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Photoshop Tutorial: Retouching Shiny Skin. Without a makeup artist at your disposal, even a great portrait can be ruined by shiny skin.

Photoshop Tutorial: Retouching Shiny Skin

So if you’re looking through the results of your most recent portrait shoot and there’s a lot of shine there, here’s a fantastic tutorial that shows you how to get rid of it without making the photo look like it’s been doctored. The tutorial was put together by Los Angeles-based photo illustrator and commercial photographer Lee Varis, and in 25 minutes he covers a lot more than just how to get rid of shiny skin. From retouching minor blemishes, to fixing the gentleman’s red complexion, to making some minor changes to the background, there is a lot to learn here. Here’s a look at the before and after: As you can see, he’s improved the portrait a lot, but the main technique he put the tutorial together to show was fixing shiny skin using Frequency Separation. Apply photo filter effects using gradient maps in Photoshop.

23 Adobe Photoshop Tutorials for Beginner Graphic Designers - DuoParadigms Public Relations & Design, Inc. For beginners, Adobe Photoshop can be overwhelming with its many different adjustments and effects.

23 Adobe Photoshop Tutorials for Beginner Graphic Designers - DuoParadigms Public Relations & Design, Inc.

To make things easier for those just learning, we’ve compiled a collection of tutorials for beginners. Start with the basics such as cropping, color adjustments, blending, masking, sharpening and the like, all simple tweaks that can turn a good photo into an outstanding one. After you have mastered the essentials, move onto special effects. These tutorials are written in easy-to-understand language with beginners in mind to help you get the most out of your images. Looking for a deal on Adobe Photoshop?

1. This comprehensive guide from Psdtuts+ will get you started using Photoshop, teaching you how to understand the interface and work with the basic tools provided by Adobe. The Totally Insane Photoshop and Illustrator Addons Collection (w/Extended Licensing) - Only $39. My favorite type of resource changes every week.

The Totally Insane Photoshop and Illustrator Addons Collection (w/Extended Licensing) - Only $39

First it's styles, then it's actions, next comes brushes... it's a neverending cycle. With this bundle, you'll get all your favorites in one huge collection. This deal includes thousands of freshly crafted actions, brushes, textures, Smart Object templates, Photoshop and Illustrator styles, and much more from the most creative designers on the planet. Explore Your Creativity with Thousands of Varied Resources Each type of resource is geared towards a specific niche of design or photography. Photoshop layer styles are great for adding depth to text and shapesBrushes make it easy to add genuine, artistic effecs to your digital workTextures provide an authentic feel for backgrounds and layer masksActions help you create specific looks in your photographsSmart Object templates provide one click solutions for special effectsAnd the list goes on...

The value included in this collection is out of this world. Flexible, Extended Licensing Included. 12 Mind Blowing Photoshop Actions That Transforms Any Image into a Piece of Art. Lets kick this off by saying that these Photoshop actions literally made my jaw drop.

12 Mind Blowing Photoshop Actions That Transforms Any Image into a Piece of Art

Rewind 10 years, there I am spending hours upon hours in Photoshop creating pieces for fun that are similar to the outcomes of these Actions (I will be the first to admit that these outcomes are slightly better), fast foward 10 years, you can do it in one click. How color impacts emotions and behaviors. Color plays an important role in brand identity — it draws consumers to products, stirs emotions and has a huge impact on brand recognition.

How color impacts emotions and behaviors

Colors can make us feel happy or sad… they can make us feel hungry or relaxed. As a designer, it’s important to understand the psychological effects colors might have on an average person, or your client’s target audience. Lets take a closer look at how color impacts our emotions and behaviors. Warm colors Red, orange and yellow are next to each other on the wheel and are all warm colors. Identify fonts by appearance, find fonts by name. Create an animated GIF in Flash and Photoshop CS5. Many of us are familiar with GIFs — we see them all over the web in forms of viral cat clips or those obnoxious flashing banner ads on the side of our screens.

Create an animated GIF in Flash and Photoshop CS5

And in 99designs’ contests, their most common form is that of an animated banner ad. A GIF, or “Graphics Interchange Format”, is a compressed image file format. They have wide support and portability, and the ability to compress files effectively and be easily transmitted across different internet platforms. However with this they tend lack the color range of high quality photos because their palette is limited to around 256 colors. The primary purpose of the GIF file is to create a simple, compressed file, with the illusion of a video animation without needing the viewer to press the “play” button, or deal with a huge video file that takes longer to load.

Guide to ad sizes - AdSense Help. 14 design tips for more clickable banner ads. Banner ads are one of the most prolific forms of marketing used in today’s online world.

14 design tips for more clickable banner ads

All companies use them in one form or another because they’re an affordable, measurable and effective medium to increase brand awareness – and there’s a lot of design work out there for them. So let’s say that you have a client that needs you to design a banner ad, and lets assume that they’ve provided you with some killer copy. Now it’s your job as the designer to create a banner ad that will bring in those clicks!

Below is a list of tips and general guidelines for designing banner ads. 1. How to Create and Use Beautiful Infographics in Your Marketing. One of the most important steps in creating infographics is choosing the right charts to tell your story.

How to Create and Use Beautiful Infographics in Your Marketing

19 Useful and Creative Photo Manipulation Tutorials for Photoshop. Throughout this article you will find a fantastic compilation of creative photo manipulation tutorials that you can follow using Photoshop.

19 Useful and Creative Photo Manipulation Tutorials for Photoshop

All of the tutorials have been carefully selected so in combination they cover the majority of basic manipulation techniques, tricks and tips to help you on your way to manipulation mastery. With the basic techniques that these tutorials discuss you should experiment till your eyes are sore and beyond to create your own styles and processes thus creating more beautiful imagery for the web and print.

Photoshop tutorial on dispersion effect. HTML color codes and names. HTML color codes are hexadecimal triplets representing the colors red, green, and blue (#RRGGBB).

HTML color codes and names

For example, in the color red, the color code is #FF0000, which is '255' red, '0' green, and '0' blue. These color codes can be used to change the color of the background, text, and tables on a web page. Major hexadecimal color codes Below are some of the common color names and codes. With these colors, you can also use the color name. Color code chart Tip: Use our HTML color picker if you need to choose from an almost infinite variety of colors. Photodoto. Email When it comes to photo editing, the first thing that comes to my mind is Photoshop. Photoshop is the second name of creativity. Design.tutsplus. Infographics are an efficient and fun way to present data.

You may notice, however, that infographics are often flat vector illustrations. Design.tutsplus.