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Umrah Packages UK. Programming and Web Development Help. Wiki module. A wiki is a collection of collaboratively authored web documents.

Wiki module

Basically, a wiki page is a web page everyone in your class can create together, right in the browser, without needing to know HTML. A wiki starts with one front page. Each author can add other pages to the wiki by simply creating a link to a page that doesn't exist yet. Wikis get their name from the Hawaiian term "wiki wiki," which means "very fast. " TinkerBox. Prezi. Pic Collage app for photo and video editing in a snap. What to Do When Your Hand-Sewing Thread Knots Up. Sooner or later, every hand-sewist ends up getting an unexpected knot in their thread.

What to Do When Your Hand-Sewing Thread Knots Up

This doesn't mean you're any kind of a bad sewist! It's just simple physics at work. Luckily, though, there are some ways you can do magical counter-physics and either prevent or solve those knots. And that's what this post is all about. It's all in the twist… The number one reason your thread ends up in knots is that you're twisting it. Most of us, in those moments, turn the needle just a little. How do you know your thread is twisting? If your thread is twisting upon itself like this, imagine what happens when you try to pull all that twisty mess through your fabric. Preventing that twist …So, the easiest way to keep your thread from knotting in the first place?

How do you know which direction is opposite? What if the danged thread knots up anyway? Don't worry – luckily, the knots that form from twisted thread are almost always one of two kinds, and both are quite fixable. If the knot won't come out… How to Hand Tie a Quilt: 7 Steps. It is not uncommon to find a quilter who has a stack of quilt tops that are waiting to be quilted.

How to Hand Tie a Quilt: 7 Steps

The actual act of quilting can be difficult and a bit intimidating. What exactly is quilting? It’s the process of sewing together the three layers of a quilt: the top, batting and backing. There are three different ways to accomplish this. The first way is to quilt by machine. Photos via Nana Company What does it mean to tie a quilt? Embroidery floss, yarn or a similar product is used to literally tie the layers together every few inches. Are you interested in tying a quilt? Step 1: Gather together necessary supplies: a basted quilt, embroidery floss or yarn, thimble, scissors, and a tapestry needle with a sharp point and large eye. Step 2: Decide where you’d like to tie the quilt. 26 Delicious Ways To Serve Matzah This Passover. Delicious Dessert Will Leave Your Guests Begging For More. If you don’t want to read the whole recipe here is the short version: Take dough, cut apples, wrap apples in dough, bake until cooked, don’t fuc* it up, the end Image source Here is what you need : 1 Pkg puff pastry which has been thawed in the refrigerator, 8 small tart apples, 1 fresh lemon, 8 TBS sugar, 2 TBS cinnamon, 1 egg for egg wash, extra sugar and preheat your oven to 400 degrees Image source Put a pot with water on heat and let it boil, meanwhile cut the apples into thin slices and add them to the pot with the lemon juice then turn the heat off , put a lid on the pot and let the apples steam for a minute.

Delicious Dessert Will Leave Your Guests Begging For More

Now take a sheet of puff pastry and place it on a well-floured surface, Brush the pastry with the egg wash, sprinkle it with 4 TBS of sugar and 1 TBS of cinamon, now cut a 1 inch strip along the long side of the puff pastry and place the apple slices that they will slightly overlap each other and start rolling the pastry. Halal Holiday Packages. Paracord bracelet with a side release buckle.

How to apply Henna (Mehndi) on your Hands! Henna is basically a dye that gives a cooling effect when applied on the skin and gives red color to it.

How to apply Henna (Mehndi) on your Hands!

It is mostly used on hair as a natural dye but is commonly used to decorate hands. When it dries completely, the skin or hair is washed with water to reveal the dyed color. Asian brides are not complete until they have applied Henna on their hands and feet. In this instructable, I will show you how to apply Henna on hands and make different designs with it. What will you need: Henna(mehndi) cone (pencil cone is better) A printed copy of Henna design A transparent Glass sheet (you may use clear plastic sheet instead) Tissue paper Glitter cone (optional) A4 sheet or plain piece of paper Pencil Things to Remember Nowadays the henna cone contains some chemicals, so if you are allergic or your skin is sensitive, then check a little amount of henna on your palm before making the whole design.

Henna gives different color on different skins.