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Bluesharp - De Mondharmonica Winkel. I Received My First Harmonica as a Gift. What Now? Gindick Blues Harmonica Jam Camp. What Key Harmonica? (Lesson For Beginners) Shape of My Heart. 10 Easy Lessons Learn To Play Blues Harmonica Preview. The Harp Reference: Circle Of Fifths. About the Diagram The above picture may be one of the most complicated looking diagrams ever for a simple concept.

The Harp Reference: Circle Of Fifths

The circle of fifths is really quite simple, so don't let the picture fool you. The only thing you really need out of the picture is the Circle of Fifths major key names in the shaded circle--the C G D A E B F# Db Ab Eb Bb F keys/notes/scales/chords. Welcome to Beginners' Guide To Playing The Harmonica.