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Creative Use Of Large Background In Web Design. 5 Pitfalls to Avoid for New Web Designers. New web designers often find themselves in a common scenario: fresh out of college or just barely starting your career... but unlike other careers where there are defined training programs to show you the ropes, you end up wandering around the internet, hoping to pick up enough experience to land a job.

5 Pitfalls to Avoid for New Web Designers

Today, I am going to discuss a few areas where rookie web designers can drop the frustration and begin making high quality web sites faster. Pitfall 1. Don't Try To Re-Invent Layout A very common theme amongst beginners is trying to "re-invent the wheel" when it comes to layout. Why? Other beginners hope to revolutionize the industry by creating wild and crazy approaches to simple design problems.

Perhaps a better analogy is trying to re-invent man's invention of flight. Starting with a basic layout like this is a great way to start a project on an established, successful layout. Here are some tips: Explore the Internet. Here on some layout tutorials that might help you get started: IE9 vs. Firefox 4. Let's compare IE9 to Firefox 4 HTML5 test Firefox 4: 255 Firefox 3.5 (two years ago): 142 source In 2011, IE9 now supports Canvas, Video, Geolocation and SVG.

IE9 vs. Firefox 4

Platform supported IE9: Windows Vista/7. Firefox 4: Windows Vista/7, Windows XP, GNU/Linux, Mac OS, Android. HTML5 compatibility Firefox 4: 88% source CSS3 compatibility Firefox 4: 87% source JS API compatibility Firefox 4: 90% source All Web Standards Compatibility Firefox 3.6 (one year ago): 65% source Hardware Acceleration Firefox 4 = IE9 On Windows Vista/7, Firefox 4 supports Full Hardware Acceleration, as much as IE9.

Firefox 4 also supports Hardware Acceleration on Mac and Windows XP (Compositing Acceleration) and Linux (Content Acceleration). on compatible hardware source What's missing in IE9? 100 Essential Web Development Tools - Noupe Design Blog. Mar 16 2010 By Neil Skirrow As web technologies constantly advance, the skills a developer is expected to have are constantly increasing.

100 Essential Web Development Tools - Noupe Design Blog

Web users are beginning to expect Ajax interfaces, charts and graphs and a whole host of other tricks and features. This means web developers not only have to be skilled with HTML and a server-side programming language such as PHP or Perl, but they now also need to be JavaScript gurus, Flash experts, and skilled graphic designers. When developing your applications, you simply can’t create every element yourself. In an effort to save you a few hours crawling the web in search of the perfect third-party solution, we have compiled this list of essential development resources. 1.

You can find a whole array of pre-made classes and functions to help save development time. The following CAPTCHA systems can be easily integrated with your applications: SecurimageSecurimage is a free open-source PHP CAPTCHA script for generating complex images and CAPTCHA codes. 2. World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)