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How to Cast a Circle: 10 Steps (with Pictures. Edit Article Creating the CircleUsing the Circle Edited by Flickety, Maluniu, MA, Lottiotta and 14 others Some wiccans and other neo-pagans who practice Ritual Magick cast sacred circles inside which rituals are performed.

How to Cast a Circle: 10 Steps (with Pictures

The circle acts as a portal to the realm of the deities, as a protection from evil forces, and more simply as a psychological tool to put you in the right state of mind. To learn more about casting a circle, read on. Ad Steps Part 1 of 2: Creating the Circle 1Find a safe place to cast your circle. THE HISTORY OF PAGANISM. The history of Paganism began in about 10,000 BC, during the Paleolithic Age. It was a time when primitive people were nomadic, and had to hunt for their food, having to follow the herds of animals to survive. This is where the belief of the God of the hunt first appeared. The men worshipped the sun, the stag horned God, and the language of the animals, as hunting was crucial to their survival.

The women, who were the child bearers and the healers, where those who took care of the tribe, and were looked upon as having more power, as they were the givers of life. It was during this time, that the women discovered that their bodies were in tune with the lunar phases, and therefore they worshipped the moon, and the Goddess diety, and they were the ones who led the rituals. In around 8000-7500 BC, agriculture was discoved quite by accident, as the food the women stored in the ground began to grow. Free Witchcraft Downloads: ebooks, pictures, movies. Read Dr Ruickbie on witchcraft and magic in Paranormal magazine. What is Witchcraft? That's what this website is here to find out. is the website of WICA - the Witchcraft Information Centre and Archive - founded in 1999 by Dr Leo Ruickbie as a research and education provider specialising in the areas of Witchcraft, Wicca, Paganism, Magic (Magick) and the Occult.

We have been online continuously since 2000. WICA Recommended by: You'll get quite an education. From Visitors: This is my first chance to see the new site...and i love it...thanks for all your hard work. About Leo Ruickbie's Books: Get Involved with WICA: Want to investigate magic (Magick), review a grimoire, or write for this website? Other Opportunities at WICA: Want to make some money? Free Witchcraft Newsletter: Plus special offers, secret events and a free gift! Spread the Word about WICA: Search Witchology: Witchcraft to Go: Odin's Eye Click here for more designs. Your Magick Ability Test Results... My name is Rose Ariadne, and I've been guiding thousands of my students all over the world through a beautiful Magickal journey since 2006.

Your Magick Ability Test Results...

My Grandmother was born into a very “mystical” family… and she began practicing the Magickal arts when she was just a child. Tarot… divination… meditation… and various spell casting practices covering many old traditions. She “sensed” I had special gifts… the same way I sense those same special gifts in you based on the results of your Magick Ability test. In the strangest of ways, my grandmother helped me learn to USE these gifts to create dramatic, positive changes in my life.

She did NOT do this by teaching me complicated Magick spells with all sorts of strange, hard-to-find ingredients. Instead... ...she showed me how to turn a few simple household chores into powerful little rituals that changed my life forever… in wonderful, countless ways. Now I greet every new day with a smile because I am truly happy and fulfilled.

Mr. But first… (Hint, hint...) Are you Psychic? You scored extremely low on the overall results.

Are you Psychic?

Your psychic abilities may need some serious practice. Your telepathic ability is pretty much shut down. You can increase your inner awareness through meditation. Your clairvoyance is dormant and waiting to be opened. Imagine closing your eyes and seeing a vast new world of pictures and colors. You are not using your pre-cognitive abilities much. Here is a funny video.