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Organic Farming and Researches. When Mr. Trivedi’s thought transmission process was applied to agriculture, the results were quite remarkable. The results of experiments which studied the effects of Mr. Trivedi’s thought transmission process on 40 varieties of seeds, plants, and trees revealed the following results: The treated varieties showed DNA polymorphism (genetic alteration) up to 69% and was also found to eradicate spongy tissue maladyin Alphonso mangoes. Genetic and Molecular Research. Changes within genes are considered a random and relatively slow process, somewhat speeded up by the presence of mutagens.

Beneficial evolutionary changes are selected over generations when mutants show advantageous behavior and win in competition in changing environments. Genetically modified plants are produced in laboratories and seed companies by direct manipulation of the DNA from normal genes. For example, some carefully selected foreign DNA which is considered to give some advantage to the plant may be inserted into a gene. Unlike The Trivedi Effect®, this is not a process of normal adaptation to the requirements of a situation. Often an improvement in one parameter renders the plant less stable in other characteristics. Organic Farming: The Healthier Alternative In Agriculture. Why organic farming?

Organic Farming: The Healthier Alternative In Agriculture

With the recent hike in diseases and conditions of the human body, there has been a continuous lookout for an alternative way of life to restore normal human body's function. It is feared that soon, the disease will be a way of life. Nearly half of the world's population has diseases like diabetes, cancer, etc. And more than half of these diseases can be prevented with the help of proper diet.

By proper diet, one does not only mean eating the right vegetable and fruit portions, but also eating the healthier versions of them. Organic equals healthier Organic farmingis the most sought after techniques in today's world. Eating organic fruits and vegetables gives your body the required vitamins and minerals without any extra chemicals added to them. With the Trivedi Science™ one can easily achieve the goals of organic farming. Through the Trivedi Science™ one can see that it is easier to farm organically rather than using harmful pesticides.

Trivedi Science Reviewing The Trivedi Effect: Material Research - A Path To Be Discovered. Material research studies: Material research innovationshave been going on for a long time now and also around different parts of the world.

Trivedi Science Reviewing The Trivedi Effect: Material Research - A Path To Be Discovered

The concept of material research is to alter an existing subject in order to create something better out of it. For scientists conducting these researches, it could be their biggest breakthrough that might also lead to something more important to be unveiled in the history of science. Science is an interlinked chain where one link leads to another. The study of atoms and molecules have been going on for generations now and it has been learnt that no matter what structure it is, be it DNA strands or water molecules, the period that it takes for evolution is 1000 years.

How things happened: Agricultural Research by Mahendra Trivedi. Agriculture is the cultivation of plants, fungi, animals and other forms of life for humanity’s basic needs, such as food, medicine, fiber, biofuel, and shelter.

Agricultural Research by Mahendra Trivedi

Agricultural science is the discipline dedicated to understanding and practicing Agriculture. Agricultural science addresses the exact, natural, economic and social parameters involved in production techniques, improving quality and quantity of agricultural products, developing new ecofriendly pesticides, creating new irrigation technologies, and developing processed products from raw materials. Agricultural biotechnology is a part of agricultural science that focuses on scientific tools and techniques, like genetic engineering, molecular markers and diagnostics, vaccines, tissue culture etc., to alter, transform or develop plants, animals, and microorganisms. Materials Research Innovations at Trivedi Science. I had met Mr.

Materials Research Innovations at Trivedi Science

Mahendra Kumar Trivedi the founder and President of the Society for Divine Life – India in April 2007. I came to know that he has been bestowed with unique powers associated with thought transmission. Several people all over the world claim that he has cured them of their chronic and incurable diseases with these powers. Just like several others even I had thought the claims to be placebo effects. Patchouli Regeneration through Biofield Energy at Trivedi Science. Patchouli Regeneration through Biofield Energy Pogostemon cablin (Patchouli) is a known aromatic plant which is cultivated for its essential oil widely applicated in perfumery and cosmetic industries.

Patchouli Regeneration through Biofield Energy at Trivedi Science

The Kelkar Education Trust’s Scientific Research Center (KET), Mumbai- India runs an extended post-graduate program in Perfumeries and Cosmetics and has been providing research support and consultancy to industries in the area of cosmetic biotechnology for nearly two decades. Importance of Organic Farming at Trivedi Science. Organic farming is defined as the system of production that is capable of avoiding or majorly block the use of pesticide, synthetically compounded fertilizers, livestock feed additives and growth regulator.

Importance of Organic Farming at Trivedi Science

To the paramount extent, flexible organic farming system relies upon crop residues, green manure, pest weeds, crop rotations, off- farm organic wastes, legumes, aspects of biological pest control insects, animal manures, and etc. Methods of organic farming are used widely in developing countries and underdeveloped ones, majorly because of economics and a fewer resources of chemicals. Mango Spongy Tissue Report 2009, Mango Project. Control Tree Treated With The Trivedi Effect® Tree More pictures… Abstract: Complete eradication of the spongy tissue malady with the effects of Mahendra Trivedi blessings being observed periodically over 4 years, at Wakavali mango orchard of Dr.

Mango Spongy Tissue Report 2009, Mango Project

B. Agricultural Research on vegetables at Trivedi Science. Prostate Endometrial Cancer Researches – Trivedi Science. The U.S. government has spent more than $75 billion for oncology research since 1971.

Prostate Endometrial Cancer Researches – Trivedi Science

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the USA and UK and it is estimated that over one in every two men and one in every three women in these countries will develop cancer at some time during their lives. To date, there is no definitive cure for cancer although in some cases the cancer will go into a partial or complete remission. With no definitive cure available, the development of new anti-cancer agents continues to be a major thrust in public health worldwide. Dairy Farming and Projects in India. In 2001 Mr.

Dairy Farming and Projects in India

Trivedi helped out a group of entrepreneurs who had invested in about 200 cows but had been facing enormous problems for 5 years. The cows were local cross-breed varieties of Holstein-Friesian, with a few Jerseys, Gir and other Indian breeds. Patchouli Regeneration through Biofield Energy. Trivedi Science Reviewing The Trivedi Effect: Trivedi Science Drives Innovation in the Field of Organic Agriculture.

Conventional agriculture makes use of different insecticides, pesticides and fungicides which pollutes the water and the environment.

Trivedi Science Reviewing The Trivedi Effect: Trivedi Science Drives Innovation in the Field of Organic Agriculture

It leads to lower agricultural output due to high tilling, excess irrigation and unseasoned crop cultivation. Additionally, it also makes use of hybrids and genetically modified plants. Organic agriculture is essential to maintain long-term soil fertility by using crop residue, organic manure, and different types of bio-pesticides, bio-fertilizers and vermicomposting. Crop rotation and supply of adequate irrigation water from the deep-bore tube-wells are also key to practicing organic farming. Unprecedented Influence Of The Trivedi Effect In Hormonal Studies. Trivedi Effect was used to test the hormonal changes in men and women. These in vitro experiments were performed in a laboratory in India. Additionally, the levels of immunoglobulins in blood were also measured. Blood was collected in test tubes from human volunteers.

Trivedi Science Research Laboratory. Mahendra Trivedi’s Researches - YogaArogya. Trivedi Science is name given to researches conducted by Mr. Mahendra Trivedi. There are thousands of research through which Mahendra Trivedi has gone through and all the experiment outcomes are unbelievable that Mahendra Trivedi has unique body structure and has a power to Transmit his energy for the wellness for the nature and human beings.