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Karl Chvojka

A Graduate of Guru Digital College, and an aspiring Web Developer/Designer.

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SincaiN40K: Thrusters Engage! I was asked how I paint my Jet Packs so I figured I'd just make up a quick Tutorial.

SincaiN40K: Thrusters Engage!

It's super simple and can be done very quickly, as with anything the longer you put into it the better it will look. But if you are painting up a bunch of table quality Assaulties this might be for you. I usually go for the blue/white hot look like the thrusters have been fired up recently but now isn't on full burn. You can go with the full thruster assembly (above) or just the thrusters (below), all depending on what you like the most. 1) For the first step I paint the JP thrusters white. Alberta Enterprise. Test. Facebook.

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