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Karen DeSoto

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Justin Davis, Kaylee Saltos, and Leman Kaifa represented NJCU at this years 12th annual International Commercial Mediation Competition in paris, France.

Karen Desoto Coaching Students for Paris Competitions

While hundreds of schools applied for a spot to the competition, only sixty six were chosen, and NJCU was the only business school chosen from the United States. The week-long mock mediation sessions provides students a hands-on practical learning experince. They get to interact with other students, mostly those in law studies, and proefessionals as well. Our participants represent the best in leadership and international cultural sensitivity,” noted David Weiss, Director of the NJCU School of Business Institute for Dispute Resolution (IDR). “Each of them has demonstrated skill sets well established before this competition.” Saltos, a dual major in global business and biology, is the executive vice president of the NJCU Student Government Organization.

The team was coached by Christian Corrales and Karen DeSoto. Read more. The Top Achievements of Karen Desoto. Karen Desoto- An Admirable Woman. Why Karen Desoto Is a Woman to Admire? Karen Desoto Interview About Her Institute. 3 Tips For Choosing A Workplace Discrimination Attorney. Karen Desoto An Advocate Of The People. Interview With Karen Desoto. Helping In Promoting Techniques Of Cross Border Disputes. Brie Austin Interview with Karen Desoto about students win in Vienna competition. Interview with Karen Desoto Posted By Brie Austin In Category: Interviews Interview with Karen Desoto, lawyer, ‘on air’ television personality, professor, and co-director of the Institute for Dispute Resolution.

Brie Austin Interview with Karen Desoto about students win in Vienna competition

Recently, I conducted an interview with Ms. DeSoto about an event where two students from the Institute for Dispute Resolution [at New Jersey City University’s (NJCU) School of Business] won an award for Best Opening Statements at the Vienna Austria CDRC (Consensual Dispute Resolution) Mediation Competition. I didn’t know what Consensual Dispute Resolution mediation was, but before I got to that I wanted to better understand what the Institute for Dispute Resolution was. Brie Austin: Firstly, what does the”JD” stand for at the end of your name?

What motivated you to start the Institute? How and when was the Institute launched? What is the purpose of the Institute? What type of legislative policy initiatives? How did the students fair in this competition? “Thank you for saying so.