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Jos a bank coupons 25% off clearance free shipping. Which water technology will save California from its long, dry death? Solar receivers at the WaterFX demonstration plant in the Panoche Water and Drainage District in California.

Which water technology will save California from its long, dry death?

Water is complicated—especially in the West. For years, willful ignorance has prevailed. Infrastructure projects allowed water to flow in places it would not otherwise be found. Seemingly plentiful supplies allowed agriculture to flourish. Purchase Men’s Blazer And Sport Coat Online With Jos A Bank Coupon 20% Jos A Bank coupon codes 20% to help your family with awesome clothes at special discounts. Robo-Sabotage Is Surprisingly Common. HitchBot at Niagara Falls, in happier times.

Robo-Sabotage Is Surprisingly Common

As you probably know by now, HitchBot—a device made of pool noodles, rubber gloves, a bucket, and the computer power needed to talk, smile, and tweet—was deliberately decapitated and dismembered this week, only 300 miles into its hitchhiking journey across the United States. HitchBot had successfully made similar journeys across the Netherlands, Germany, and Canada, relying on bemused strangers for transportation.

Sierra trading post 40% off. In defense of the great MOOC experiment. Let’s face it; we should expect a level of impatience with all things digital.

In defense of the great MOOC experiment

We live in an era where an iPhone release is met with excitement quickly followed by a collective sigh: when is the next release? Shiny things lose their luster quickly in a design-thinking, highly networked world. A year ago I boarded a plane for the 2014 Coursera Partners’ conference with a Pocket app full of stories declaring massive open online courses (MOOCs) a failed experiment after just two years. As I fly out for this week’s 2015 conference my reading list is flooded again with opinions declaring that this alternate form of offering modularized learning experiences to the masses has failed to measure up.

5 Visual Storytelling Tips To Power Your Content Marketing On Facebook. Content is not a fixed resource.

5 Visual Storytelling Tips To Power Your Content Marketing On Facebook

This means in the age of the Facebook “News Feed” overload, marketers and businesses can implement different strategies to make their content stand out and capture the attention of Facebook users. Actually, it’s becoming a necessity to be different. Your Facebook audience, while procrastinating their commitments ahead of them, will take out a few minutes to scroll through their News Feed. Most likely, they’ll skip anything uninteresting.

So with that in mind, you need to come up with content that’s well worth engaging with for an extended amount of time, which leads to the question: How can your content break through the noise? Visual storytelling is a promising answer Visual storytelling has been a powerful state-of-the-heart method of communication that strikes the right emotional balance with children and adults alike. Check out these statistics: 1. 2. 93 percent of the most engaging Facebook posts include images (source) 1ink coupon code 76% off on brother ink cartridges. What to Look for in an Internet of Things Platform. By now, you've no doubt heard the hype about the Internet of Things.

What to Look for in an Internet of Things Platform

In the mainstream press, much of the IoT buzz is focused around "sexy" consumer technologies like wearable tech and connected cars, which may make the Internet of Things seem slightly out of a reseller's wheelhouse. For the enterprise, however, the Internet of Things has a host of beneficial applications for business intelligence, supply chain optimization, equipment and plant monitoring and maintenance, and information security, making IoT a trend VARs need to know. Tying the various sensors, databases, and analytics applications of an IoT deployment together is the Internet of Things platform, which is sometimes hardware-based and sometimes software-based. Here are three critical qualities to look for in an Internet of Things platform. 1. Being the Internet of Things, IoT technologies will rely on IP networks to handle all the data those sensors capture and send off for processing. Surveillance-based manipulation: How Facebook or Google could tilt elections.

Bruce Schneier is a cryptographer and security expert who has been blogging on those topics since 2004.

Surveillance-based manipulation: How Facebook or Google could tilt elections

He is the author of numerous books, including Carry On and Liars and Outliers. The following is an excerpt from his latest book, Data and Goliath: The Hidden Battles to Collect your Data and Control Your World. Copyright © 2015 by Bruce Schneier. With permission of the publisher, W. W. Gift personalized flowers for your dear ones at exceptional discounts through 1800flowers coupon 30% - Fashion. Kate Aronowitz, Facebook's Design Director, On Crafting A Design-Led Organization. When Facebook first reached out to Kate Aronowitz in late 2008, the then-head of LinkedIn’s design team was pretty sure she didn’t want to move over to the social network.

Kate Aronowitz, Facebook's Design Director, On Crafting A Design-Led Organization

She was a new mom. Crazy startup hours were not part of her plan. A conversation with Facebook VP of product Chris Cox, however, changed her mind. “We’d both just seen the movie Helvetica,” Aronowitz tells me when I go down to Facebook headquarters to meet her. 5 Exercises to Boost Your Mental Strength.