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Crochet Projects

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Warmer Than a Witch's Knits: Erishkigal Skully Snowflake. Here is the pattern you've been waiting for!

Warmer Than a Witch's Knits: Erishkigal Skully Snowflake

This winter, a friend posted a picture of a paper skully snowflake. I was absolutely enchanted! I had just begun to crochet, being confined to a cast after breaking my hand.

Nightmare Before Christmas

LW4631. Crochet Blogs. Crochet Memories Patterns to download. All About Pricing Your Crochet Projects - The Lavender Chair. Pricing your crochet projects can seem next to impossible.

All About Pricing Your Crochet Projects - The Lavender Chair

It’s really difficult to come up with a price that is fair for both you and your costumers. I have seen several methods for pricing, but, none of them ever really seem to be fair for all projects. I know some people who charge per hour. I know others who use materials x 3. Hexa-Puff Baby "Quilt" A long time ago at our local craft circle, I was introduced to the Apiary Puff and the concept of a crochet/knit "quilt" of sorts, using stuffed crochet tiles in a larger blanket design.

Hexa-Puff Baby "Quilt"

I fell in love immediately, but I knew it would be quite the endeavor to make a whole project out of them. Well, when Lydia (a fellow crochetter) found out she was expecting, I knew I couldn't do anything less! I changed the pattern, because I was trying to find a simpler way of making, stuffing, and then sewing together the puffs. Here is what I came up with! Yarns: Pound of Love (in Pastel Yellow), Red Heart Super Saver (in Coral), I Love This Yarn (in Hot Rose).Hook(s): 5mm for Pound of Love, 4mm for Red Heart, and 3.5mm for I Love This YarnGauge: Overall gauge is unimportant, however, you'll want all of your hex pieces to be the same size in the end, so with every different yarn you use, test the gauge with different hooks until you match the gauge of your existing hex pieces. Cheat Sheets for Crocheters. MemeRose: Vintage popcorn pattern....


MemeRose: Vintage popcorn pattern....

After finding a vintage crochet blanket in a charity shop and loving the pattern, Sue from Mrs Micawber kindly worked out the pattern and here it is! Vintage popcorn square: The pattern is in US terminology. US dc is UK treble stitch.Popcorn stitch: Make 5 dcs (uk trebles) in one stitch. Take out hook, leaving the loop.


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