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Dance. Grammar games. Go Noodle. Grade 6. How to draw... IWB group activities. Listening activities. Myths and Legends. Oral production. Oral Presentations. Pirate theme. Reading. Special days. Spelling activities. Solar System. Songs. Teacher esl material. Verb games. Vocabulary games. Written production. MAKE BELIEFS COMIX! Online Educational Comic Generator for Kids of All Ages.

Mrs. Baia's Classroom: Camp Day 3: The Very Hungry Caterpillar ~ Eric Carle. Who doesn't love this book?!

Mrs. Baia's Classroom: Camp Day 3: The Very Hungry Caterpillar ~ Eric Carle

If you haven't read it yet - you must. It's a classic as most of Eric Carle's beautiful books are. I loved this as a kid. Also, because it is so famous , there are tons of resources for this out there... only problem - what to choose! I actually found this camp day more challenging than the others prior to plan because there's just an overload of resources out there and it got hard to pick what would suit my ESL level kids and their ages. Download My Lesson Resources Free at my TeachersPayTeachers page. Now, this book is quite simple but I am doing it with both grade 3-4 and 5-6. Activity 1: Watch a video (still debating between them, so I've listed both) "Party in My Tummy" or "Cut The Carrot" as a warm up, cute fun songs.

I play this often and it's always a hit. Activity 3: Food Vocab in the Book PowerPoint Now, I made this into a vocab introduction as well as a little memory game to keep it fun. Preview Slides: Activity 4: Guess The Hidden Picture PPT. Mrs. Baia's Classroom: What Does She Look Like? Describing People & Manners. Recently my six graders started on lesson 5 ' What does she look like?

Mrs. Baia's Classroom: What Does She Look Like? Describing People & Manners

' (or he, can't recall). Anyway, so it's very boring because last year we did a very, VERY similar lesson called "She has long straight hair. " It was in our old textbook for grade 5... darn, should have seen that one! But anyway, it's a good chance to review and moreover even better - I got to teach them some more interesting words to do with facial hair, etc. But first, a chant to wake them up!

So firstly, the words (lyrics): Now, the chant part. So I wrote on the board beforehand: Table, clap, snap, snap, hit the table (or desk), clap, snap/click your fingers on the right and then the left, then clap once more. It's a tad hard to explain in words but try the beat and fitting the lyrics to the beat. Now we did it a few times and they got into it and then I asked if they could do it even faster. If they didn't know the words I didn't worry about it, as I explained it later. Next, the rest of the PowerPoint. Printable Worksheets, Online Games, and More.

Mrs. Baia's Classroom: Lessons About Sickness / Health for ESL. I've worked at a few different schools now with different textbooks and they all have at least one lesson on sickness/health , seeing a doctor, etc.

Mrs. Baia's Classroom: Lessons About Sickness / Health for ESL

I have quite a few materials that I'd like to share with other teachers approaching or currently teaching this lesson. I've even used some of these materials for my adult classes (Teachers Training Program I direct) and they work well. First off, see my previous posts : I hope this helps! 1. You can download my bundle free, it includes the video, mp3 and song lyrics. Learning Page. SMART Board Lessons - Grammar. Copyright 2014 - Modern Chalkboard - Grammar Interactive White Board Activities for SMART Board™ Grammar SMART Board Notebook Lessons Introduction to Nouns In this lesson,students use drag-and-drop to classify nouns on a graphic organizer into three groups - people, places, and things.

SMART Board Lessons - Grammar

Singular and Plural Nouns Students use drag-and-drop to classify nouns as singular or plural. Introduction to Adjectives In this lesson, students define, identify, and write adjectives in sentences. Introduction to Adverbs Students circle the adverb in each sentence and draw an arrow to the verb it describes. Popplet. Make and read illustrated story books. English Materials: Taboo (Very easy - Here are no taboo words. Just do not use body language and your mother tongue)

Vocabulary Games for Low Level English Language Learners. Team up and explore space! (Spaceteam ESL) 願我會揸火箭 - One Click Apps #3. English Materials: irregular verbs. Générateur de Dobble.