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Acquaintance Cards – These Pickup Cards from the 19th Century are Fantastic. Long before online dating, young men in the U.S. around 1870s to 1880s would keep a few of these pickup cards in their back pocket and hand to women they found attractive.

Acquaintance Cards – These Pickup Cards from the 19th Century are Fantastic

According to Alan Mays, a collector of these cards, the card was “a common means of introduction, it was never taken too seriously”. (Solitare cards), Peteski. Betype - Typography & Lettering Inspiration. Ghostcubes: A Dazzling System of Interlocking Wooden Cubes by Erik Åberg. First: watch the video.

Ghostcubes: A Dazzling System of Interlocking Wooden Cubes by Erik Åberg

Created by Swedish designer Erik Åberg the Ghostcube is a fascinating system of interlocking wood cubes that can be twisted, turned, and folded to create increasingly complex shapes reminiscent of origami. The Ghostcube variations demonstrated in the video above seem to rely on hinges that connect all of the various pieces together. Åberg appears to have open-sourced the design in 30 minutes of video footage which you can purchase from his website. (via The Awesomer) Slitherstition on Behance. "Look like the innocent flower, But be the serpent underneath it.

Slitherstition on Behance

" - Shakespeare's 'Macbeth' For as long as groups of humans have agreed on patterns of belief, symbols have existed, with signs of light and dark - good and evil - the most prominent among them. Like building blocks for morality, these symbols, particular, of course, to cultures and religions, are familiar to us all, and taught from an early age in stories - a means for our elders to pass down their values and cautionary tales. It seems to me that in these, no symbol appears more frequently than the snake. From Christianity's Original Sin to Hadiths in Islam; Zulu tradition and iconography drawn from the Ancient Egyptians, in a world history so diverse and conflicted one thing appears to be agreed on: the snake is to be feared. Perhaps it's simply the unfortunate by-product of its manner and appearance.

Foto de pinupbombshells. Peter Dahmen · Grafikdesign. Projekt: Entwurf einer Klappkarte mit farbigen Einlegeblättern für verschiedene Anlässe Maße: 320 x 116 x 60 mm (offen); 160 x 116 x 2 mm (geschlossen) Erscheinungsjahr: 2010 Kunde/Auftraggeber: Gollnow Paper Creations, Dortmund Die "Ruhr Nachrichten" haben am 09.12.2010 umfassend über diese Karte berichtet.

Peter Dahmen · Grafikdesign

Disco sonobe (туториал) Опубликовал(а): natalie в: 12.07.2013.

Disco sonobe (туториал)

Accordion paper folding // Candle holders. I‘ve been playing around with accordion paper folding for about a year now and thought it was high time that I put something on the site!

Accordion paper folding // Candle holders

The technique is really addictive. This project shows how to make a simple candle holder. All you need is some paper, a glass jar and a little bit of glue so it’s a really affordable project. If you fancy having a go then you will find a full how-to after the jump. ***IMPORTANT*** If you want to use this as a candle holder please make sure that you put a glass jar inside the paper cuff and ensure that there is no paper hanging over the top of the jar (otherwise it may set on fire). Lichtenstein: A Retrospective. Roy Lichtenstein, Masterpiece, 1962 Private Collection © Estate of Roy Lichtenstein/DACS 2012 Roy Lichtenstein, Drowning Girl, 1963.

Lichtenstein: A Retrospective

Boxed geometric heart. By Kate on January 30, 2013 Ireally liked the 3D hearts in the gift-wrap I showed previously so I’ve been making paper versions!

Boxed geometric heart

They make a nice alternative to a card. You can even make one every color of the rainbow. There is a little box which you can make to put the hearts in (each box fits two hearts). Superhéroes de la cultura pop por Mike Mitchell. Written on Feb 01, 2013 // Diseño.

Superhéroes de la cultura pop por Mike Mitchell

Mike Mitchell lleva algún tiempo diseñando superhéroes, ya presentó su serie 1 (que también incluímos aquí) y ahora sigue trabajando en estas ilustraciones en las que utiliza el cuerpo que podría ser la plantilla general de un héroe, con la pose y los músculos, además de estar inspirada en una pose clásica de Superman. Todos los cuerpos son los mismos, lo que cambia es el personaje, mostrando así que todos pueden verse como superhéroes, hasta los villanos. La serie se ha hecho tan popular que el artista ha expandido su obra y ahora tiene más personajes. George Williams - 57 free fonts. 100 Free Fonts You Should Have in Your Library. Fonts have already been among the essential materials used by designers.

100 Free Fonts You Should Have in Your Library

Whether it is a web design project or a logo design – font is the element, capable of attracting people’s attention, rendering the key idea, and communicating the necessary message. That is why, thousands of free fonts reside today in multiple online font repositories. Below we are introducing a collection of 100 free fonts, which represent vividly only some of the most significant trends in typography, however all of these fonts feature really unique and fresh designs.

Clean fonts contain the samples of free fonts of the sans serif family with classic proportions, distinct lines, and clean backgrounds. Fancy fonts introduce multiple decorative elements, used in typography – from curly fonts to eroded and distorted ones. 1. Delicious-Roman. CurlyJoe font. Feltron. Character Design – Female Cyborg.