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Tumblr_nlohx0IJ7q1scc6pdo1_400.gif (GIF Image, 400 × 225 pixels) Coloquio sobre alucinación y estados alterados. Medicine. Top: 15 películas psicodélicas de todos los tiempos. La palabra psicódelico significa “aquello que manifiesta la mente”, o el alma, según el significado original de psique.

Top: 15 películas psicodélicas de todos los tiempos

Estas manifestaciones, más allá de alucinaciones, pueden transformar la conciencia y estimular nuestra imaginación. Realidades holográficas que experimenta nuestra mente en forma de umbrales fugaces cuando se le estimula a través de sustancias psicoactivas. De alguna manera, los enteógenos y demás psicodélicos fungen como mediadores cataclísmicos de lo consciente y lo inconsciente en la medida en que la psique devela nuestro universo anímico interno. La experimentación con híbridos de ilusiones, revelaciones, colores agudos, fractales, símbolos y demás imágenes exteriorizadas en una pantalla se vuelve un viaje placentero en la comodidad de nuestro sillón, al mismo tiempo (y quizás más importante) que nuestra imaginación se nutre a través de ese fascinante desdoblamiento de nuestras percepciones sensoriales. 1. 2. 3. 2001: A Space Odyssey, 1968 4. 5. 6.

Tumblr_ns658fkptJ1tqtfrjo1_1280.gif (GIF Image, 700 × 700 pixels) Psychedelic Drugs 'Safe as Riding a Bike or Playing Soccer' Psychedelic drugs like MDMA and magic mushrooms are as safe as riding a bike or playing soccer, and bans against them are "inconsistent with human rights", according to the authors of a letter published in the Lancet Psychiatry Journal today.

Psychedelic Drugs 'Safe as Riding a Bike or Playing Soccer'

The letter, written by Boston-born Teri Krebs, research fellow within the Department of Neuroscience at the Norway University of Science and Technology and her Norwegian husband Pål-Ørjan Johansen, stresses that national and international policies must respect the rights of individuals who chose to use psychedelics as a spiritual, personal development, or cultural activity.

"Although psychedelics can induce temporary confusion and emotional turmoil, hospitalizations and serious injuries are extremely rare. Overall psychedelics are not particularly dangerous when compared with other common activities," says Krebs. Try Newsweek: subscription offers "MDMA is not illegal because it's dangerous; it can be dangerous because it is illegal," he said. ‘Handy’ chart shows which drugs are the most popular at each festival. created this awfully “handy” chart which shows what the most popular drugs are used at certain festivals.

‘Handy’ chart shows which drugs are the most popular at each festival

Since most people won’t freely admit to taking any illegal drugs, collected their information by using Instagram. ...researchers first gathered intel on how many Instagram posts mentioned one of the 15 festivals they analyzed (3,622,365).From there, they looked at how many of those posts also mentioned or alluded to a controlled substance—by percentage, Marley Fest had the most mentions of drug use (pretty shocking…), and the KISS Country Chili Cook-Off had the most mentions of alcohol (which could have been inspired by the Brad Paisley hit of the same name—he headlined after all). I’m giving this chart a major side-eye. C’mon, just using mentions on Instagram to get your statics without actually physically talking to a single person?

I dunno, seems pretty pointless to me. Via Billboard. La Mejor Tienda en Linea de Salvia Divinorum de México. Buddha Purple Kush. Buddha Purple Kush.

Buddha Purple Kush.

Tema en 'Buddha Seeds' iniciado por DonCogollor, 2 de Junio de 2012. Página 1 de 2. PlantTeachers 2015 Visionary Convergence Los Angeles. Viajeros en LSD (@lisergicos) The New Synthetics. Notes from the front lines of the 21st century’s Great Mind Experiment.

The New Synthetics

Fifty years back, there was only one molecule known to be psychoactive in the microgram range: LSD. A microgram is one-millionth of a gram; a small dose is about 150 mcg, so a four-gram sugar cube of LSD would contain roughly 25,000 doses. A chunk the size of a golf ball would be able to keep all the hippies at Woodstock high for days. The fact that LSD is active in such small doses mystified everyone who knew anything about pharmacology, and also made it very scary to people in power. Today, there are at least a dozen hallucinogens active in the microgram range, and none of them are illegal. Too Much Shit Ben has one gram of 25-i in a drawer next to his bed. 25-i is a new synthetic hallucinogen that rivals LSD in potency. Ben has more of it than he knows what to do with. Ben is no stranger to weird drugs. “It’s possible, but hard to say,” I reply.

Psychedelic Information Theory: A Talk with James Kent. In his new book, Psychedelic Information Theory: Shamanism in the Age of Reason, James Kent has attempted to describe both the experience and underlying mechanisms of consciousness in the language of classical wave mechanics, with terms like neural oscillators, periodic drivers, wave entrainment, resonance and coherence.

Psychedelic Information Theory: A Talk with James Kent

Of particular interest are his characterizations of psychedelic agents as nonlinear feedback amplifiers, and descriptions of shamanic technique as periodic drivers to entrain a psychonaut’s chaotic interference patterns towards multi-stable strange attractors. His book offers the first steps in developing a more refined and quantifiable theory and terminology of psychedelic action. It suggests many rich opportunities for further research that are bound to reveal some pragmatic and novel applications.