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ETL523 - Digital Citizenship in Schools

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Digital Citizenship Series - Big Deal Media. Jan 20, 2017 By Taylor Kremer We're excited to bring you a new series from a passionate digital citizenship advocate, Dr. Jason Ohler. The series will explore the importance of digital citizenship and provide strategies for integrating digital citizenship into schools. The series will begin on February 17, 2017. This post will contain all of the links to the series' posts. "Partycipate" Like It's 2022: The Case for Digital Citizenship in EducationActivities to Give Students a Voice in the Digital Citizenship ConversationHow Predicting the Future Can Develop Digital Citizenship SkillsSix Strategies to Get Students Talking and Thinking About Digital CitizenshipThree Skills Students Need to Become Good Digital CitizensUsing Character Education to Teach Digital CitizenshipHow to Create a Successful Character Education Program That Teaches Digital Citizenship Dr. Digital Literacy Technology Comments • Susan Mar 08, 2017 at 7:14:59 pm Did this series begin?

Related Content. Not group work again!….How one subject fosters positive collaborative learning – Quality Learning and Teaching (Online) Does this sound familiar…… Groan, groan….not a group assignment again! Mature-age study, busy lives with jobs and families…and now they want us to actually communicate and collaborate with others to form a team project? Why can’t we just read the literature and write an essay….??? Isn’t that what we all think at first?

Let’s consider and learn from the experience of ETL523 students how group work can be a positive learning experience. What were you trying to achieve? ETL 523 Digital Citizenship in Schools is a subject in the Master of Education (Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation) degree. The goal was to create an online learning module using a collaboratively authored wiki. What did it look like? The final learning modules had 3 or more wiki pages of content that were rich with resources, including multimedia artefacts sourced globally as well as created by the students. Some positive outcomes from this group assignment are shared here in student reflective blog posts.

Assignment one reflection | Learn, do, teach... When I told my daughters (aged 14 and 17) that my first assignment for ETL523 was a group project they both rolled their eyes and groaned. It seems they’ve both had bad experiences of group projects, feeling (rightly or wrongly) that they end up doing most of the work while others slack off. Then the 17-year-old said “Oh, it’ll probably be ok mum, ‘cause you’re old”! Well, I don’t know how much age or experience had to do with it but I have to say that I found this assignment to be a great experience, probably the most enjoyable one so far in this degree (this is my fifth subject).

It was clear from the assessment rubric and online class meeting that this assignment was as much about learning about and through collaboration as it was about the particular aspect of digital citizenship we had elected to focus on. I feel very fortunate in finding myself in Team 5.2 with Karen, Glenda and Amanda. Team 5.2 hard at work There were a couple of frustrations, more technical than anything else. Ethical participation in the digital environment - Copyright.