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SMLXL - Engagement Marketing and Communication principles from Alan Moore. November 30th, 2010 Many moons ago, I evangelised the need for companies to move from a world of Interruption to Engagement.

SMLXL - Engagement Marketing and Communication principles from Alan Moore

That resulted in Tomi Ahonen and I co-authoring the book Communities Dominate Brands: business and marketing challenges for the 21st Century. The year was 2005, the same year Facebook, YouTube and myspace came onto the scene, with bebo, and faceparty lingering with intent either before or after the event. Q&A: Mark Squires, director of social media at Nokia.

Mark Squires is director of social media at Nokia, and is responsible for the Nokia Conversations blog, internal blogs, blogger outreach, and more.

Q&A: Mark Squires, director of social media at Nokia

We interviewed Mark about Nokia's approach to social media, internal and external, as well as its recent 'marathon PR failure'... 10 tips for writing an impactful blog post. Tweet How cause advocates & citizen journalists can be more effective Target audience: Nonprofits, social change organizations, educators, journalists, foundations, businesses, individuals.

10 tips for writing an impactful blog post

Podcast Episode: DishyMix: Alan Moore on Renegotiating Power Relationships in the Globally Networked Society (Success Secrets from Famous Media and Internet Business Executives. Transcript Susan Bratton: Welcome to DishyMix.

Podcast Episode: DishyMix: Alan Moore on Renegotiating Power Relationships in the Globally Networked Society (Success Secrets from Famous Media and Internet Business Executives

I’m your host, Susan Bratton, and on today’s show you’re going to get to meet Alan Moore. Alan’s the founder of a company called Engagement Communication Consultancy, and I’m going to ask him how pronounces this, small, medium, large, extra large or mistlelicksle. Picture This. One of the oft-overlooked elements in the routine of blogging is image selection.

Picture This

Now, not every blogger uses images, charts, graphs, or other visuals as part of their storytelling approach (Seth Godin, most notably, is almost always a text-only blogger). SMLXL - Engagement Marketing and Communication principles from Alan Moore. Fortune Global 100 Social Media Study - The Burson-Marsteller Bl. Following in the footsteps of consumers, large international companies are now becoming active participants in social media.

Fortune Global 100 Social Media Study - The Burson-Marsteller Bl

A recent Burson-Marsteller study found that 79 percent of the largest 100 companies in the Global 500 index are using at least one of the most popular social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or corporate blogs. Like the 100 study found, Twitter is the social media platform of choice among the Global 100. The study found that 65 percent of the largest 100 international companies have active accounts on Twitter, 54 percent have a Facebook fan page, 50 percent have a YouTube channel, and one-third (33 percent) have corporate blogs. Only 20 percent of the major international companies are utilizing all four platforms to engage with stakeholders. Companies' platform preferences also differed among regions. To access the complete analysis of these findings click here for the PDF report.

Zanby: Roll your own community. Which Company Has the Most "Social" Employees? [INFOGRAPHIC] Sales and marketing database NetProspex has published some findings about how employees use social media and which companies have the most "social" employees.

Which Company Has the Most "Social" Employees? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Each company's ranking is determined by its employees' overall social media activity, including the average number of connections across various networks. NetProspex even ranked employees on Twitter by average number of tweets and followers, and compared male and female employees' social scores. Do the deeds of employees who are active online have a trickle-up effect on a brand's overall social media presence? Take a look at the infographics created by Social profile research and discovery company Flowtown below and let us know what you think.

Click image for full-size graph. Inbound Marketing Forum Group News. Email Marketing Tips That Get You Noticed.

Inbound Marketing Forum Group News

Yesterday, I wrote about why email marketing can work for your business and here are some email marketing tips you can use to improve your return on email marketing. Email Marketing Tip 1: Focus on One Message for your email. If you’re sending non-newsletter email blasts, stick to one primary message for each email sent out. The more information you pack into an email, the higher the chance the recipient’s eyes will glaze over and they’ll reach for delete. Keep it to one focus point and put it right in the subject and first lines of the message to make it easier for those just skimming to absorb your message. Keep in mind that email newsletters are expected to provide bits and pieces of several messages, so this tip doesn’t really apply to newsletters.

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4 Detective Tricks to Find Your Customers in Social Media. 50 Ways to Get Your Site Noticed. This article aims to show you how to attract users and make them hungry for more.

50 Ways to Get Your Site Noticed

Who is this post for? Anyone with a website. Not all of the items listed below will apply directly to you and your business; however, they are, at the very least, an excellent source for inspiration. 1. Social Networking Time Management Tips. Social Networking Time Management Tips Yesterday I had to opportunity to present on a panel at the BIG Council: "Social Media Strategy" - An Interactive Program which included an all-star line up of Charlotte's top social networking marketers including; Scott Hepburn, Fred Sexton, Brian Hamlett, and Mike Granetz.

Social Networking Time Management Tips

One of the social media topics we we're asked by the crowd was how do you manage your time with all the social networking sites out there? To answer this question I wanted to put together some helpful tips to maximize your time and get the most out of your online marketing efforts. As Ivan Misner points out in a recent article in Entreprenur: Marismith > - scan your Facebook settings. 5 Creative Uses for Crowdsourcing. When Jeff Howe coined the term “crowdsourcing” in a 2006 Wired article his examples were mainly “labor markets for specialized talents,” like iStockphoto, iFilm, and InnoCentive.

But the business model of outsourcing to the crowd has grown (as has Howe’s article — he published a book on the topic in 2008). As open-source software developers learned long ago, asking a pool of people to create something can be faster, cheaper, and more accurate than putting a project in the hands of individuals. These five start-ups are doing just that by using crowdsourcing in creative ways. 1. How to blog on video tutorial. Videos and tutorials. Profiles of change agents, social enterpreneurs & nonprofit influencers Following is a listing of interviews we’ve done related to social media and the nonprofit/cause worlds. Looking for video tutorials?

Jeff's blog

What Works, What Doesn't : What B2B Readers Want, Circa 2010. I’ve had a great opportunity recently to learn what B2B customers want in content by – shock of shocks – asking them. Most under-rated aspect of social media marketing. Translation: "Reading this blog makes us don native costumes and dance with exuberance" Do you have an “in-the-moment marketing strategy?” If you don’t, you could be missing one of the biggest opportunities of the social web! I had lunch recently with a marketing manager for a major TV cable network and we talked about the evolution of social media marketing at his company. The five questions small businesses need to ask about social med. The new realities of corporate blogging. I’ve had the most fun over the last few weeks working with Billy Mitchell, Martine Hunter and the incredible professionals at MLT Creative in Atlanta preparing their company’s first major webinar.

The NEW “Four P’s” of marketing. How to write for the web: 23 useful rules. About a decade ago I lucked into a job as a technology journalist. Analyze your Twitter Reach. Building An Online Community Team: The 5 Roles You Need To Fill - FeverBee. An online community manager plays five roles. Corporate Social Media Policies: The Good, the Mediocre, and the Ugly.

10 Awesome Free Tools To Make Infographics. A/B testing comes to the masses with WordPress plugin.