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Here Are Some White People Who Are Concerned That 'Black Privilege' Is Getting Out of Control  10 things you should know about white privilege. 1.

10 things you should know about white privilege

You should know about ... Peggy McIntosh's 'Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack' Cop's Response To Terrified Black Teen He Pulled Over Is Going Viral. In the wake of numerous police shootings and attacks targeting cops that have left several dead on all sides, the relationship between the police and African-Americans seems to be at an all-time low.

Cop's Response To Terrified Black Teen He Pulled Over Is Going Viral

It's understandable then, that when Tim McMillan, a police officer in New Hampshire, pulled a black teenager over for texting and driving, the driver was paralyzed with fear. McMillan took to Facebook to share how he helped to reassure the teenager. Facebook. White Privilege: Myth & Reality. A pillar of contemporary Leftism is the notion of “white privilege.”

White Privilege: Myth & Reality

Given that a generation of high-school and college students are being taught that a great number of “unearned privileges” accrue to white Americans, the charge of white privilege demands rational inquiry. The assertion turns out to be largely meaningless. And, more significantly, it does great harm to blacks. First, no reasonable person can argue that white privilege applies to the great majority of whites, let alone to all whites. There are simply too many variables other than race that determine individual success in America.

And if it were true, why would whites commit suicide at twice the rate of blacks (and at a higher rate than any other race in America except American Indians)?

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UNREAL: White Teen Suffers Broken Skull in Racially Motivated Attack, Suspects were... A 17-year-old high school student suffered a broken skull in a few places and bleeding from the brain after being jumped in a racially-motived attack.

UNREAL: White Teen Suffers Broken Skull in Racially Motivated Attack, Suspects were...

The student was white. The suspects? You guessed it. Future Hillary Clinton voters who “may have been” upset about a Black Lives Matter post on social media. UNREAL: White Teen Suffers Broken Skull in Racially Motivated Attack, Suspects were... Is white privilege a thing in today's society, and why do you think it is/isn't? : AskReddit. No, tourism is not an act of ‘white privilege’ Black Lives Matters Supporters Have to Grapple With This Chart. One of the most frustrating aspects of our so-called “national dialog” on race is the presumption that disparate impact equals racism.

Black Lives Matters Supporters Have to Grapple With This Chart

In other words, if any negative action falls disproportionately on people of color, then that difference itself is evidence of racial bias. Take the police shooting debate. Though police kill far more whites, they do use deadly force on a higher proportion of African-Americans. All other things being equal, wouldn’t that be evidence of racism? But all other things aren’t equal — violent crime rates simply aren’t proportionate. In other words, black men were roughly “nine times more likely” to be murdered than white men, and the overwhelming majority of those murders were committed by other black men. One final note, this year’s 10.8 percent increase in the national murder rate — the largest increase since 1971 — meant that “at least 900 more black men were killed in 2015 than in 2014.” White Man Holds "All Lives Matter" Sign in Black Neighborhood, Guess What Happens Next.

Immediately After Chelsea Bomber Is Captured, BLM Group Posts This AWFUL Tweet... Birthday Cake Goes Viral For Unexpected Reason (Photo) A photo that showed a cake from a Meijer supermarket went viral for the touching story behind it.

Birthday Cake Goes Viral For Unexpected Reason (Photo)

Lisa Aldrich shared a photo on Facebook of the cake she bought, explaining that an employee at the supermarket asked her if she could write on the cake after she had picked it out. The employee took longer than usual to write on the cake, but Aldrich ultimately received it and thanked the employee for the work she had done. Picture of Md. Boy’s Hair Donation For Cancer Patients Goes Viral. BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Before and after photos of a 10-year-old Bowie boy’s haircut have gone viral.

Picture of Md. Boy’s Hair Donation For Cancer Patients Goes Viral

That’s because it produced enough hair for three wigs — thrilling news for 5th grader Thomas Moore, who saw a picture of a little girl with cancer on Facebook two years ago and decided he wanted to help. When Thomas first saw the photo, his mom Angilea Pulos says, he thought she was a little boy and asked why “he” was bald. The Doomed Mouse Utopia That Inspired the 'Rats of NIMH' Calhoun inside Universe 25, his biggest, baddest mouse utopia.

The Doomed Mouse Utopia That Inspired the 'Rats of NIMH'

(Photo: Yoichi R. Okamoto/Public Domain) On July 9th, 1968, eight white mice were placed into a strange box at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. Maybe "box" isn't the right word for it; the space was more like a room, known as Universe 25, about the size of a small storage unit. The mice themselves were bright and healthy, hand-picked from the institute's breeding stock. The Deep (Left) Pockets Of Black Lives Matter. While claiming to be a grassroots organization formed in response to the prevalence of police violence, Black Lives Matter (BLM) is actually 100-percent pure Astroturf.

The Deep (Left) Pockets Of Black Lives Matter

With coffers bulging with millions of dollars from George Soros, the Ford Foundation, and other deep-pocketed leftist individuals and groups, BLM is little more than a front organization for these leftists and their agenda to reshape the very fabric of American society, culture, and law. Why Do BLM Supporters Keep Killing Unsuspecting White People? The murder of 32-year-old Rebecca Wood is an atrocious and disheartening story.

Why Do BLM Supporters Keep Killing Unsuspecting White People?

She was fatally shot by four black men on July 13th, near Clarke in Milwaukee. Law enforcement found that Wood was shot while still in her vehicle. The thugs were Anton Mukes, Deanthony Bradley, Jeremiah Flowers and William Bounds. Baltimore Draws 10-Year Blueprint To Cut Racial Health Disparities. Baltimore officials presented a 10-year plan Tuesday that sharply highlights the poor health status of African-Americans and aims to bring black rates of lead poisoning, heart disease, obesity, smoking and overdoses more in line with those of whites.

“We wanted to specifically call out disparities” in racial health, said Dr. Leana Wen, who became the city’s health commissioner early last year. How Obama’s Support of Black Lives Matter Deepens the Racial Divide. President Obama finally made it to a cop funeral. He appeared at the memorial service for five fallen officers in Dallas yesterday, the first during his seven years in office. He had to go, having spoken days earlier in support of the very group that inspired the murderer of the Dallas Five. After the shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile by police officers, Obama addressed the nation from Warsaw, criticizing the “broader set of racial disparities that exist in our criminal justice system. " Obama defends Black Lives Matter protests at police memorial in Dallas.

President Obama defended the Black Lives Matter movement Tuesday at a memorial service for five slain Dallas police officers, saying bigotry remains a problem in police departments across the U.S. While paying tribute to the fallen officers for sacrificing their lives to protect anti-police protesters from a sniper, Mr. Obama also called on law enforcement agencies to root out bias that he said is contributing to violence on the streets of America. DeRay Mckesson: All Actions of Black Lives Matter Rioters Are Justified. On Wednesday, Black Lives Matter’s most prominent leader DeRay Mckesson told UPROXX that the violent actions of the movement’s rioters are justified, since "people take to the streets as a last resort. " "So when I think about anything that happens when people are in the street, I always start by saying, ‘People should not have had to have been there in the first place,'" stated Mckesson.

White vs. Caucasian. I, Racist. Africans are fighting media poverty-porn by tweeting beautiful images of their real lives. Everyone is aware of the wasteland that is the current state of Greek economic affairs, as the nation quickly approaches its financial melting point. Yesterday Greece missed the deadline to pay €1.5 billion ($1.7 billion) to the International Monetary Fund, a default that is likely to cause further turmoil in economic activity by creating more uncertainty for lenders.

But even as Greek banks are closed and ATMs are nearly empty, political elites and creditors are stagnant arguing over conditions and structural adjustment policies of the bailout deal that has been offered. Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person... Sheila Dixon Officially Announces She’s Running For Baltimore Mayor. PIERS MORGAN asks Beyonce where her rage for Montrell Jackson's death is. A black man named Montrell Jackson was executed in cold blood in America yesterday.

A$AP Rocky: Black Lives Matter Is a “Bandwagon,” Bill Cosby Is “Innocent” In the Black Lives Matter era, we need justice well beyond the legal sense. America's violent summer — egregious shootings of more black men; egregious shootings of cops — has been exhausting, and far more exhausting than the extended aftermath of the riots of 1992, when the city exploded for six days following the acquittal of the four Los Angeles Police Department officers who beat black motorist Rodney King. Police reform and its reflection of racial attitudes was the story then, too. Community Land Trusts in Baltimore - Baltimore Housing Roundtable. Baltimore City currently has two Community Land Trusts in operations—the Charm City Land Trust and the North East Housing Initiative. Learn more about the basics of CLTs here in this basic overview. North East Housing Initiative: