Minecraft 1.7.3

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[V1.7.3] Zipline Mod [SSP][WIP][VC][C] Zipline Mod Rope block physics & fun Features: Rope, Rope Bridge, Arrow with Rope, Ride Rope Zipline with Handlebar, Cloth Sheet, and why not, Placeable Leather!

[V1.7.3] Zipline Mod [SSP][WIP][VC][C]

Video Version: 1.7.3 (not backwards compatible)Mode: [SSP] Survival Single Player (multiplayer support in progress)Completion: [WIP] Work in ProgressType: [C] Adds game contentModder's labels: [VC] Vanilla Candidate (want in the real game!) Requires: ModLoaderInstallation: Normal (.jar) Ids: 101-104, 400-401 (configurable)Achievement ids: 1001-1004 (configurable) Config file should generate in mods/zipline/zipline.txtConflicts: bt, px, qz, sn (modders: message me for a compatibility .diff) (Re: px.class, You can install with optimine/optifog if you install zipline first. 7.3][SMP/SSP] PlasmaCraft - Liquids! Acid! Energy Weapons![0.2.3][Multiplayer Beta] All the recipes work fine and the plasmificator works fine expect for 1 thing i noticed - if you have lets say obsidium ore half way done and swap it out for plutonium ore it will still be half way done(happens with any switch) Hazmat doesnt flip out on you and kill you in liquids keeps you safe in all 7 Acidic barrier does a nice 5 hearts of damage(the hazmat suit should probably make this null or smaller)

7.3][SMP/SSP] PlasmaCraft - Liquids! Acid! Energy Weapons![0.2.3][Multiplayer Beta]

7.3] Mystic Mods (Dungeons, Ruins, Ores, Vines, Stones) I just got mob spawners working today!

7.3] Mystic Mods (Dungeons, Ruins, Ores, Vines, Stones)

The next version of Mystic Ruins will include a chance for spawners, with up to as many as 5 spawners total in each dungeon: Mystic Ruins has been updated to v0.3! NEW FEATURE: Randomly generated dungeons that contain multiple corridors, rooms & side branches. These dungeons can contain treasure, and even "secret" rooms! To find these dungeons, just explore as many caves as you can, and look for the entrances or for the mossy cobblestone. 7.3] Kriss95's Mods - TNTs + achi, LCD, HaxBlock & more. 15th August. This mod makes it able to make more powerful explosions by crafting TNT ClusterBombs are heavy, and fall a little faster than normal TNT.

7.3] Kriss95's Mods - TNTs + achi, LCD, HaxBlock & more. 15th August

Rocket propelled TNT flies upwards, and ShrapnellBomb spits out arrows like a beast. The landmine is disguised as grass, and can get a nice revenge on any creeper walking over it MegaTNT and Error404 are incredibly powerfull, so powerful that the drops from error404 may lag your game for a loong time untill I get the drops fixed. Temporary performance fix below. 7.3] IndustrialCraft [v8.55]

If you want to use this mod for anything else then playing it, read the Copyright at the end of this post!

7.3] IndustrialCraft [v8.55]

Return (String) System.getMostRecentPieceOfValuableInformation();Amusingly, there are, after a whole month, still people who didn't cought the various, explicite hints left by countless people and myself... Seriously, just click this and read my blog post. IC is down, IC² is upcoming ^^ 7.3] Baby Animals v1.7.5 [MOB][ML]

(12/25/13) - Squickens are back!

7.3] Baby Animals v1.7.5 [MOB][ML]

Enjoy They are a separate mod. Combine an ink sac and a chicken egg to get a squicken egg. They like raw fish and instead of laying eggs they give you ink. Seems to work fine, but since I just ported it from old code I wouldn't be too surprised if there is a bug or two. 6.6-1.7.3]Nandonalt's Mods -Coral&Trees&A lot More! Adds, currently, 4 tree types into the game.

6.6-1.7.3]Nandonalt's Mods -Coral&Trees&A lot More!

It has a proprieties file to change block IDs, too.Let's get started: Video by Xenoph: Palm/Banana TreesThousands of years ago, these trees were buried deep in the sand, and the ocean floor...