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Bluesharp - De Mondharmonica Winkel. I Received My First Harmonica as a Gift. What Now? Gindick Blues Harmonica Jam Camp. What Key Harmonica? (Lesson For Beginners) Shape of My Heart. -6 +7 -6 +7 -6 -7 +7 -8 +7 -7 He deals the cards as a me-di-ta-tion -6 +7 -6 +7 +7 -8 +7 -6 And those he plays nev-er su-spect -6 +7 -6 +7 +6 +6 +8 -9 +8 +8 He does-n't play for the mon-ey he wins +7 +7 +7 +8 +7 -8 +7 -6 He does-n't play for the re-spect -6 +7 -6 +7 -6 -8 +7 +7 -7 He deals the cards to find the an-swer -6 +7 -6 +7 -6 -8 +7 -7 The sa-cred ge-ome-try of chance -6 +7 -6 +7 +6 +6 +8 -9 +8 +8 -8 The hid-den law of a prob-a-ble out-come +7 +8 +7 -8 -8 -7 The num-bers lead a dance REFRAIN -6 +7 -8 +8 +8 I know that the spades +7 -8 +8 -9 +8 +8 -8 are the swords of a sol-dier +5 +7 -8 +8 +8 +7 +8 -9 +8 -8 I know that the clubs are wea-pons of war +5 -7 -6 -7 +7 +6 I know that diam-onds mean +8 +8 +8 +8 +8 mon-ey for this art +6 +7 +7 +7 +8 -8 -8 -7 But that's not the shape of my heart [REFRAIN see above] +8 -8 +7 +8 That's not the shape________, -6 +8 -8 +7 +8 the shape of my heart_______.

Shape of My Heart

[REFRAIN see above] +8 -8 +7 +8 -8 -8 -7 That's not the shape of my heart. 10 Easy Lessons Learn To Play Blues Harmonica Preview. The Harp Reference: Circle Of Fifths. About the Diagram The above picture may be one of the most complicated looking diagrams ever for a simple concept.

The Harp Reference: Circle Of Fifths

The circle of fifths is really quite simple, so don't let the picture fool you. The only thing you really need out of the picture is the Circle of Fifths major key names in the shaded circle--the C G D A E B F# Db Ab Eb Bb F keys/notes/scales/chords. The circle of keys inside the circle of fifths for the major keys is for the relative minor keys with the same number of sharps and flats as their relative major keys. The rings of numbers show the diatonic harp position relative to the music key. There are three interrelated elements associated with keys and position: Music Key Harp Key Position Here's how to figure music key, harp key, and position using the diagram. About the Circle of Fifths The term fifth refers to an interval between notes.

If we think about the key of G major scale instead of C major, the notes are 1=G, 2=A, 3=B, 4=C, 5=D, 6=E, 7=F#, 8=G. Chord Substitution. Welcome to Beginners' Guide To Playing The Harmonica. What image comes to mind when you think of the harmonica?

Beginners' Guide To Playing The Harmonica

Maybe you picture a scene from an old movie with a hobo or convict slumped against a wall playing a sad, lonely tune or you see a blues musician on stage giving it all he's got to produce the most incredible riffs. Either way, you're hooked on the sound. The harmonica (aka harp) is a simple instrument capable of producing a wide variety of sounds and it fits in your pocket so you can take it anywhere. The good news is that it's fairly easy to pick up a harp and start playing. Harps are inexpensive, easy to find, and (best for me) you don't need to know how to read music or have any musical experience. This guide contains some of the tips and web resources that I'm using while learning to play the harmonica.