEM MOHAMAD AJAMI. You have actually got to the point of delivering a would-be buyer into the exact same space to hear your pitch, therefore do not enter the discussion underprepared.


It is actually no simple accomplishment to get in front of a potential customer, thus do not squander their opportunity and all yours with a verbose, monotonous sales pitch that isn’t pertinent as well as claims little bit of to nothing at all whatsoever. KASSEM AJAMI NIGERIA – HOW STEEL IS A GOOD TEAM PLAYER FOR INDISPENSABLE CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL? HOW KNOWLEDGE AND MOTIVATION BOOST ENTREPRENEUR DREAMS - Kassem Mohamad Ajami. Kassem Mohamad Ajami - HOW TO KNOW WHEN THAT BUSINESS IDEA IS GOOD ENOUGH TO PURSUE? How to know when that Business Idea is good enough to Pursue? Kassem Ajami. EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO KNOW – BENDING AND LASER CUTTING - Kassem Ajami. EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO KNOW – BENDING AND LASER CUTTING - Kassem Ajami.

WHY STEEL IS STILL USED IN MODERN CONSTRUCTION - Kassem Mohamad Ajami. Everything you want to know - Bending and laser Cutting. Industrial production has come a very long way because the rock grows older.

Everything you want to know - Bending and laser Cutting

In contemporaries, companies are using a collection of slab metallic reducing devices to generate prototypes as well as items. Along with its own growing attraction, laser cutting has become extra available to several makers. Once only offered for high-end firms with deep pockets, any kind of supplier can easily obtain their hands on this ever-growing method. What do you understand with the laser cutting process? It’s a sort of modern technology that uses a centered beam of light to traverse different sort of metallic. This cutter is hooked up to CNC (Computer Numerical Control) equipment. Types of Laser cutting As required for the various industrial products, laser cutting categorized into three major different category which is: Carbon Dioxide, Neodymium yttrium-aluminum-garnet, and the Neodymium.

7 Outstanding ways to market your business online. Our nascent fascination with hunt contains back to the world wide web’s earliest days when protocols failed to reign supreme.

7 Outstanding ways to market your business online

Back then, it was actually much less complex to be found on the internet. It failed to need all of the technical knowledge, width and understanding of thousands of ranking consider order to become found out relevantly in an on the web search. No, at that time it was actually much easier. 7 Outstanding ways to market your business online.

How to create a perfect idea to business growth. Permit’s face it.

How to create a perfect idea to business growth

Sizing your organization is hard. It takes substantial initiative. At first, it indicates using various hats. It suggests handling purchases and also marketing. It indicates recognizing tax obligations and also company observance. Few ideas that help you to grow your business Besides the reality is, if you launch into, crystals clear your thoughts, and also merely examine points in point of view, you may easily identify means you can grow your organization and create additional cash swiftly. Global Advanced High Strength Steel Market 2019-2023. At present, the epidemic and pandemic COVID-19 virus change everything around the world.

Global Advanced High Strength Steel Market 2019-2023

This virus has made a full shutdown and lockdown in the world which leads industries to the loss of millions of dollars. Apart from this, before this pandemic epidemic situation of the world, the research said that the advanced high strength steel market to grow at a CAGR of around 13 percent from 2019 through 2023. The major reason for this is that material is used and adopted by the construction industry for making the structure more durable and strong. 8 Proven strategies to increase employee productivity. Any organization or business owner desires their employees to be efficient and as productive as possible.

8 Proven strategies to increase employee productivity

When it comes to the business, greater efficiency or productivity implies more worth per buck invested in wages. 10 tips for naming your Startup business. Discovering the appropriate name for your business start-up can have a considerable influence on your success.

10 tips for naming your Startup business

Important is that the inappropriate name can do even worse than stop working to get in touch with the potential client. Correspondingly, this can likewise lead to impossible trade and lawful obstacles. On the other hand, a clear, define your business, and effective name can be exceptionally valuable in your advertising and marketing as well as branding initiatives. 9 Smart ways to manage your marketing. There is no doubt and its unusual for a day to pass without scrolling the feed of the social network site like- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

9 Smart ways to manage your marketing

According to the surveying report of DMR, it approx. 65% of the population goes through their Facebook feed every day significantly. This is a digital world where everyone is connected, no matter, where you are living on the planet. Apart from this, marketers know that what is trending, advance, and necessary ways to promote your business and product. In the past years, social media network sites become the new interesting platform for promoting the business and product among businesses. Unlocking Opportunities in the Iron and Steel Sector in Nigeria.

Iron is just one of the most bountiful rocks forming material which is comprising approx. 5%of the planet’s crust. Significantly it is the fourth greatest bountiful element after oxygen, silicon, and aluminum. Among these elements, iron is one of the material which is dispersed widely on a large scale worldwide. Iron ore is a form of rocks or stone where iron metal extracted from these stones with an economical process. Nigerian investors focus on growing mining sector. There is no doubt that the oil and gas industries have actually driven economic growth over the years in Nigeria. Nigerian mining supplies significant prospective gains. Residence of plentiful untapped reserves as well as progressively the emphasis of pro-business plans, the market is positioned for durable near and midterm growth as capitalist transfer to capitalize on possibilities in iron ore, gold, zinc, and lead. On the other side sustained by the host of motivations, a boost in financial investment from huge multinationals needs to aid the federal government to satisfy its mid-term growth targets, even though climbing the mining nobilities supply a crucial resource of earnings and profits as the country proceeds recuperating from a current financial slump.

Although, industries advancement continues to be incipient as well as dominated by small scale procedures, the enhanced accessibility of geological data ought to sustain new financial investment and also tasks. Nigeria's Iron, Steel Sector Challenge and Quest for Industrialization. In Nigeria, the iron and steel industry has established and become the base for the industrialization of the nation has continued to be unproductive as the year 2020 in which country targeted to turn into one of the globe’s leading 20 economic situations is hardly six months away. In the direction of turning into one of the most developed economy on the planet by taking advantage of human as well as natural deposits that are plentiful in its geographical area.

The Nigerian federal government over the years initiated numerous financial reforms plan and targets, none of which can be claimed to have actually been successful as per their objectives were greatly unmet. A dynamic iron and steel industry is essential for the infrastructural as well as the technical development of any nation. Nigeria's Iron, Steel Sector Challenge and Quest for Industrialization.

Advances in Steel Manufacturing and Processing-Metalberg. There is no doubt that at present steel has a wide and broad range of material types for various applications. On the other side, its high demand across the world increased prosperity, employment, and opportunity for livelihood. According to the world steel organization report and data, the total numbers of employees who are connected to the steel industry are approx. 259 million. Meanwhile, the production of crude steel was 1.808 billion tonnes in the year 2018 and increasing at a CAGR of 1.17% annually.

Moreover, the other fact is that the impact of harmful gases to the environment is caused by the steel industry on a large scale. Business Vertical - Steel Product Seller. A person or company dealing in steel products is stated as Steel Product Seller. Saba Steel Industrial Nigeria Limited, founded by Kassem Mohamad Ajami in 2005 at Lagos, Nigeria is one of the biggest manufacturer and seller of steel products.

Business Vertical - Steel Manufacturing Industry. Revitalization of Coal Development in Nigeria for Industrial Advancement. The production of the coal in the Nigeria was started in Enugu in the year 1909. After the six years Ogbete drift mine has opened. Product - Kassem Ajami Nigeria-Founder & Chairman of Saba Steel Industrial. About - Steel Powder Market Report 2020: Countries, Types and Application Forecast to 2024. Steel powder is required for the various applications such as Automobile, Transportation & Logistic, Construction, Electrical & Electronics, etc.

Nigerian Steel Industry is crippled by Smuggling-WHY? How Nigerian Steel Industry Works? Favorable Market Trends for the Steel Industry. Through the uses of steel for various applications, the demand of the steel has been increasing day by day over the worldwide. How Innovation Is Changing the Construction Industry? Automation in the Steel Industry. Startup - Enterprenur - Benefits of Steel Garage over Traditional Constructions. In modern time, construction methodology has been changed. Now the time when construction is become easy as well as consumption of less time and cost efficient.

Along with methodology modern construction material have taken places over old construction material. Attention Required! Attention Required! Role of Steel Stockholders in the Construction Industry Supply Line. Steel stakeholders play a vital role not only in the construction industry but also in other industries. Role and importance of Seamless Tubes in Steel Industry. ESSENTIAL THINGS AN ENTREPRENEUR MUST KNOW. HOW ONE CAN RUN AND START A BUSINESS POSITIVELY AND GAIN SUCCESS. Kassem Mohamad Ajami Explains Why Social Media is a Boon for Every Size of Business. Kassem Mohamad Ajami Explains How to Begin a Start-up with Zero Experience.