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The beauty of torture 14 - on the rack - 10 min. Bdsm Fem Dom - MrA en 125094. Capz's Pics - FetLife. 541044Ridden.gif (GIF Image, 500x285 pixels) Tutorials – DIY BDSM. Rope Whip. Foxy Furniture - Dungeon Furnishings Hidden in Plain Sight! Sartan's BDSM Workshop: Projects. If you see something here that's you'd like to have but aren't equipped to make yourself, or might be interested in some new and innovative equipment like the all new AcuFit cuffs, please check out my new sales site, Sartan's Workshop.

Sartan's BDSM Workshop: Projects

Welcome to the "Master Projects" page. This page combines links to projects on both BDSM Workshop and WWL. I hope that it will make scanning for something to build a bit easier, and also introduce both sites to someone who might be familiar with only one. Please note that links back to individual sections of _both_ sites appear below. I've tried to make them clear, and hope this is not confusing.

To visit other quality Sartan sites, please see All contents are ©SarOfTreve, 1997-2004 or used with owner's permission, and may not be used without written permission. Make a Frozen Cock-sicle. Make a Frozen Cock-sicle New!

Make a Frozen Cock-sicle

8/4/10 Cool off by wrapping your lips around an icy dildo pop. Here’s how to make a reusable mold and create colorful cock-sicles in your favorite flavors. Materials: Small to medium sized dildo or butt plug (Silicone is best - other materials may react with the molding compound. Instructions Use Legos to construct a four-sided container for the mold. Mix enough silicone molding compound to fill half of the mold container. Make sure the dildo or other toy is clean and dry with no dust or oils on it. Coat the exposed surface of the silicone with a little vegetable oil or other release agent. When the silicone is completely cured, disassemble the Lego container, separate the mold halves, and remove the dildo. The mold’s seam will need to be sealed to make it watertight. Laser Sword Sex Toys - Dildos. Laser Sword Dildos Here's what you need: a toy laser sword with a retractable blade, a brightly colored clear jelly dildo, a utility knife, and a mini LED flashlight.

Laser Sword Sex Toys - Dildos

Match the color of the flashlight to the color of the dildo if you can. With the utility knife, carefully cut a slot into the base of the dildos deep enough and wide enough for the flashlight to fit inside. Be careful not to cut too far toward the edges of the dildo or it will split in half. Turn the mini flashlight on and insert it into the opening in the base of the dildo, with the LED light pointing toward the dildos tip. Look_052.jpg (JPEG Image, 1152x745 pixels) Made To Pleasure. 2530_s04_jenni. Paracord Monkey Fist. The Monkey Fist knot has a long history since 1800's, main purpose as a weight at the end of a rope or just for decorative use.

Paracord Monkey Fist

The monkey fist was also used as a melee weapon among sailors and gangs. In this guide I will show how to make the Monkey Fist using a marble inside the knot. The first few attempts could go wrong - this knot needs a LOT of patience so take your time and especially the final tightening part, do it slowly and you will get a cool Monkey fist. Everyone are welcomed to vist my blog for more paracord guides and projects: