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Bridal Collection – KARMAPLACE.COM. Indian Jewellery Set - KarmaPlace – KARMAPLACE.COM. Eid Special Collection – KARMAPLACE.COM. Spring Collection – KARMAPLACE.COM. Six Yard Lenght – KARMAPLACE.COM. The Lehenga trends of 2021 - KarmaPlace Blogs – KARMAPLACE.COM. The whole world has embraced minimalism in the year 2020.

The Lehenga trends of 2021 - KarmaPlace Blogs – KARMAPLACE.COM

We have also had minimalistic marriages. But now the year is gone and so is the trend of minimalism. Even though the pandemic still stays with us, and the world is gearing up to get vaccinated our bride to be are in no mood to carry forward the minimalistic trend for the weddings. They are going back to the full – blown maximalist trend with heavy jewellery and multiple embellished dupattas.

Because of pandemic still being there, there is a restriction on the no. of guest allowed in a wedding. Rather than fighting the pandemic Indian brides are leaning into the situation and working their way around it and instead of spending on the guest and their hospitality at the wedding, they are spending more on themselves. If you ask me kudos to the person who started this trend!!!

Traditionally an Indian bride would wear red lehenga or a saree during the main event. The Double Dupatta Light Weight Embroidery Cerise obsession Garnet obsession. Beauty and make-up trends of 2021 – KARMAPLACE.COM. After being in lockdown for months and following endless social distancing, I know all of our looking forward to make up trend of spring summer 2021 even though we are spending yet another season amidst the threat of the pandemic.

Beauty and make-up trends of 2021 – KARMAPLACE.COM

Spring/Summer 2021 make up trends feels a little more serious this year and seems to be channeling the pandemic situation. Fashion designers are giving everyone front row seats to their latest digital fashion shows. Online Shopping for Fashion, Jewelry, Home Decor and more from India – KARMAPLACE.COM. Kurtis every girl should have in their wardrobe - KarmaPlace Blog – KARMAPLACE.COM.

Kurti is a wardrobe staple for a lot of Indians staying in India or abroad.

Kurtis every girl should have in their wardrobe - KarmaPlace Blog – KARMAPLACE.COM

It is quintessential Indian staple that every girl or woman should invest in and I am pretty sure most of you definitely have a basic kurta in your wardrobe. But incase you don’t or you planning to buy a new Kurta I am here to guide you through some of the latest trends. But before we get into that let me break a few myths about and around the kurta that exist. 1] Kurtas need to well fitted :– Ayurvedic Product Benefits - KarmaPlace Blog. I know what you thinking after reading the title another person is writing about homemade face mask.

Ayurvedic Product Benefits - KarmaPlace Blog

But I am here to tell you all face mask are not good for your skin actually some mask are so questionable that it might do more damage to your skin than doing any good. Realistically use recopies with simple gentle ingredients, but yes some DIY mask are really good and do wonders for your skin. Easter Dress Up. Easter 2021 is approaching and we are all set to celebrate the festival and have marked the calendars for the big day.

Easter Dress Up

Easter is celebrated to mark the defeat of death and hope of salvation. This festival commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Beauty Health Tip - KarmaPlace Blogs. Holi is just around the corner and till now in my previous blogs I have told you about the history of Holi how to enjoy and celebrate this festival of colors and the place to visit in India for Holi.

Beauty Health Tip - KarmaPlace Blogs

Even though it is a lot of fun playing Holi, it can take some serious toll on our skin, all thanks to the harsh chemicals used in the colors now a days. I know some of you might say we only use organic colors and organic colors will not hurt our skin but you still need to protect your skin from sun damaged as you will be out in the sun for at least 4-5 hours and of course you also need to prep the skin so that all the color comes off easily when you go for a shower at the end of the celebrations. So like me if you waiting for this beautiful festival of colors but are still worried, what the prolonged exposure of the skin to the sun will do, and how much will it damage and tan your skin do check out this blog. Ways To Celebrate Holi At Work - KarmaPlace Blogs. I have already told you about the history of this beautiful festival of colors from India.

Ways To Celebrate Holi At Work - KarmaPlace Blogs

I hope you have read my previous blogs on History of Holi and places to visit in India on Holi. If you have not till now what are you guys waiting for? Place to visit in India for Holi. Of all the Indian festivals Holi is the one that gets most foreign attention.

Place to visit in India for Holi

The festival of colors mixed with lovely Indian traditions and history is really loved by the foreigners as well. Generally the festival of Holi falls in the first week of March this year this festival is falling with the Easter weekend making it the perfect time to travel. History of Holi – The Festival of colors.

The traditional Hindu festival named Holi is celebrated in spring.

History of Holi – The Festival of colors

Holi is celebrated to commemorate the triumph of good over evil. Indian Jewellery Shopping - KarmaPlace. Ethnic Fashion Trends Of Spring Summer 2021 - KarmaPlace Blogs. I have told you a lot about trends of spring summer 2021 in my last few blogs.

Ethnic Fashion Trends Of Spring Summer 2021 - KarmaPlace Blogs

And after reading this tittle I know you must be wondering is there more to the trend list for 2021? Well till now I have only told you’ll about western trends and what trends were showcased on the Milan, Paris runways. Casual Spring Trends - 2021. The spring of 2021 is different, because it is occurring amidst a pandemic we have to maintain social distancing, travel restrictions and stay indoors mostly. Due to all this the designers have been scratching their heads and trying to figure how does fashion fit amidst with this new normal? Can they design spring clothes like they use to Pre Covid-19?

Can our existing spring clothes ever leave our wardrobe and see the day light? When will the quarantine end? Making your wife feel special this women's day. International women’s day is just around the corner. On this day people across the globe celebrate the achievements of women who have overcome barriers like gender inequality, discrimination against color, age and pregnancy discrimination. Be it a daughter, friend, mother or a wife, a women plays a very important role in a person’s life and in shaping their value system. Being a combination of a good wife and a good mother is said to be one of the toughest role a girl has to play in her life. Homemade Hair Oils For 2021 : KarmaPlace Blogs.

I have told you about DIY Hair masks & how to detoxify your hair. Now its turn for some deep root nourishments. Our grandmother and mother tells us constantly about hair nourishment and how oiling your hair on a regular basis is a big part of hair care routine. Nourishing your hair with a good oil is like keeping your body nourished and healthy with food. Oil is a hair food and you should feed your hair on a regular basis to keep it nourished, healthy, lustrous and thick. Oiling your hair regularly conditions your scalp and promotes hair growth by stimulating our hair follicle and improving blood circulation to the scalp for thick shiny hair. Detoxifying Your Hair In 2021 : KarmaPlace Blogs. Many of you’ll might wonder what a hair detox is. Well hair detox is, getting rid of all the chemical and product built up from your hair, while using natural ingredients and homemade shampoos.When we feel bloated and heavy, we think of going on a detox mode, because we feel our body stomach and intestine needs some rest.

We decide to either go on a green juice cleanse or consciously make efforts to avoid junk and eat healthy.In the same manner our hair also gets tired of all the pollution, products chemicals and treatments we do on them. A year of a lot of first! – Impact of Kamala Harris win. The first women of colour has been elected to be the Vice president of United States of America.

Kamala Harris made history when she was sworn-in as the first Indian-American-Jamaican person to take the office. She getting elected as the Vice President of the west was a big hit not only in the west, but it was an equally big deal in India as well. Do you know why? Hair Care Tips. Practicing Ayurveda At Home. Fashion cliché that need’s to be broken - KarmaPlace Blog. We have all heard about certain don’t in the fashion world, like don’t wear after Labour Day and red and pink don’t go well together. Well aren’t rules meant to be broken???? Let’s review some of these old school rules!!! Jewellery trends of 2021 - KarmaPlace Blog. Wedding essentials for the groom. Style your Life with Wardrobe essentials for every women! Coco Chanel ones said “Fashion Changes but Style Endures” We cannot stay abreast with all the latest fashion trends every time, but still can look stylish which turn heads when we walk if we have certain essentials in our wardrobe.

Wardrobe essentials for an Indian Wedding - KarmaPlace Blog. Indian weddings are larger then life. Zodiac Signs and its Birth Stones - KarmaPlace Blog. There are 12 zodiac signs in total and each signs has its own birth stones. A birth stone is connected to cosmic alignment of the planet, the moon and the sun. The cosmic map of the sky on the day we were born has a great impact on our life. Gifting Ideas For V-Day - KarmaPlace Blog. It’s the month to celebrate love and togetherness. Celebrate the commitment you have and honour the promises you have made. Yes we know February means the month of love and along with it comes all the pressure to make the Valentine day special and perfect. Perfect Valentine day look - Karma Blog.

Gift yourself some Self-Love this Valentine!! Blended Cotton Straight Kurta in Pink. Blended Cotton Straight Kurta in Red. Chanderi A-Line Kurta in Sky Blue. Online Indian Kurtis and Kurtas for Women in USA. Designer Lehenga Choli Online - KarmaPlace. Chanderi A-Line Kurta in Yellow. Variety of Jewellery You can Buy in the USA - KarmaPlace.

Wedding Day – Get the Best of Everything - KarmaPlace. Variety of Sarees You can Buy in the USA! - KarmaPlace Blogs. Kurta for Women - KarmaPlace. A walk through top 10 Indian traditional Sarees. JEWELLRY HAUL II KARMA PLACE # RANI HAAR II AYESHA VLOGG! Trendy Women Earrings For Your Jewellery Box. Women's Alloy Toe Ring in Black and Silver. Must Have Sarees In a Wardrobe for Saree Lovers - KarmaPlace. Freshen Up Your style and look with all new one minute saree. History Of Saree - How To Wear A One Minute Saree - KarmaPlace. Must Have Kurtis To Kickstart Your New Year 2021 - KarmaPlace. Latest Georgette Sarees Online - KarmaPlace. A walk through top 10 Indian traditional Sarees.

What Are The Different Types Of Western Dress? Ethnic Formal to casual looks for daily office wear. Types of Online Readymade Designer Sarees - KarmaPlace. Indian Designer Ethnic Wear – Ethnic Dress For Every Girl. Shop For New Indian Kurta Suit Sets Online. High Low Style Kurti Online. Best Tips to seem fashionable In Long and Short Kurtas. How To Choose The Right Leggings and Best Online Leggings Stores? Angrakha Style Kurti Online. Latest Chiffon Kurti Designs. Different types of Salwar kurta style every woman must know about! Stylish Kurtis For Your Wardrobe.