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123inkjets coupon code. Where Are Amazon's Data Centers? Once in a while—not quite often enough to be a crisis, but just often enough to be a trope—people in the United States will freak out because a huge number of highly popular websites and services have suddenly gone down. For an interminable period of torture (usually about 1-3 hours, tops) there is no Instagram to browse, no Tinder to swipe, no Github to push to, no Netflix to And Chill.

When this happens, it usually means that Amazon Web Services is having a technical problem, most likely in their US-East region. What that actually means is that something is broken in northern Virginia. Of all the places where Amazon operates data centers, northern Virginia is one of the most significant, in part because it’s where AWS first set up shop in 2006. It seemed appropriate that this vision quest to see The Cloud across America which began at the ostensible birthplace of the Internet should end at the place that’s often to blame when large parts of the U.S. Internet dies. 1800 flowers 15% off coupon code personalized gifts. Report: Wind power could be 35% of supply by 2050. WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is setting higher goals for wind power, saying it could supply 35% of the nation's electricity by the year 2050.

Wind power currently generates 4.5% of electricity, but that number is expected to more than double to 10% by 2020, says a report obtained by USA TODAY that will be released Thursday by the U.S. Department of Energy. "Wind energy continues to be one of America's best choices for low-cost, zero-pollution renewable energy, and in an increasing number of markets, may be the cheapest source of new energy available," says a summary of the report by the Obama administration. The new report — titled "Wind Vision: A New Era of Wind Power in the United States" — replaces a 2008 document produced during the George W.

Bush administration called "20% Wind Energy by 2030. " Improved technology has made wind power more reliable and cheaper, helping spread it at a faster pace across the nation, administration officials said. Jos a bank coupons 25% off clearance free shipping. Four Steps to Simplify Your Daily Social Media Activities « Social Media Examiner. Do you engage with your audience on multiple social platforms? Do you want to work more efficiently? Focusing your efforts on the social channels and engagement signals that are most beneficial to your business can save you time. In this article you’ll discover how to create a social media to-do list in four steps. Discover how to simplify your daily social media activities. Listen to this article: Listen now: Play in new window | Download | Embed #1: Rank Your Social Accounts To prioritize your social media accounts, compile a worksheet with key details for each account: 1. 2. 3.

Here’s what a sample worksheet with these details might look like: Prioritize your social media platforms by the revenue they drive. Now, take a look at which platforms are generating the most revenue for your business. In the example above you would likely prioritize LinkedIn first and Twitter second. . #2: Prioritize Engagement Signals Facebook Here are Facebook’s options for engagement and how to prioritize them: Twitter. Why Are Some Words Better for Your Marketing? Choose them carefully. The words we use matter.

There are over 1,000,000 of them in the English language. Most of them are terrible for your marketing. Some work better. Much better. Some words are simple to understand. Others require a bit more work as they bounce around in the readers brain. Any sentence can be measured on a readability scale, which correlate to education levels, from 12th grade (more difficult to read) to 4th grade (easier to read). Not every visitor on your website is a college graduate. Not everyone on your site has a PhD. But regardless of the education level of visitors, word choice and readability should be simple. When the NN Group rewrote a pharmaceutical website to bring the readability level down to an 8th-grade level, the success rate for low-literacy users went up.

But surprise, surprise! That means simple words. Write like the Dude. Note: For the record, the readability of this article is about the 6th grade level. I do it myself sometimes. So Now What?