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Make your own cookie cutters. Mixes in a Jar Recipes. Fake Toilet Paper Roll. Is there anything worse than going to the bathroom only to find you forgot to check if there was any toilet paper? There is Now! I made a fake roll of toilet paper out of cardboard, and inserted a removable prank message for that moment of truth when your victim realizes that no salvation will come from that little white roll. I can't wait to get my little brothers with this guy! Happy Pranking! And remember to vote for your favorite pranks starting April 3rd!

Disclaimer: This little roll of paper can be a powerful and day ruining little prank if used maliciously, so I suggest that care be taken when setting up where and on whom it will be used. Selection_132_81.jpg (JPEG Image, 640x713 pixels) Create an Ornament Perfect for Gift Giving or Your Tree- Toddler Wonderland Crafts. Ultimate Fog Chiller.