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Welcome to the NEW Paperbag Studios! Shipping & Returns : Scrapbook Fantasies, Scrapbooking Supplies and products in QLD Australia. Golden Fluid Matte Medium - 237ml - $19.00 : Scrapbook Fantasies, Scrapbooking Supplies and products in QLD Australia. Acrylic Paint Review — Acrylic Paint Product Reviews & Tips for Artists. Craft, Cloth Doll, and Mixed Media Supplies, Fabrics, Patterns, Books and Notions - Homegrown Hospitality. Adjective 1. relating to or believing in a religion.

Homegrown Hospitality

I do not believe in a "religion" I believe in God and that Jesus is His son and that Jesus died on the cross for us. Pretty cut and dry. Of course, there is a lot more to that but the difference is that I have a "relationship" with God and Jesus. Does that make me religious? Maybe to some, as I have recently been referred to. This all sounds negative and it is not my intention AT ALL. I am human. duh. I have said it before and I will continue to say it. Uggh. The good news to all of that junk above is that I have been forgiven by God. All of this has taken a long time for me to do and I was holding my own self hostage. Even though God had forgiven me long long ago, I had not forgiven myself and part of that was disguised as trying to be in CONTROL. NOTE to self: I am not in control. Either are you. The ONLY thing I am in control of is how I choose to feel. This leads to the next topic about me, my faith and the word control.

Mish Mash. Jacquard Products - Piñata Alcohol Ink. Where to Buy For full screen viewing, click bottom right corner of the video box.

Jacquard Products - Piñata Alcohol Ink

Check out our Video Library for more Videos! Piñata Colors are beautiful, highly saturated, acid-free and transparent.* Alcohol-based, indelible and moisture resistant when dry, Piñata Colors work well on practically any clean surface. Click here for a short project video by Mark Montano! TechniquesFine art, scrapbooking, faux finishing techniques and staining wood or leather Ideas & Tips Brayer Piñata onto vellum. Fabric/Fiber/Surfacesglass, leather, wood, paper, plastic, metal, foil, clay and vinyl Sizes - 19 Colors 1/2 fl oz/14 ml (Item JFC1)4 fl oz/118 ml (Item JFC3) *Metallic Colors!

The metal particles are tiny and they lie flat which produces a highly reflective, smooth metal surface. The Piñata metallic colors are perfect for scrapbookers and paper artists whenever a true metallic is desired, as well as for oil painters, acrylic painters, window painters, sculptors and crafters of all kinds. Exciter Pack. Dandelions. FaithArt Journaling. Acrylic Dry Sponging Techniques. Neelz Expressionz: Paper Transformation Tutorial as promised. Hi there everyone As I promised at the Extravaganza; here is the step by step paper transformation I demonstrated though be warned, there are tons of pictures..........

Neelz Expressionz: Paper Transformation Tutorial as promised.

There are 3 stages to this process but the third one is optional. To begin step one you need your non stick craft sheet, A4 copier paper, distress stains in the colours of your choice and water. Neelz Expressionz: Embossed Acetate. Hi there peeps.

Neelz Expressionz: Embossed Acetate

I thought I'd go through the distressed acetate steps for those of you who've asked about it. I have to tell you; it's messy and you'll probably go through a lot of kitchen roll! So to begin you'll need a fairly thick acetate (for this I've used 0.18); your embossing folder of choice; I tend to prefer the sizzix ones as they give a deeper press but I have used a cuttlebug one too; you just need to be a bit more careful when removing the paint.

Acrylic paint, paintbrush, baby wipes, kitchen towel and an acrylic block. Journal, doodle, draw. France papillon. Newspaper Balloon by NewsPaperBalloon. Bumble button. Custom frames cards and original art by DakotaPrairieStudio. Bookmark Time Hand Painted Original by HandcraftedorVintage. Bumble button: 1800's. Welcome to you all.

bumble button: 1800's

Thank you for all your well wishes. Luckily, being careful has paid off My back is doing much better .So grateful it doesn't hurt to sit at my desk and computer aa much. How convenient a laptop would be! Isn't October going fast? This post was in my drafts so I have something for you today. I have been thinking of doing a give away. I am so very happy that you have come for a visit. Much Love, Louise Bumble button Holiday schedule Monday - Christmas Wednesday - Halloween until the 31st Thursday- Thanksgiving New Years and party in early December Everything else in between! ACEO Original Mixed Media Laaf Making by HandcraftedorVintage.

~ The Feathered Nest ~: ~ My Artwork ~ Here is a sampling of things I've created in the past:

~ The Feathered Nest ~: ~ My Artwork ~

Chicken Signs: Presents for Chicken Lovers. Sign collectors out in the country like to display their vintage advertising signs on the side of a barn, garage or house – the more the better!

Chicken Signs: Presents for Chicken Lovers

Decorate your chicken coop the same way with reproductions of vintage chicken signs. Cover a whole wall, or hang one over the door, or even inside. These look nice with a grapevine wreath or barbed wire. Girl Feeding Chickens Scratch Feeds Farm Bureau Co-op Chicks One of the best parts about raising chickens is having piles of the freshest possible eggs – brown or white or even more exotic shades. Hen and Fresh eggs Fresh Eggs Free Range Eggs. Hearts.