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1800 flowers promo code 15% off flowers & gifts same-day delivery. Special Notes for Android Developers in 2015 - Research techniques,Your Favourite DigTech Blog. The Best Exercises For Shoulder Mobility. (Photographed by Mike Rosenthal; Grooming by Marina Gravini; Art Direction + Styled by Ashley Martin) Master trainer Josh Stolz unlocks the all-important shoulders.

The fittest bodies pay attention to detail. Their routines don’t eschew necessary work with a myopic fixation on their next quantifiable goal. So if you’re setting out to train smarter in 2015, you must make room for mobility work. In fact, for holistic, total-body fitness, mobility is just as important as all of the other facets of your regimen, says New York City-based master trainer Josh Stolz. RELATED: You’ve Never Used A Rowing Machine Like This Before We started at the bottom, and now we’re here: The shoulders. As with the ankles and hips and knees, Stolz emphasizes the critical connectivity at work. Together, Quebec stands strong. Ride to Conquer Cancer Sponsored RELATED: Unzipped: Pro Cyclist Andrew Talansky RELATED: The Pro Snowboarder’s Workout And remember to start at the bottom of the chain: by Sheila Monaghan. Pacsun coupons. Obama Plans to Boost American Wages With Tech Training. The unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been since President Obama first took office, but American wages remain stagnant.

Despite an average of 200,000 jobs created every month for the past 12 months, the highest growth in 37 years, the average American worker wage hasn’t budged much since the 1970’s, according to the Pew Research Center. However, there’s an opportunity to boost worker wages in the higher paying technology sector. The average web developer with an associates degree earns $62,000 a year at the beginning of their career. That’s nearly 50 percent more than someone with an equivalent degree, according to PayScale. It’s also a fast-growing industry, full of jobs that didn’t exist ten years ago.

According to the White House, about half a million of the 5 million currently available jobs are in IT. The White House sees this as an opportunity to boost overall wages, particularly in underserved populations. All open jobs in TechHire Communities. What The Ideal Workday For Working Parents Looks Like. It’s 12:28 p.m. and I’ve just finished lunch at my desk when the phone rings. The number of my oldest child’s school flashes on my phone’s screen and I say a quick prayer before answering, "Hello? " It’s the school nurse: My daughter has a slight fever, and can I please come pick her up?

My heart aches as I look at my calendar and see that I have a meeting in an hour. "I’ll figure something out," I sigh. Thankfully I work from home, so I’m not worried about missing out on an entire day of work because my child is sick. I can pop in and out of my home office to spend quality moments with my kids and enjoy the important events in their lives. Working at home has made me more effective as both a professional and a mother. Working when you have kids is a constant balancing act, and having a full-time job in an office means sacrifice, whether it’s personal, professional, or both. The answer is no. The Necessary Rise Of Flexible Work The solution lies in the company’s culture.

123inkjets coupon code. Tackling Content Marketing on a Budget. Content marketing is not just a passing trend, it is here to stay. Even those convinced of its utility might object that it is not right for them because they see it as expensive. While this perception is not un-founded (Coke and Redbull, two content marketing luminaries, have budgets in the millions), money is not a prerequisite for a quality content marketing strategy. If you follow a well thought out plan and adhere to it diligently, you can succeed at content marketing on nearly any budget. This article will help your business lay out a cost effective content marketing plan, explaining the reasoning and theory behind my recommendations. Enjoy the SlideShare version of this article. Recommended for YouWebcast: A Week in the Life of an Agile Creative Team 1.

Perform a Content Marketing Audit Before beginning to develop your content plan it is first necessary to take stock of where your content stands. Create a Content Division Set Strategic Goals & Know Your Audience Devise a Content Plan. 6 Good Note Taking Chrome Apps That Run Offline. March 9, 2015 Today we spent sometime browsing Chrome web store looking for note taking apps that run offline.

We came across several titles but most of them did not make the cut either because of technical glitches involved in their installation or bad performance behaviour when installed. We ended up with these four apps. These extensions can be used to capture and jot down quick notes offline, record to-do lists, scribble notes, attach reminders, and many more. 1- Quick Note This is a great app for lightweight note taking. 2- Memo Notepad “Memo Notepad is a very easy and simple way to write your notes in Chrome. 3- Scribble Scribble allows you to capture quick notes and thoughts in text format. 4- Writebox “Writebox is a off-line text editor for Dropbox and Google Drive. 5- Journal Capture life moments, from everyday thoughts to useful travel logs, Journey helps you to rediscover the joy of journal writing through the warmth and humanity of the interface. 6- Sticky Notes.