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INF532 Cohort Artefacts

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Connections - Microsoft OneNote Online. How-to guide for TV4Education. Connected Students. Before we take some initial steps toward becoming a connected learner, it's a good idea to see the scope of it as well as see it in action.

Connected Students

Take a moment and consider Drexler's 'model of the Networked Student'. Who are the contacts that you would initially establish in your network? eTool of Enquiry: Multidisciplinary eAssessment. INF532 PLN Artefact Mobile App, Make an App using Appy Pie Free App Maker. PLNs - Connecting with Twitter. Voicethread. Connecting To Enhance Your Professional Capacity. Teach the Teacher: Knowledge Networks.

PLNs for students. How a PLN saved the 3 pigs. INF 532 Project. The Connected 10 Educator Challenge#connected10. Getting started 1.

The Connected 10 Educator Challenge#connected10

Go to and fill in your name, email address, and password and Click “Sign up for Twitter.” 2. When prompted choose your username – personalise it about yourself and maybe what you do in education in the future. 3. Connected Education. References Catalan, J. (2009-16).

Connected Education

What is a PLN? Why do I need one? Retrieved from. #ChippychatED Starting the conversation. Wiki the movie. Connecting To Enhance Your Professional Capacity. How to set up a wordpress blog. Digital curation for senior students. INF532 Digital Artefact 2.0. The What and Why of Connected Learning. Knowledge Networking Artefact.