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Health Insurance For The Seniors: 53.8 Million And Counting - HealthyWomen Community. Fifty years have passed since Medicare and Medicaid – two iconic pieces of health-based legislature – were passed in the US. In these fifty years, Medicare has become integral to senior healthcare in the nation. What is Medicare though? Medicare is a federal run health insurance program targeted towards seniors – AccuQuote, the online insurance quotes provider, defines it as a predetermined specified sum of money for your medical treatments, or expenses that you may have to incur in the future.

The qualification criteria requires the individual applying to be 64 years and 9 months old at the very least, and provides healthcare solutions at massively subsidized rates for those who have been contributing to the program during their working lives. The program offers hospital services for free, cheaper prescription drugs, doctor visits at subsidies, and more. The success of the program can be judged through the statistics more than anything else.

10 things you should know about Medicare as it turns 50. 5 Easy Hacks To Take Full Advantage Of Your Medicare. Your Guide To Gauging How Much Life Insurance You Should Buy. It is one of the most common questions in insurance circles, and has one of the most complicated answers, too.

Your Guide To Gauging How Much Life Insurance You Should Buy

I was even recently quizzed about it by Kimberly Lankford, the Contributing Editor at Kiplinger. A life insurance policy, in essence, is a replacement of your income (so if you were to suffer from an untimely death, your family is not adversely affected in terms of finances). In terms of the spectrum of coverage, life insurance has to be able to pay for all these things: Debt: If you’ve taken out a loan or mortgage, your life insurance policy has to have enough coverage so that all that debt can be paid and some payout is still left for the benefit of your dependents.

Expenses: Considerations to make in terms of future expenses that need to be covered by life insurance must include the likes of estate taxes and funeral expenses that will be incurred at the time of your demise. The future: Income replacement: Your final consideration should be income replacement. So, the equation is: Accuquote - 1400 South Wolf Rd. Bldg 500, Wheeling, IL 60090. Accuquote in Wheeling, IL 60090 - (847) 850-2...

Accuquote Wheeling IL 60090 - Insurance - ILLINOIS Wheeling Phone Book, Businesses & Wheeling Yellow Pages. Marijuana in the U.S.: Would Bob Marley be eligible for Life Insurance? Are you the kind of person who could benefit from an online MBA degree? Posted April 13th, 2015 by admin According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), 191,571 students graduated with a Master’s degree in business in 2011-12.

Are you the kind of person who could benefit from an online MBA degree?

Business degrees comprised more than 25 percent of the total Master’s degrees conferred that year.Nowadays people have the option and ability to acquire their MBA without having to travel farther than their home office. Affordable Online Degree Programs Advantages for Working Professionals. Posted March 12th, 2015 by admin Before we get into it, let’s put some hard statistics out there: Online enrollments grew at a rate of 9.3% in 2012 according to an annual Sloan reportAn additional 570,000 students enrolled in at least one online course in 2012That brought the total number of online students to 6.7 million or 32% of the country’s total higher education enrollmentsWorking professionals form a significant part of the online student community Every year more and more people decide to juggle a full-time job and school at the same time.

Affordable Online Degree Programs Advantages for Working Professionals

And every year more and more people are going with an accredited online degree program. When you think about it, why wouldn’t you with these clear-cut advantages: 5 Ways a Business Degree Can Help Non Profit Organizations. How to Create a Powerful Online Profile. Posted April 20th, 2015 by Miriam Salpeter If you’re looking for a job, you must create a thorough and strong online profile.

How to Create a Powerful Online Profile

Why? Before a meeting or interview, 80% or more of the people considering your application will Google your name. 5 Ways a Business Degree Can Help Non-Profit Organizations. Posted May 5th, 2015 by admin What we all love about non-profit organizations is that they operate with a view to benefit the society and the general public rather than having profit-earning as their primary motive.

A non-profit organization can actually generate any amount of profit, but that profit has to be used to achieve their goals and cannot be used as personal gain. So if you think about it, a non-profit, for the most part, operates like any other business, and as such, can always use people armed with business degrees to lend a hand, and here’s why. Top 5 Online Degrees for Busy, Working People. Posted April 3rd, 2015 by admin Many of us have multiple things and projects throughout the day to work on that sometimes we don’t get enough time to stop and think about our goals and what we want to accomplish in the future.

Top 5 Online Degrees for Busy, Working People

We’re so caught up in our busy lifestyle that sometimes our job or experience becomes mundane. However, many people are realizing how online education can have a huge impact in helping them think and make changes. According to a Boston-based education research firm, Eduventures, 3 million students were reported to be studying and getting their degrees online (defined as 80 percent or more pursued online degrees). According to the firm, the value proposition, convenience, and flexibility of online higher education over traditional campus are some of the reasons why people are choosing online education. 11 Exciting Careers With A Criminal Justice Degree. Posted March 26th, 2015 by admin What often goes unsaid is that the criminal justice system and the people working in it are the ‘guardians’ of those values that we believe in as a nation – values like fairness, equality, and justice for all.

11 Exciting Careers With A Criminal Justice Degree

If you, too, care about upholding these values, and wish to do something about it, a career in criminal justice might be a great professional choice for you. Criminal justice comprises of three main components – law enforcement, court, and corrections. Armed with a degree in criminal justice,you can qualify for exciting career opportunities. A Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice – online or in-class –can be an ideal stepping stone to graduate programs or advanced training in various fields.

Here’s looking at some exciting career opportunities: Advantages of Online Programs Along with a Job. Boost your career and earnings, get an online degree. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. It allows us to perceive the events of the past in a completely new light. But sometimes it can also make us question our decisions: How to Start a Business in Texas. Posted February 24th, 2015 by Gabe Duverge Have you always dreamed of owning a business?

How to Start a Business in Texas

Being your own boss can be a compelling dream, but starting a successful business takes careful planning. According to the Houston Chronicle, more than 80,000 new businesses were filed in the first half of 2014 for the state of Texas. Giants such as Dell, ExxonMobil and Phillips 66 all call Texas home. Can An MBA Make You A Powerful Leader?

Posted May 14th, 2015 by admin They say leaders are born, not made.

Can An MBA Make You A Powerful Leader?

9 Apps for College Students. Posted March 19th, 2015 by admin With the advent of smartphones and tablet PCs, one of the most popular phrases flying around campuses, cafeterias and offices up and down the country is, “Is there an app for that?”

9 Apps for College Students

While some would argue otherwise, there’s no denying the extent to which they’ve simplified ‘life’ as we know it. This infographic shows how modern technology (laptops, smartphones, and mobile apps) is being used around the world today, especially by college students. Of course, research suggests that most people use new technology to take their minds off academics and work, but modern mobile apps aren’t restricted to providing the ‘entertainment’ value – there are quite a few of them out there that are a real boon to our lives, if used smartly.

So here are some apps that students and professionals could benefit from. 1. Preparing for exams (especially entrance exams) can be quite a daunting prospect. 2. 5 Reasons Why Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Must Get an MBA. Posted May 19th, 2015 by admin According to the Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity, 280 out of 100,000 adults started/opened their own business every month in 2013.

5 Reasons Why Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Must Get an MBA

While there was a slight decline in the business creation rate from that of 2012, the key takeaway was that more and more Americans felt encouraged to start a business in the current economic environment and the numbers are expected to rise in the current year and the years to follow. The majority of entrepreneurs reported that they were driven to start a business to pursue opportunity rather than out of necessity, as stated in the Forbes article. This must sound like music to the ears of all aspiring entrepreneurs in the country. The environment seems just right for them to start your dream venture. ( But before you go ahead and start putting your dream together piece by piece, ask yourself if you are ready to take on the challenges of the business world.

12 Awesome Apps To Help Fight Crime. 5 Ways a Business Degree Can Help Non Profit Organizations. Boost your career and earnings, get an online degree. 12 awesome apps to help fight crime. Boost your career and earnings, get an online degree. Top 5 Online Degrees for Busy, Working People. 5 Ways a Business Degree Can Help Non Profit Organizations. Jonathan Edwards: Living Life with Purpose and Passion. How to use social media to help save time with your job hunt. 5 Ways a Business Degree Can Help Non-Profit Organizations. How to Create a Powerful Online Profile. How to Find Time to Job Hunt. You’ve likely heard job hunting is a full-time job. If that’s the case, how are you supposed to land a position when you’re working, going to school and managing personal and family obligations in your “free time”?

Making the leap to a new job or career can be time-consuming and challenging, but if you plan your search well and take steps to save time and effort, you’ll accomplish your goals. Since you can’t technically “find time,” your best bet is to save time in your job hunt. To conduct your search in an efficient manner, consider the following three tips to help you uncover new time to get the job done. Focus your search. Logically, it seems as if applying for more positions offers the best chance for success. Instead of applying for everything, choose between 5 and 10 companies or organizations of interest. Plan ahead. Inevitably, you’ll learn about an amazing job opportunity with a short window before the deadline. Always be networking. Who Needs a Counselor? Mary and her husband, Robert, walked out of their counselor’s office together on a beautiful Thursday afternoon.

This had been their last session and on their drive home they couldn’t help, but to talk about all the positive changes that had taken place in their lives. It was only a year ago that Mary found herself crumbling under a heavy load of responsibilities. She was managing two jobs and a household of 3 children. Robert, her husband who had been seeking a job for the last 9 months had decided to drown his sorrows and become distant from his wife and family. Now Recruiting: English Teachers across the United States. Online MBA And Effective Christian. By this time next year, you could be the proud holder of an MBA degree. Do Christian Colleges Need Redemption? 12 Awesome Apps to Help Fight Crime. Posted April 15th, 2015 by admin Being a superhero is every child’s fantasy.

How to Get An Online MBA Degree. Are you the kind of person who could benefit from an online MBA degree? Is an Online Reading Specialist Certification Right For Me? Healthcare Administration: A booming career in a booming industry. Accelerating the Sport Management Industry. 9 Must Have Applications for College Students! Affordable Online Degree Programs Advantages for Working Professionals. Top 5 Online Degrees for Busy, Working People. 9 Tips To Get You Through Your Online PhD Smoothly. Those who pursue PhD programs get a sense of joy and fulfillment in pursuing an academic course of study that is both intensive and stimulating.

While the thought of completing the highest level of education on a subject that captivates your interest will keep you motivated, attaining a work-life-study balance is easier said than done. 5 Benefits of a Master’s in Education Administration. Career Change: The Important Questions to Ask. Everyone dreams of the perfect job, but few are lucky to find it. According to a Harris survey conducted in 2013, only 14 percent of U.S. workers believed that they had the perfect job. What’s more, over half of the working population said they wanted to change careers. 5 of the Worst Mistakes Christian Students Make. 11 Exciting Careers With A Criminal Justice Degree.